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    Default Always the other guy

    I hate it when that guy shows up.

    You know, that guy? The one who comes out of nowhere and inevitably AMOGs you the second you're interested in a girl. That one whose palm she's in the hand of; she might like you a little, but she really wants to get in the pants of that Daniel Craig-lookalike with the flowing wit and bulging pecs and eternal alpha stance sitting right across from you.

    There's only so much value a guy can add to himself. What do you do when you come up against this guy? Just find another set? And what happens if you're going for a LTR and you know you've got competition in the form of this guy?

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    Default Re: Always the other guy

    You can do one of two things. Excuse yourself and go talk to another woman who is even hotter than the one your AMOG "stole" from you or go talk to another girl and come back to her later after she rejects him. Either way it's a win win. If the guy is a genuine douchebag(and he must be to interrupt you when you are in the middle of a conversation with her)then she will see that and you will be able to chat up with her later. I probably shouldn't have to say this but I will anyway. It's almost never worth getting into it(or fighting)with a guy. That's a very beta thing to do and will make both of you look bad but especially you. You could say something like "excuse me, we were in the middle of a conversation you mind?" I wouldn't just walk away unless he was successful in sabotaging the conversation and she's dumb enough to go along with it and doesn't have enough respect for you to let him know he was interrupting. It's probably best to move on in most cases and just approach another set(don't mention what just happened to the new set though since that's low status and beta).


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