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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default PUA Dark Arts: Defensive skills

    One of the things I find that will evidently happen is that you're soaring high up as alpha in a group and then one of your "friends" come in and you discover that he's a AMOG or you're in a situation where you've messed up your intro and a girl DLVs you. I would imagine as a PUA that there's some sort of techniques out there that will either change the situation around and turn it back on the guy or at least bring the game back to a leveled state. Here are 2 stories that I've got from personal experience and hoping to find some generalized solution to.

    Story 1:

    You're a university student who's current at a dinner party with your old highschool friends. Everyone in the environment for some odd reason seemed dim and negative. Introvert A from high school comes over and to your surprise, he has become AMOG while you haven't seen him for the past year. He enters shoving you over to claim himself alpha while stirring up numerous conversations and purposefully blocking you out (ignoring your comments to w/e he says). At this point, you know you're being DLVed like crazy and for the most time left out in the cold.

    What do you do to defend yourself from these scenarios? How do you lift the mood of the party to put yourself back on the stage as alpha male?


    Story 2:

    You're trying out new moves on a girl but noticed you've fallen into a situational opener. The convo goes kinda dead and HB6 has a strong acent in her English. She asks for your name and then tells you her name which you ended up asking 3 times for. HB6 gets angry and says "your english is bad". How do you defend from being DLVed like that?

    note: You cannot leave at this point because class is in session and she sits right next to you.
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    Story 1:
    You don't play into the game. You ignore the attempts to DLV you by the AMOG. Unless you happen to have extremely witty come backs and super quick reflexes, you will only come off looking like an idiot if you attempt to engage him at his level. Just game like he isn't there, and don't show any sign of being threatened, or put off by his amoging. If he calls you on a legitimate item, admit it (don't show any shame or embarassment), apologize if necessary, and immediately move on. Most times women will notice if a guy is being a douche. If you are bringing good game, she will be attracted to you. Try to mirror her level of disgust towards the other guy.

    If the other guy is bring good solid game, and that is how he is AMOGing you, it comes down to a, "may the best man win" scenario. Sometimes, you can win by isolating the woman, or if you feel that you are striking out, you can just super accelerate your game. Either you get the girl, or at least the other guy might back off. You can't win them all.

    There are techniques for making the other guy look bad, however, they are very difficult to pull off, without shooting yourself in the foot. I generally would recommend against them. However, one technique you can employ, which is pretty effective, is to over complement the guy. What I mean, is when the guy makes some sort of dhv about himself. Complement him on that item, but over complement it. That does two things. First it helps bring to light that he is bragging about himself (not attractive), and it also subtle shows how far he falls short of the mark, even when he is bragging about the item.

    In Story 2:
    You need to neg the woman that is being a bitch. Just say something about how you don't want to talk to her if she is going to be projecting all that negative energy, and then turn away. That will generally pull them back in.

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    Nick Guest


    I'll start out with a story to answer your first story:

    I was in Amsterdam in my room in the hostel, which also had 14 other beds in it... one of those beds belonging to a sweet Romanian girl. So a bunch of us were hanging out in the room when a Scandinavian guy from across the courtyard climbed through our window, and using some alpha high energy, captivated the group, including the Romanian girl who started inching away from me and toward him.

    I could smell the community on him, although I didn't say anything to him at the time; plus, he was quite charming and good at it.

    So anyway, I started by going along with everyone else. I was interested in the new shiny object. I listened to him, and got caught up in the conversation that he was leading. And then I started to take it over.

    He was a cool guy, so I wasn't going to fight him, instead, I started giving him his props as a cool guy, and asking him more questions from which he could demonstrate his coolness.

    After awhile, it became me leading a conversation that he was supplicating himself to, to either get a reward of "that's awesome" from me, or a disagreement if I knew I was right about something, that he would soon agree with me on.

    Soon the Romanian was inching back toward me, and we went and got a beer around the corner, and came back and hooked up in the same room that everyone else was still hanging out in.

    To your second story, yeah, if she say's something like that it's pretty bitchy. I'd say, "No no no, my english is perfect, it's definitely your accent", with a smile, "or maybe it's the fact that I was born in x" (x being your country of origin). Play around with this, ask them how well they speak your native tongue.

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    Good post Nick. Just reinforces your nickname... the Truth.

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