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Thread: PUA Slang

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    incognito Guest

    Default PUA Slang

    So I'm seing codes being thrown around in various posts like dhv, HB6, etc. What do they mean?

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by incognito View Post
    So I'm seing codes being thrown around in various posts like dhv, HB6, etc. What do they mean?
    I'm new to this PUA thing as well so I only know a few.

    I don't know exactly what HB stands for but the idea is HB = a girl you're interested in. The # attached to it is your rating of the girl (higher is better with a max of 10).

    DHV = Demonstration of Higher value. It's things you say that give girls a good impression of yourself.

    dlv = Demonstration of Lower Value. Things you say that will lower your own value in the minds of a girl. (eg: "I'm so stupid").

    AMOG = Alpha Male Of Group. This is also known as your enemy.

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    I didn't know about that list. Thanks for the heads-up, Bill.

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    Nick Guest

    Default Be careful

    There's sometimes that a community term will conveniently describe what I'm looking to talk about and I'll use it - and other times when I see no other point to using a particular term, other than further alienating oneself from the rest of society.

    For example, is it helpful at all to say, the two HB8s and the HB7 when you can just say the the two blondes and the brounette? Even more so if you say, the one girl who looks outgoing and her friends who are a little more closed up, you're now describing them in terms that will make it easier for yourself and anyone reading it online to figure out the best means of talking to them. This ends up increasing the chance that you will have a good interaction when talking to them then if you just placed a blank "HB8" label on them for which to refer to them by.

    Do we have to say, "go talk to some sets", can't we just say, go talk to some girls? Is it doing anything for us that the old favorite didn't do, other than creep out any girl around us who hears us say it?

    Don't get me wrong, you'll hear nerdy technical lingo that I'll use to teach this stuff because sometimes it's the best way to describe it.

    I'm just saying, let's be a little more aware of the words that we're using to give us all the best opportunity to be able to integrate smoothly into the rest of society. When you use words that people are unfamiliar with, you alienate them and yourself. Most of the time you can say everything you want to say in words that everyone understands that will include everyone and yourself.

    Please excuse my rant


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