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    Default I've become socially numb...

    Yes, that's a riff on Pink Floyd.

    What I wanted to talk about was the whole effect of how our modern society is numbing us to our masculinity.

    Things like video games...

    Nude images of women (you know, that four letter word, starts with "P")

    Television & movies

    Substances (including junky food & caffeine & alcohol)

    Conspicuous consumption...

    All of this stuff stops men from tapping into their inner fire and being REAL men these days.

    What do you think?
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    incognito Guest


    I agree with you Carlos....I could talk about this stuff for hours...

    Video games...
    ....they are an "unhealthy" addiction I believe...anything that causes you to sit glued to the TV for hours is not natural...unfortunat ely this addiction plagues many of our fellow men especially young men who could be better spending that time learning something else or socializing especially with women...then some men wonder why they have trouble socializing without considering all that time that was wasted...

    Nude images of women....
    ....should be avoided...I believe it creates an "unhealthy" desire for women that are not in your "real" world...sure Jenna Jameson looks great but I've never seen her in my neighborhood...most men that would desire one of these women realistically probably wouldn't have a chance if they did meet one of them in real life...meanwhile this "unhealthy" desire distracts you from desiring and acting on the real women that are in your part of the world

    Television & Movies...
    ....may be alright if used sparingly...if you find yourself in front of the TV 20+ hours a week you might have a some religions they believe that all the picture makers will go to hell or be punished in the afterlife...that would cover the last three categories

    Substances... much to say here but anything that causes us to unnaturally have a shorter life span should be avoided...with all the substances out there though it is a field of landmines to navigate...

    Conspicuous consumption...
    ...I see problems with this....some believe this causes antisocial behavior and it breaks down community ties...
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