Now I know a lot of us guys are desperate myself included to "get the girl" but I am proposing a phase shift here. Basically after I started dating this chick everything changed. Now I think I see things more clearly. Basically she always responds to my texts by having a convo. And like I said I was getting worn out so I just gave her a 4 day freeze out and we chatted last night. So I know before this happened I was desperate to "get the girl" but now that I have a girl I am less inclined to the whole mindset of getting chicks. Now I know they are a lot of work and just completely set the tone with this one to us dating each other. I just wanted to "get the girl" and didn't care if I had to sacrifice my dreams in the process but now I care. If I was still AFC I would be getting big time Oneitis but one thing the game has taught me is to keep playing. So I am going to keep dating multiple women, have multiple GF's, and multiple LTR's if it comes down to it. I know the AFC's out there get stuck up in relationships with the whole BF & GF dynamic but what is the point of that unless you are getting married? Like really truthfully there is only one dynamic that you need to actually be faithful and that's Husband & Wife so why should we settle so early when there could be other, hotter women out there who still want us? I mean why wait to explore the abundance of women factor till you are already married and start having an affair? Like seriously we need to try this stuff out now.

Game vs No Game
Let's face it most guys have no game. They find a pretty girl go AFC all up in there fall in love often times, take themselves off the market, and get married. And then society wonders why they have affairs! I don't suggest Marriage if you are under 38 and think getting married too early will cost you. It will cost you your freedom and gaming women so why shackle yourself before playing the field? Sure the ultimate goal would be finding the perfect woman but there's time for that. No point in getting so caught up in a commited LTR when you got multiple LTR's unless you are really sure about it. I would recommend the women not finding out about each other but if you get sh!t tested about the whole "exclusive" thing just say you haven't settled down and won't settle down until you find your soulmate and get married. Basically I think it's perfectly fine if a girl gets too serious to tell her you keep your options open by having multiple GF's and dating multiple people. Hey if she doesn't like it she can hit the road because there is always another weekend of sarging around the corner. I think this is essentially having good game in order to successfully lead these women on instead of you having to throw yourself at their mercy all the time. I see AFC's all the time get caught up in relationships and say "looking forward to 50 more years with you" after 1 year and already moving in together or already think they are soulmates after 1 year. I think this is obviously going AFC because most of these guys are AFC's because they are still in their 20's! And I am sorry but you know nothing about loving a woman till you are at least 30. Getting married in your 20's seems like a foregone conclusion with a 50% divorce rate and all the temptation of having an affair with a hotter woman later in life. A woman's innate desire is to tie a man down so you can't be so weak by giving them what they want so easily by getting married without any life experience, multiple women conquests, etc. This is the "real" game to me.

Getting the girl vs getting girls
I know much of our social programming on here is to get the girl but I propose a phase shift to getting girls. After all like I said no point in settling down till you are ready. Age may not be important I mean do whatever you want and makes you happy. Just saying if you get married while you are in your 20's I am still going to be dating all those hot women till I am like 40. After 40 I will consider Marriage, life is just too crazy good being able to go out and sarge and all that potential of bagging multiple hot women, date multiple hot women feels great. I mean yeah I suck saw a 10 yesterday and didn't approach because the weather sucked and she was with old people and had no opener. I know I suck but wow that outdoor mall is a gold mine. Definitely a target rich local and I have been to like all the malls here. Man I just need to keep my inner game more solid. Love day game for this very reason because that 10 was in my age range and man I would have so dated her and wanted to bag her. But the thing of it is I know there is time for me to get better and better to not go in weak. I think I made the right choice because if I am just going to go in weak there is really no point. It's just so much harder to approach for Day Game and I need to get over this hump and keep pushing myself. I think enough of these "missed opportunities" will push me over the edge and cause me to start approaching more consistently while doing Day Game. Alright I am having a couple of beers next time before I go to that outdoor mall on Fridays again because this sucks. My texting game is just getting so good I need to get approaching more hot women! And yes I am dating someone. But as you can see I have no oneitis for this chick and think this is how the game was meant to be played. But I should be such a spineless wimp right now and I am not. That aa yesterday made me feel like a wimp again and that's a great reminder that I need to keep improving. I recommend not being results driven but simply being progress driven. I don't think we should focus so heavily on bagging the girl but on improving ourselves and the results should follow that. This is why you should keep gaming until you are ready for something more. Year 1 sucked now into Year 2 and just turned 30 and everything is turning around. Realize I like women in their 30's a lot more right now than in their 20's they are just so much more attractive. This is why I am so glad I waited to tie the knot! That whole seasoned look is really starting to wear on me. I could still date a 19 year old but they are just not that attractive to me anymore.