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    Default The question of inner game...

    Another thing about the inner game issue is that we - as humans - want the quick fix now. We never think there's anything inherently "Wrong" with us when we're trying to fix our problems.

    Every guy I've ever met (including myself) comes to the table thinking that there's something wrong with WOMEN - or that we just don't have the secret handshake that gets us success with women.

    The truth is that we're all keeping OURSELVES away from our own success.

    Getting what we want in any area is simply a game of "skill addition."

    Need a new result?

    You probably need a new skill.

    Sometimes that's overcoming our faults and limitations.

    Sometimes that's maximizing our strengths.

    That's my 2 cents for the moment..

    What do you think?
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    Nocturnatum Guest


    It's very true that we have to look within ourselves for the problems concerning inner game. We simply can't start blaming external things for our problems when it's internal.
    I totally agree that it's a specific skill we are looking for each and every time we get a problem. I'm just glad there are decent, honest individuals like you Carlos, who keep us informed about how to attain those skills each and every time we get stuck lol..

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