Hello, I'm just gonna be direct.

There's this girl I REALLY want to date, she's 2 years older than me and I have very few more days to get her interested (2). I can talk to girls, but I get a little shy, and I need something to grab her attention and keep it on me. I go to a dance camp with 5 other girls besides her, so I am competing for attention. I know all about cold reads, but I am having some trouble doing them. So anything else would help. (If you've got tips on cold reads as well that'd be great) she is 2 years older than me, so you all may be thinking that's not a lot, but I am fairly young compared to you all so it's big for me. I can hardly keep up a convo with her, or any of the other girls in my camp. I runout of topics and go into interview mode. I would also like to hear some rapport tips. Seeing as I'm aiming for her to be my gf, any number tips after all the other tips would be AMAZING. Please respond ASAP because I don't have much time.