Hey! I'll try and keep this short and to the point, I've been racking my brains over this one!

So, new girl (hot) started at work about 2 months ago, I was going to keep it professional but she started e-mailing me and being somewhat flirty, now a daily occurrence (should point out this isn't oneitis, got date no.3 with another next week and out Friday with the guys from work who are great wingmen ) even to the point where she's said she's in mischievous mood.

Just my luck she sits opposite the office Queen B (main issue), who hates me - she hates everyone btw. So she makes it very hard to go over and chat face to face, and I've been told the Queen B has been saying she doesn't like me coming over and that I'm only doing it as I want to pull her assistant - the new girl (hey, she has a point, but no need to AMOG me over it!) How would you deal with such a frosty, female AMOG? Effectively cock blocking me! If it wasn't at work I'd just be cheeky/a wind up until she backed off.

Tried getting the new girl out, asked if she wanted to come out with me and the guys last Friday as it was pay day so a lunchtime drink was in order, she was up for it - but then said no as she didn't want to go across town and back and mess up her flexitime hours (lame excuse but she seems to be strict on time) and time before that she said she really wanted to but already had plans (ok, it was short notice on a Friday) - seems legit so far but then again could just be making excuses for her!

That's the third time I've asked her on a work social (solely to get her out the office, email game just doesn't cut it) and basically asked if she was up for drinks with us or if she was going to turn me down once again.

How would you guys frame it? (Not sure if the 'You'll only turn me down/hopeless romantic works?)

I've already done -

- Making her out to be a troublemaker and I can't associate with her (currently a favourite of mine, I like the fine line between calling her 'trouble' (who am I, her dad?) and calling her 'Naughty' (woah, back off already)).

- Her being posh (she's well spoken) and asking her if she's allowed to hang around with paupers like me

- Asking if she's secretly an up and coming rapper as she keeps going to pool parties

- Her telling me she's my boss and I need to get on with my work and do as I'm told (so difficult not to make remarks about me being under her)

So she expects me to wind her up (she gives as good as she gets), getting good signs - always catch her looking at me, often smiles, even get a giggle if I pull a disapproving face at her, body language is good, plays with her hair when I'm about (totally forgot to ping an email to tell her to stop putting her hair up then down as it looks better down) second time we spoke she mentioned her ex and no guys have been mentioned since).

So, how would you detail with a female AMOG who clearly wants me to have nothing to do with her assistant? (trying to keep this about game and not office politics) and how would you guys proceed from here? Seem to be hitting walls which ever way I turn at the moment, I normally find a way to play it!

Ok, so not as short as I expected! I'm off to see if I can answer any other topics round here....