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    Default Friends since childhood, I want more then friends

    I have known this girl since we were both young but this year when we have been home from college we have rekindled our friendship and now I would like it to be more. Right now the signs mostly are that of a friendship. We occasionally invite each other to social events or parties. There have been some signs that she might be interested (although I may be reading to much into it) such as last week she wanted to go on a hike and when I suggested that we go with some other friends who were going for a hike she suggested a shorter hike but without anyone else.

    Anyway what I would like to do at this point (by building attraction) is make her more receptive to texting and more eager to so things. Currently (like most friendships) she ignores/forgets to text back and he busy schedule makes it hard to make plans work but I feel like if there was some (more) attraction on her end things would work out more easily.

    What are specific techniques to achieve this with a girl who has seen me as a friend for a decade?

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    Default Re: Friends since childhood, I want more then friends

    Really quickly before I say anything, I want you to make sure you are interested in her. By this I mean, make sure that this girl is as good as you think and that you aren't projecting what you want onto her and thinking "She's the one for me"

    If you don't do this, you're gona have a bad time.

    You're still reading to I'm going to assume that your interest now has solid ground and isn't wishful thinking.

    You want to text her in a way that grabs her attention, sounds so simple yet so many people don't do this.

    One of the better messages of this type is actually a blank message. If you send a blank message, she will do one of two things.

    1. Assume it was a pocket text
    2. Assume it was a pocket text, text you to say you sent her a pocket text

    If she doesn't write back you send another message a few hours later, if she says something like "Why did you send me a blank message?" You can respond with "Oh come on you don't need to make up excuses to talk to me"

    Other ones you can try;

    "Hey whats up?(You will never get this text message off me!)"
    "You don't happen to have a twin do you?"
    "You just popped into my head so I'm just saying hey...Please stay out of there"
    "Can you send me a text? Literally write anything, my friends have a bet with me that idiots cant text, we'll show em"
    "Hello 911(999 or whatever)? I have an emergency!"

    Your goal is to show you are the most interesting man she knows and or/will know.

    You can then escalate and get flirty with a message like "I just saw the cover of "Magazine" are all you women that kinky?"

    Learn a basic reading game like the cube and use that to dhv.
    Bonus point round: Tell her that you need to hold her hands when she does it so you can check for an ioi.

    Lastly one thing you can do is refer to the two of you as "We" or "Us" and never "You and I"


    DON'T: Why don't you come to the party with we?
    DO: We should go to the party

    DON'T: You and I are such bad influences on each other
    DO: We are such bad influences on each other

    etc. etc.

    The same applies when you ask her out.

    If you want to ask her out don't do it directly because she could say no. Make it seem like you're busy and you are getting some free time soon and ask is she busy. You are never asking her out but her logic will think that she is being asked out.

    If she says yeah then job done, "I'm busy this day, what about that day?" Again job done. If she turns around and says no you tell her that you never asked her to go out but love the way she was pretending to be busy.

    Either way, just keep it simple and don't throw yourself in too deep or you'll find it hard to keep up the act and might get LJBF. Keep it simple and make sure you are hinting at your intent that you want to date her.

    PS. Sorry if the structure of the post is all over the place, I'm very tired :P

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    Default Re: Friends since childhood, I want more then friends

    My experience with this is that there are only two outcomes, either really good or really bad.

    You first have to ask yourself if relations with her are truly what you want, because when you try to convert friends to lovers there is always a pretty significant risk of losing their friendship.

    On the other had if it turns out it can be extremely rewarding...

    I, personally, would take my time with the escalation. Use interesting openers, flirt, neg her a bit but be very careful with your phase shifting as that seems to be the biggest risk point. Keep constant watch and count on ioi's. If you are unsure if something she says/does is an IOI or not you can handle it in one of two ways, you can either assume its an IOI and roll with it or dismiss it and wait for a positive IOI. It all depends on how much you want to gamble with.

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