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    Default Sexual Framing During Day Game

    The best way I've found to do this is to “ping” which is saying something sexual to see her reaction. One way I do this is by asking “are you adventurous?” and sometime’s she’ll say “hmm what kind of adventurous?” with a tone that indicates she’s thinking dirty thoughts. That would be an example of a small ping. A larger ping during the day can be something like “so I read in a magazine that people really don’t want to talk about jobs and school and stuff, what they really want to talk about is sex. So my question to you is how long before you feel comfortable talking about sex?”. If she says she feels comfortable then you start talking about sex or ask her sexual questions like “what’s your favorite positions?” Try it you’ll be surprised how many girls will say they are comfortable talking about sex right away!

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    Excellent post!

    A similar method I use is to ask deliberately ambiguous questions that could be sexual in nature, and see how they respond.

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