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Thread: Note to self...... and everyone struggling with club game LOL

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    Default Note to self...... and everyone struggling with club game LOL

    Okay so I wanna make this short. It's the funniest shit that's happened so far in my club experience. But I'll leave it to the end.

    Generally I hated club game, mostly because I couldn't talk over the music and the constant pounding made me temporarily deaf. I couldn't hear shit.
    Another reason was I constantly went out just to sarge, nothing more, which pissed me off and made my nights end poorly, especially if I got chronic aa lol. I'd leave disappointed and hating myself haha.
    so here's how I decided to do a complete overhaul of my club experience and if anyone's also having problems,consider this.

    1. Got earplugs, specifically Alpine party plugs. you can hear the music but also people near you, which is great.

    2. I decided not to say a word, the entire night lol well at least less than ten words. I was going to let my body do the talking. So i decided to dance which I never do. I'm usually gaming outside the dance floor which has the obvious shortage of females.

    3. I was not going to sarge. I decided at the beginning of the night that I would not focus on sarging. I would just enjoy myself, nothing more. If I end up grinding and making out or something, so be it but it wouldn't be my focus.

    4. The day before, I learnt a simple dance that works for literally every song. You just have to adjust to the tempo(music speed) and you're done. Obviously now most of the work should done with your upper body but for most people, like me, two left feet is where the problem is. If you want to know the dance watch Will Smith teach it in Hitch. Trust me, it works!

    I had a blast! I go to the same club almost every week but for the first time, I realized the DJ played most of my favorite tracks which is weird because I never really noticed until tonight. Before the music was a distraction and basically white noise. Today it made my night.
    I danced with a few girls and it was fun as hell. And when I was by myself just enjoying the music, I got so many proximity alerts, it was ridiculous. I would literally watch a girl move from 10-15 feet away and plant herself right in front of me for no apparent reason. Admittedly, I was too chicken shit to do anything like grind on them because it never happens! At that moment, I would brush it off as maybe she knows the other people around us, it's only now that I realize I just effed up. lol

    Hilarious Note to Self
    During a dance I was having with one chick, lets call her HB8.5, i was doing the micro escalation thing and shit was going well, then I was about to go for a kiss. She knew this and leaned in. Now I know what you're thinking. Win right? NO! I also leaned in the same way at the same time and we bumped our heads into each other. thought it only happened in movies. lol when I say, instant turn off, i mean INSTANT. We looked at each other for 5 seconds, felt longer and she turned and started talking with her friends who proceeded to drag her away.
    What did I learn from this? NEVER LEAN IN. At most, move whole body closer but back as straight as an arrow. It also helps with general body language.

    Now, I just want to know how you guys handle the club. I got a few dance rejections along the way though, but it's my first time changing strategy. What's the best way to get a girl to dance with you without saying a word and lessen rejection.

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    Default Re: Note to self...... and everyone struggling with club game LOL

    Well you're observing the cues which is good. If you notice the proximity and you're still not sure use this trick:

    Go up to her and hold your hand up for a high five. She will likely give you one. Otherwise tell her to.

    A lot of women high five with the same hand as you. If your right handed she'll use her right hand. But you want her to mirror you. So if she gives you the right then motion for her to do it with her left hand.

    Once she does that grasp onto her hand and spin her once across her front. Don't spin her towards her back. Watch her facial expression when she comes back around. If she is smiling and seems into it then immediately dance.

    If she seems a bit turned off then nod you're head saying "Not bad. Could be better though." And walk away. Check on her later in the night to see if she has warmed up to you. Then approach again and just start dancing.
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