Anger, frustration, sadness, hate; we have all experienced these emotions many times through our lives. They are negative emotions, and they can come up at any time. Some examples of surges can include a breakup, a fight with a friend, or even an inability to understand the homework that you have to have done by the next day. In the game, when things don't go our way, or they go south, negative emotions can occur right at that moment, and they can destroy everything that you have worked for.

Before I get to the meat of this, let's look at some psychology right here. Inside your head, and in your brain, there are two different thinking processes that can be triggered by these and every other occurrence. There is the logical brain, and the emotional brain. The logical brain is everybody's best friend. Any choice made with the logical brain is the best choice capable for us. We are able to rationalize, and think correctly and accurately when our thinking brain is in the pilot seat.

And then we get to that heartless bitch known as the emotional brain.

Imagine your emotional brain as a woman itself; a highly unstable and very emotional woman. Just about everything will send her off on some sort of tangent, and when she gets bad, she gets bad. Your logical brain will try to argue with her, but she will fight back and just scream louder and louder as long as she is on one. It can give you quite a headache, and when she is allowed to run things for you, bad things can happen.

Needless to say, we don't want her managing the relationship that is our own lives. We want full control without the fear that our emotions are running our decisions and our lives. This will only end badly, and any person will logically want what is best for them.

In order to conquer your anger and all the negative emotions in relation, there are three important things you must follow, which I will label as the Three Don'ts of Emotional Response: Don't act on your emotions, Don't perpetuate your emotions, and Don't allow the triggers.

Let's start with this anger management session, shall we?

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#1) Don't Act on Your Emotions

The first step in this is fireproofing yourself for the oncoming outburst of rage. Acting on your emotions is a very very bad thing to do, and no matter what happens, there will always be repercussions that you don't desire.

On my birthday weekend back in April, while I was drinking and hanging out with my buddies, I was trying to hit up this girl that I was working on from my college. There was a problem, however. She was giving me very short and unresponsive messages, and I was finally getting annoyed and angry that she was so unresponsive to the best of my material. Finally, with the motivation of alcohol and my friends, I acted on my emotion and told her that she was boring as fark, that I was going to go back to my buddies and the whiskey, and that she was welcome to continue her boring-ass night without me.

Needless to say, she now will not talk to me, and I doubt she will ever talk to me again. At least it made for a hell of a funny story to tell my friends, and they still laugh when they hear that I did something like that. Still, you should not do anything like this.

When you realize that you're becoming angry, or sad, or so on, you need to respond to it immediately. Literally, like the moment it happens you need to do what you can to prevent yourself from acting on your emotions. Even though I was tipsy, I should have still recognized that I was getting angry about the pickup situation, and that I had to stop right there. No matter what excuses you come up with, remember this:


Preventing yourself from acting is very simple. Turn off your phone, remove yourself from your environment, and if you physically can't, mentally do so. Your overall goal is to Isolate yourself so that you don't have to do any damage control latter on.

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#2) Don't Perpetuate Your Emotions

When we are in a state where our logical brain is compromised, in all likely cases we want control back, right? This step is designed to destroy the virus of negativity within you, and put you on track to some productive recollection time.

With this, there are three sub-categories that you must be conscious about, and as you are reading these you will think almost that the first and last part of this is just like #1 and #3 of the process. In truth, it almost is, but it isn't and you will see why. Let's begin with the first one:

A) Recognition
You should have already started to do this in Step 1, but there is one problem with just transitioning from Step 1 right into the next part of 2.

Have you ever put a burrito in the microwave and tried to watch it and concentrate on it, second for second, for two or three minutes? Chances are, you are able to do this for ten seconds, but then you zone out, and all of a sudden you hear the ding of an undercooked or severely exploded Mexican bonanza in your oven.

The reason so is very scientific and psychological.

When we are doing something continuous, such as driving, reading a book, or even watching a burrito cook in an oven, our brain goes into a sort of "auto-pilot" hypnotic state. In this state, the brain carries on normal functions, and it makes sure to steer clear of danger when you're actively doing something like driving on the road. Eventually, you snap out of your hypnotic state for any reason, and that is when you realize that time has really blazed by.

Unless you are able to snap yourself out of it and catch yourself at the get-go, you will most likely go into some sort of thinking spree in relation to the emotion. Sadness will cause depressing fantasies, and anger will cause violent imaginations. Either way, there will be a point where you recognize you are in a state where your logical brain has been compromised. There's no telling how long this will last, but when the moment you recognize it comes, you can pat yourself on the back. You are ready for the next part.
B) Allowance
If you are a man who has never seen Star Wars, then I must say I cannot decide whether to be depressed by your loss of a childhood or impressed by your focus on other things. For those of you who have, then you will easily remember the Emperor's famous quote to Luke Skywalker: "Let the hate flow through you".

In this case, that is EXACTLY what we are aiming for.

The more you try to stop an emotion from flowing through you, the stronger it's going to build up, and the longer it's going to last. The quickest, and the easiest, way to rid yourself of these negative emotions is to simply let them run their course. Yea, you go ahead and you let it flow through you, and you let your imaginations run their course. If you need extra help, hit up the gym, or do some Buddhist meditations. Those are two additional methods that can be used to bring these emotions to an abrupt close.
C) Closure
This is the most important part of this entire process, as it can mean cutting your emotion short at the present moment and allowing your logical brain to take back over. If you fail to complete this part, then you may have to restart Step 2 all over again.

After everything has run its course, you will begin to feel like the thoughts and so-on related to the emotion are just dragging on. This is a sign that your logical brain is beginning to kick back in. Once you recognize this, then this is your opportunity to transition your thinking process over into Step 3 as you please without fear of recursion.

If you continue to drag your emotions and fantasies out, then you run the risk of going into another auto-pilot state, where your negative emotions run supreme. That is why this part is so important.

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#3) Don't Allow the Triggers

A while back, I used to get into huge rage arguments with my parents. It would often be over an insult they threw at me or something that they thought I had done wrong. Either way, I would lash out, and the fire would grow larger and larger until everything ended on bad conditions for me and for them.

Around the time I began the game, however, I realized a few things. I realized that constantly going into this state of hate and anger was something that I did not want in the slightest bit. I began to think about what caused this, and then I would work to prevent the trigger from happening again. In the end, I identified it as me allowing the insults and negativity to get through to me. I put this to the test by allowing the heat of the next argument to just pass right through me. Sure enough, I did not get angry, and I never got angry in that sort of situation again. With my ability to control my emotions in the bag, I was able to massively improve my relationship with the rest of my family.

In order to successfully prevent negative emotions from frequently reoccurring, or even eliminating them completely, you must identify what caused them in the first place. Once you identify it, then you must act to limit or remove the trigger completely.

This phase can either be the easiest or the most difficult of the three, depending on what kind of trigger you're dealing with. Some can involve keeping yourself away from a certain activity, while others are non-preventable, such as work or politics. For these kind of triggers, how in the world can we stop them?

This is a simple response that you yourself have already fixed. By recognizing your trigger, you are already braced for a repeat of the episode by the same source. Each and every time this trigger comes about, you will discover that you react to it less and less until it no longer phases you at all. The ultimate end goal of this step is to bring yourself to a point where what caused you to develop those negative emotions in the first place can no longer do so.

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After reading all of this, there may be a few of you who are confused. What in the world could something like this be used for picking up women?


Being able to control your emotions is crucial in not only pickup, but life as well. People who can't control their emotions are either labeled as crazy, dramatic, or overbearing. In addition, being able to prevent a emotional reaction to a Sh1t Test or rejection is essential in the attraction process. If you can't keep your cool during this, then it's virtually impossible to get anywhere with a woman of high caliber.

Men and women both find a person who is able to control their emotions somebody of incredibly high value. The ability to think logically under stress, anger, sadness, and every other dark emotion in the death metal dictionary is the trait of not only a true man, but of a powerful and capable leader as well.