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    Ambition Guest

    Default What to do with a tease

    Need some help guys. What do you do with a tease?

    Here's the situation. I ran into a girl from high school the other day (it's been a while) and she is smokin hot! HB9! Anyways, she called me a few days later and asked if she could come over. I had a few guys over playing beer pong, so I said sure. She got there, and we were hanging out, and next thing I know I'm getting kino IOI's left and right, way before I spit any game at her at all. Then, we played a game of beer pong against two of my friends, and about five minutes in the HB9 says she is going to distract the other team and takes her shirt off. She's definitely smokin' hot! So now in a bra and jeans, she keeps hugging me and touching me and I was feeling really really good. So rather than go through my normal game plan, as soon as the game ended I went into comfort building and kino, which is where I normally go once I get the IOI's anyway.

    Then things got weird. We were out back smoking, and she started talking about her ex from high school and how she's still in love with him. Then she started talking about her current boyfriend who she lives with, and how much she loves him. At this point, I didn't know what to do, so in a panic I went into AFC mode and did the "wow, you deserve better than that," and "you're beautiful. I don't get it" stuff that never works. Trying to get back on course, I put my hand back on her leg and started rubbing her back. After a minute of that, she looked at me and said "that's not going to help you you know."

    I didn't know what to do, so I did a Freeze Out and started playing beer pong again without her. Trying to get my attention again, she followed me around started dancing with me to some music she put on, then pulled me over to the couch to cuddle more. But same thing, she started talking about her ex and her current boyfriend, so I did another freeze out.

    Then she literally says "I just need to get fucked. I think that's my problem" to the entire room. At this point, every one of my friends looked right at me, nodded, and all took off. They did good and gave me privacy. Then it's just me and her sitting on my couch cuddling more. Then she starts talking about her current boyfriend and how he has sex with her once a month if she's lucky. At this point I figured my best shot was to get her in the bedroom, and said "ya know, you've been here for a few hours and I haven't even given you a tour. Would you like to see the rest of the house?" She didn't respond, and as soon as the song that was on ended, she got up and said she should probably go.

    We hugged goodbye, and that was the end.

    I've thought it over, and basically I've decided she just wanted me to make her feel better about herself. She gamed me very well, and it completely threw off my game. So with that in mind I have two questions....

    1) How do you identify and deal with a tease?
    2) Is there any way I could have made this pickup work, or was I doomed from the start?

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    incognito Guest


    Maybe you didn't escalate fast enough when you got her on the couch? Get me on the couch with a woman alone and next thing you know my hand is in her shirt feeling those breasts. Once she started talking about her boyfriend you were probably done at that point. However, I think you did the best thing after that trying to get her to go to your room but she didn't want to.

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    You never let the woman lead the game. That is how you got screwed.

    Obviously, stay away from becomming her psychiatrist. When she started that, you should have just said something quick, and dismissive, then changed the conversation. Your responses, and possibly your Kino Escalation, tipped your hand too quickly.

    When she said, "You know that isn't going to get you anywhere." What you should have done is said somethingly like, "Man, you are pretentious. Where'd you think this was going?" Say it is a joking manner. In your case I would have slapped her lightly on the ass, and then told her, that it was probably time to get back to the game. Freeze outs won't work if you don't have the upper hand, in value, when you attempt them.

    After she had you on the line, she was just playing with you like a cat with a mouse. Doesn't mean she didn't want to have sex with you originally, but like you said, you allowed her the opertunity to emotionally use you, so she took it.

    On a side note, I would never date that woman, but she might be a fun lay.

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    ZiGzAg Guest


    i agree with gunsnglory, i think you lowered your value a bit by trying to freeze her out when you didnt have the domiant control over the conversation/game.

    and i also agree with the fact that you gotta escalate more and not be her psyciatrist, make sure you talk to her like a not out of the ordinary girl your gaming.

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    Ambition Guest


    I appreciate the advice guys. Ya, that was definitely not my best work last night.

    Fortunately I spent a day getting over it and a day practicing my game and had some pretty successful pickups last night. Still got it!

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