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    Default AA: An AFC's idea on Conquering Severe AA

    Kind of a long post, but if you think you have good advice on direct day game and aa, or you are a noob like me with bad AA, maybe you can apply this idea to yourself. Any direct day game advice would be great. This isnt a step by step idea on how to break your AA, just a way to put yourself in a target rich environment and really force yourself to have no excuses to not make approaches. As we all know, making excuses in your head to not approach or take action is a huge aspect of AA.

    My AA:
    So my biggest problem at this point is my big time AA. I have just always been a shy person with strangers, especially beautiful women, so coming into pick up, I figured this would be my biggest problem right from the start. Its very frustrating because I am very social with girls I know, and my friends. Obviously I am not good at gaming the girls I know and very social with, I am the king of the friend zone with some of them lol. I am progressing very slowly with pick up primarily because of not approaching. In order to get good at game, you need to approach and I simply do not approach anywhere near as much as I should. While I understand I wont be a pick up artist in a couple weeks, months or even years, I am progressing very slowly. I want to be good with women while I am young, not when I am 50(I am 24). I found out about pick up a few months ago and I am really eager to make up for lost time and missed opportunities.

    My Idea/Strategy to begin conquering my AA:
    I am fortunate to live pretty close to NYC, which pretty much has to be the perfect playground for a pick up artist. If you are familiar with the city which I am sure many on here are you will now exactly what I mean. There are literally millions of absolutely gorgeous women of all different types. There are the crazy hot stuck up model type HB10's all the way to the typical decent looking down to earth nice girls. If you are a master, you can chase the 10's and have a field day, or if you are a beginner, you can approach those 10's and learn from the harsh rejections that AA and rejection are stupid and not a big deal, thats the theory any way. There are also a seemingly infinite number of bars, clubs, restaurants and just social environments.

    For a beginner like me, it seems like the perfect place to learn how to overcome AA. Just walking down the street, you will see plenty of sets. Part of my AA is stemming from the fact that when I am out shopping, going for a walk, or hitting the bar, I only see maybe a handful of sets and when it takes me several missed chances to warm up/force myself to approach, sometimes at that point it is too late, then I go home pissed that I did not just man up already. As many here know, thats a really frustrating and infuriating feeling, however unfortunately my AA is still outweighing that pissed offness for not approaching.

    Also, it actually costs me a good 30-40 dollars to get into the city by train, and I think the added, "hey if you dont approach any sets, you just took an hour train ride and dropped 30 on a ticket, way to waste your time and money dumb ass" will actually be a bit of extra motivation. Also, I am a little out of my element in the city, I am somewhat of a country guy and I dont know my way around all that well so I also think pushing my comfort zone here and just getting into a really fast paced social environment will help big time. Ultimately, my plan is to more or less go in for the day for a few hours, do what ever, but also do a bunch of day game approaches. Use that as a way to warm up and get in gear, then hit some bars and experience the night life a bit and see how I do knowing I have made a bunch of approaches earlier, and that if I fark up there are thousands of other girls within a few blocks and a bunch of bars to change location too if I make a complete ass of myself. Also, I can learn away from the bars I typically go to close to home and avoid looking like an ass when I screw up in front of the friends/regulars that I have been meeting there. So that sheds a lot of the current added pressure and fear that is typically in my head before the approach.

    So if you are just starting out and have similar issues with AA, maybe doing something similar can help you out. Obviously any major city has similar conditions so apply it to your area if possible. I have yet to try this out but I will be soon. I really want to try direct day game in this situation as well. I see so many HB's just walking down the street when I am in the city for work, it seems like the perfect place for direct. There seems like plenty of opportunity for some pretty brutal crash and burns lol because some of the HB's in NYC I picture being pretty vicious, so this could either help with desensitizing you to rejection, or amplifying your AA possibly? Bad rejections are part of the game so its a necessary step I guess. So opinions, suggestions, or telling me I am a complete idiot if you wish, please feel free.

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    Default Re: AA: An AFC's idea on Conquering Severe AA

    A line I love that gets me approaching is "pretty sooon you are gonna be on your death bed, and you are gonna wish you did say hello to every pretty girl you ever saw"

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