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Thread: Conversations with girls?

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    Default Conversations with girls?

    Ok I'm good with openers but my problem is I can't seem to get the conversation going to get the number. I can't have a long romantic conversation with a girl. Here what I say

    What's ur name
    Where u from
    What are you celebrating tonight
    Are you having fun
    if its a college party
    what year are you in
    do you like this college
    what do you think about this college
    do you dorm or commute
    whats ur major
    have u bought ur books if its the beginning of the semester
    do you smoke?
    do u drink
    whats ur favorite frat or sorority
    what do u do for fun
    what classes are you taken
    how many credits are you attempting
    hav e u registered for classes
    do u have classes on friday?

    boring right? lol

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    Default Re: Conversations with girls?

    Most of these are comfort phase questions. You don't wanna use these right after your opener. You need to build attraction first if you want to move onto comfort phase and use these questions.

    You shouldn't really think too much about what you're gonna say next, after your opener. It doesn't really need to make total sense as long as it engages people into conversation and makes them laugh/enjoy.

    Something like:
    Me: So, before I talked to you guys I thought you're are the bad one (point HB#1) and you're the good one. (point HB#2) But now I can definitely see you're the bad one (point HB#2) because you've been checking me out all the time.
    HB#2: Oh shut up, I was not!
    HB#1: You know what, she's indeed the bad one...

    See? It's really that easy. Girls love to talk about "boy & girl" stuff. Once they're engaged in convo you can just lean back and enjoy the ride.

    The trick is to make statements, so they can "prove you wrong or right." I could ask it like: "So which one of you is the bad one?" and that might put me in a difficult position because I'd still have the burden to carry the conversation. As soon as you get her talking, you'll see how easy it is to socialize.

    Just experiment bro, be creative. Try to make some "silly" talk without being rude or offensive. That'll get 'em talking.
    It's not about who I was or who I'm going to become.

    It's about who I am. Do it right here, right now.

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    Default Re: Conversations with girls?

    Look to use conversations topics that you can go in depth with.when you open you could drift in dhving or a you are doing that you could be kinoing, then could use indicators as a gauge to what phase you are in.even in comfort sometimes avoid the how old are you question if you can.two should be enough.
    with the indicators once you start getting them you may push for an n close.

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    Default Re: Conversations with girls?


    I like to keep it simple. This might take a bit of practice and try it out till you get the perfect response. Here is what you do.

    20% is Questions
    80% is Stories.

    So tell a story, an interesting story about an experience you had a few years ago. In this story you wan to indirectly make yourself sound good.
    For example I would tell them about a road trip i took with some girls you met while back packing and then bla bla bla.
    The fact that you back packed, that will spark interest and will ignite a whole conversation, the fact that you did it with girls you just met, that just you come preselected.

    So you get the idea. Tell the story then halfway through link something from that story to a new story, then later come back to the first story.

    Now you are talking, about something, the usual boring routine is out the window, she feel like there is a connection because of the old routine gone. She will ask questions, and the best part, you can use her questions on her in a cocky funny way.

    Takes practice but when you get it down you will learn how to inc operate these stories naturally in conversations.

    Hope this makes sense and will post more details about this soon.

    Guy Mitchley

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