Me and my wingman hit our old university today and my god were there some beautiful, stylish, sexy women around!

Anyways I really have no problem going up and initiating with a question like "wheres the used bookstore? or whatever" but its hard to transition to actually getting into conversation about what year they are in, if there into going out at night etc.

I did notice one approach that went well was to go up do girls at the wall where tey post the student psychology surveys (on sex, habits etc) and say something like "yea i remember this wall, where everyone goes to find out how messed up and crazy their school mates are". and get her laughing and then transition to more things like "so what year are you in" etc.

My questions are

1. Are there different types of indirect approaches that lead more naturally to conversations (then getting the number) than others? For example, why did the second one work so much better than the first "wheres the used bookstore" in which after I was given the directions, the conversation ended...

2. Since simple directions questions are so easy and have little Approach Anxiety, are there ways to turn those into conversations ?

Any advice or other words of wisdom on university day game would be great!