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Thread: Top 5 Conversation Essentials

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    As a personal observation, I've realized that I cannot follow another person's personal conversation style (Ex. Mystery and others) for the very simple reason that it's not MY style, and like a pool filled with concrete, I just can't get into it...

    I do agree with a lot of the essentials, but since I do not fully agree with everything they teach, it's obvious that I must create something that works for me...

    So let's get to the nitty-gritty...

    I have started my own conversational mastery project based on 5 - 10 of the most essential ingredients that apply to my personal style (even with bits from others), so what I'm basically asking you is to list your to 5 - 10 Essential Requirements for a great, fun, seductive conversation

    My top 5 (what I got so far)

    1) Confidence - One thing we all learn is that if we're nervous from the get go, we already lost the battle. I believe in myself, so I have no prob with this

    2) Listen, Confirm and Appreciate - This is taught by some gurus out there. Basically. Have her tell you something Interesting about her, Confirm by talking about it, and Appreciate by showing that because of this thing she told you, you now find her more attractive

    3) Banter and Teasing - Banter and Teasing shows you're not affected by her beauty and that you have enough confidence to poke some fun at her expense. This also lets her know you're not a NICE GUY

    4) Sexual SOI - I believe that at some point you have to let her know you find her "Sexually Appealing" (not cute, beautiful, etc) and that you want her. Women just want to know that a confident male finds them sexy and desirable (again, NOT cute, beautiful)

    5) Stories - Have some fun, funny, exciting stories to tell. I believe in telling what you know or did, even if you twist the truth a little, but don't make sh1t up. Don't have fun experiences??? GO MAKE SOME!!!

    P.S. The reason I ask for YOUR 5 - 10, i because I may have missed some, like Push-Pull, which I think must go up there...

    Thanks again PUA Community
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    Default Re: Top 5 Conversation Essentials

    Some good things in there. I like most of what you said.

    If you ever feel a woman is pulling away from you, even in the slightest, that's when you have to show some disinterest in her(if not sooner). You would throw this into the conversation by saying things like "ok, your losing me" or "wow, I thought you were cool a little while ago but now I'm not so sure." Let it be known that she isn't the one who gets to make the rejection decision. Men tend to always want to connect with women all the time and that's what gets them into trouble more times than not. Let her chase after you a bit.

    Push Pull basically means you push her away then pull her back in. So if you say "well, I don't know about you. I think you are nothing but trouble" then say "but on the other hand getting into trouble can be fun." Or, "you seem like you would make a good friend but anything more than that and you would probably drive me crazy." "But at least you would be driving me somewhere. Do you have a car?"

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