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    Default Examples of low value statements

    If you are with a woman or even if you are not with her(whether she is your gf, a girl you are dating or whatever)here are some examples of things you do not want to say(especially not in front of her but just in general). If you do, it will give her higher value than you and will automatically make you a beta male instead of an alpha male. Many guys say these things without thinking but whatever you do DON'T BE THAT GUY. I've heard things like these from time to time and they make you look weak and insecure. Here are some examples but after a few you'll get the gist of it and understand the kinds of things I am referring to.

    My wife is the brains in the household.

    I let her have her way.

    I let her tell me what to do. It keeps the peace.

    She's the smart one.

    She's the better half.

    I love you so much honey. You mean everything to me.

    My girlfriend wears the pants.

    I let her do what she wants.

    She's the boss in the household.

    We both make decisions but she disciplines the children.

    We both make decisions but she's in control of.....(money, food, etc)

    I let her think she is the boss and she is but only in the bedroom (edit: hey she's still the boss then).

    She's way smarter than me.

    She knows how to get things done. I just sit there.

    Ehhh, I gave up. Now I just do what she tells me.

    I let her do what she wants.

    Ok, you guys get the picture now. Never let a woman have higher value or status or be one up on you in anyway. I know it's obvious to most of us but if you slip up too many times(or even once)she'll dump you and look for a more confident alpha male. The problem with these statements is they show you have a lack of confidence and dominance. You don't need to boss her or push her around but never let her think she has an upper hand in anyway(or let other people think that either).

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    Default Re: Examples of low value statements

    Can you do a post on things low value male say to women? Nothing to do with girlfriends though. Just things they say to women period when they talk to them or get their number and text them.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Default Re: Examples of low value statements

    I agree for the most part, however context matters a lot with these statements.

    For example I'll say like "gotta check with The Boss first" referring to my girlfriend, or any wife, but that statement doesn't mean she has legitimate control. You can make her feel like she's empowered while still being the one really in control

    Marvillo - In general anything approval seeking is low value, or something that shows you're willing to settle.
    Guys will hit on a girl too soon, showing we are not sleective and this low value
    Bragging or talkin yourself up is also really low value because you're seeking their approval
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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