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    Default How to flirt with girls

    A lot of men have no idea of how to flirt with girls. By listening to all of the bad advice floating around the web gets men slapped on the face and drinks spilled on them. It is important for a man to create an attraction with the girl if he wants to further a relationship or pick a girl up. There are a few tips you can follow to help with your approach and flirtation with girls.

    1) You must stay relaxed: Women are like animals, they can smell fear and women hates a man without confidence. If you have accomplished a date with a girl, don't screw it up at dinner or while you're at home watching a movie together. By stressing on how to get the girl to like you may end up making her dislike you instead. Before you begin the flirting process, take a breather and relax yourself. Flirting is meant to be fun and when done right, can really increase the attraction in the relationship. When you are tense, you're flirting will seem forced and unnatural and you won't be able to have fun.

    2) It's okay to be a little cocky; try being funny too: Girls love a confident man and even more, she loves a man that can make her laugh. You may hear of tips about flirting that suggest men to be cocky; this is regarding your confidence. Don't act shy when your approach a girl you are interested in. If you feel uncomfortable with flirting with her, take yourself back to middle school and tease her a bit. Make sure the insults are light; you don't want to get her angry. It needs to be fun and show her that you are not afraid and that you can goof around.

    3) Flirting doesn't come easy to everyone: It is a known fact that not every man is capable of flirting with ease. For others, it will take practice and knowing what does and doesn't work. Once you see that you are able to flirt with girls successfully, you will be more attuned to doing so. Try flirting with many girls; keep your game fresh. Just because you succeeded with a couple, doesn't mean you will do so with all. Whenever you get the chance to flirt, do it! Soon you'll know the mechanisms of a girl and know beforehand what kind of girl she is and what would make her smile and accept your flirtatious invitation.

    Flirting isn't something that is difficult. It is all in your frame of mind. If you make yourself believe that it is an impossible task, you will make it into just that. Flirting is supposed to be fun, so don't turn it into something that has to be complicated. Don't give up when a girl turns you down, just look at it like a life's lesson to flirting. If you have friends that are great at flirting with girls, watch them at work. You don't have to ask them for tips and advice, just watching them in action should be enough.


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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    4) Use Literature. It can be a famous quote by a celebrity, or if the occasion can tolerate it, a poem. If you have the wit for it, even a hilarious haiku about meatballs or getting lovesick can get a girl engaged. I also actually think DiNozzo's strategy of using movie lines can also work. "this could be the start of a beautiful friendship" from Casablanca is probably overused but it doesn't really sound cheesy. In fact, given the right amount of inflection in the voice and facial expression, it could appear you're being purposeful.

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    Ambition Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    5) Don't be afraid to use overused lines. This one amazes me to this day, but it's true. I've heard guys talk to girls about the dumbest stuff, using jokes that everyone's heard a thousand times and cliches that seem tired to the bone! Women do not care. While originality may be good, don't rack your brain over trying to find the most creative comments ever. I heard a guy who clearly didn't know his ass from his head talking to two women at a bar for half an hour about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and kept using phrases like "knowledge is power" and "with great power comes great responsibility." I thought this guy was dumb as hell, and everyone has heard everything he's said over and over. But I'll be damned if that guy didn't go home with BOTH of those women. If you've heard it work for someone, use it!

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    collinsbernard1 Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    5) Stay on top of the game....Stay focus. Think before you act. This way, you can avoid WTF situations and turn downs.. Read a lot. Being well informed makes you knowledgeable on how you play your game. Don't just listen to advices bu also try to think it over if it works for you or not and if the situation calls for it or not..

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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    7) Make them laugh! Usually, girls are just as anxious as we are about first meetings and hooking up and nothing gets them to relax faster and better than humor. Self-deprecating humor is good, just not too much of it. Avoid politics and other serious stuff like religion though. Nudge them in the right direction and test the waters, you can easily say you're joking (even if you half-meant it and she knows) after. There are several cheesy lines posted here, make use of them in while getting them to share the most laughable they heard in turn.

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    hunktofound Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    8. Identify your best flirt candidates and know how to flirt back. This is a flirting tip that has always been overlooked. Your flirting moves won't be of any use if you don't get to use it to the 'right girls'. Observe girls and study them. You'd see that they also send signals or cues for you to approach them (or if they like you). Don't waste so much time flirting girls who doesn't show you much interest. You've said it: Flirting should be fun, so why welcome rejection into your flirting game? Put those girls that have shown interest in you on top of your priorities. 'Flirting back' on their flirting moves is a lot more fun, than starting the flirting yourself!

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    royalflash Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    There are lots of ways on how to flirt with girls.. There are the "good boy" type and the "aggressive type". It depends upon you on how you apply it and depends upon the situation. As long as you don't get lost and blow up your techniques. Keep in mind that girls are diverse species. They are not the same..

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    9) Practice. Practice. Practice.

    Engage even the barista who serves your frappes, or the snobbish library clerk. The more times you can elicit a smile or get the attention of different types of women, the more likely you'd be comfortable chatting a girl up. You don't have to take every girl out on date, and you're not exactly hitting on everybody. You're just flirting, engaging them to at least notice that you, a man, noticed that they were female and possibly attractive. Whoever said flattery gets you nowhere must also have been buttering up a tree.

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    collinsbernard1 Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    I got a question.. What if the girl is flirting on you and you seemed to be very innocent about it. What are the signs that the girl is doing so? and what should you do to respond to the flirting? Flirt back?

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: How to flirt with girls

    Quote Originally Posted by collinsbernard1 View Post
    I got a question.. What if the girl is flirting on you and you seemed to be very innocent about it. What are the signs that the girl is doing so? and what should you do to respond to the flirting? Flirt back?
    When you notice a girl is trying to compete with you when you challenge her or trying to be cute in front of you or when she's giving you compliments to try to get you to respond back to her in some ways.

    I would definitely flirt back. For example, I was out with a girl and a group of friends yesterday and we were bored walking to the place we're going to for lunch. It was cold and she wanted to get there faster so I started walking faster than her and she started competing back and we just kept going for a brief 10 seconds. This give you an opportunity for me to Kino her a little (trying to push her back.etc).

    It creates a fun environment and she totally enjoyed that part. How can I tell? The smile on her face.

    I've been hit on hard on the head by my boss this morning about selling and let me tell you something, it's very related in some ways.

    I think "conscious thinking" in your approach is a man's way of thought. Our goal however, is to market girls so we should be entering THEIR Mindset.

    What's a woman's mindset? Being spontaneous! Use your instincts not your head. Use that gut feeling and just say it at that moment. I'm not saying to just be an asshole and start putting her down, I'm saying be friendly but don't be afraid to be a bit advantageous and say things that you feel are right at that moment.

    There are many things you can calculate in life (eg: finance, building stuff.etc) but relationships are not one of them. It has to be learned through trial in error and practical experience which with methodological thought will not allow you to succeed. This is the reason why all the other PUAs in here are saying "go and do the approach".
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