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    TheRealDeal Guest

    Default Re: Text message flirting

    Quote Originally Posted by ragr View Post
    Don't quite understand what you wrote..however, what are the 2 messages you always use that work pretty good?..
    Aint been on here for long while my computer been getting fixed right anyway back to your question!

    Firstly it depends where you are in the interaction with this girl etc

    So this particular girl am seeing is 23yo hb8 I exchanged 3 emails with her on internet site but she was interested me first as can use a "hotlist" option on site.Anyway much of it was cocky funny sexual challenge etc got aim/address.Hit aim chatted one time only about 45mins got her number.I could put the full exhange up of detailed online conversation? but its very long.

    Anyway this girl is really shy type and during texts when use roleplaying with hints towards stuff she just doesnt get it so I have to mix alot Fluff boring talk sometimes just so she can play along (hard work) ha.As said its all about gauging the temperature and where your at in the exchange

    ie comfort,qualificatio n,disqualification,c hallenges & tests, obviously this all depends on conveying your personality who you are,what you want the outcome to be? Do you want to raise sexual banter? see if she plays along there is alot to learn with txting.

    I know probally stating alot of the obvious here guyz but I'm no master when comes to text game do I have more cocky funny attitude and wicked sense of humour so I tend to push the envelope as much as I can during texts.Best to be the unpredictable in my view always keep her guessing, I dont mean be mean I love woman just be bit of a mystery ,aloof , vague, misinterprit her answers ,teasing and best advice ROLEPLAY IS KING you can get away with alot.

    so heres a snippet of some boring fluff/ comfort stuff I've used nothing special.

    Basically my point with bringing the puppies and animals up is that as sure where aware
    sometimes it can be hard to Give a legitimate Reason Why Where Interested In Her Beyond Her looks.Had already qualified on aim mesgr other things .But always good build some commonalites etc. .

    Me: Seen 3 puppies just before smart they were, do like dogs or cats?
    Her: Both x
    Me: I admire those like animals as usually good indicator of persons
    character qualites towards others too
    Her: Her: I prefer cats to dogs,u?
    Me: Might have change your have cat?
    Her: Got 3 hamsters and a cat.Whts my nickname?
    Me: Is that a wise combination to have ha
    Her: Haha no,have to hide the hamsters from cat,got hamster when
    moved out and then brought them back when moved back xx
    Me:Could always make it interesting and get a budgie keep you on your toes!
    Her: Haha xx
    Me: If someone asked you to go to fancy dress party,who u go as?
    her: Depends what theme was,Somethin sexy xx
    Me: The theme is of famous celebrity,how would you dress?
    Her: Really dont kno,someone that looked like me,Britney coz of
    her hair and body
    Me: never heard of her silly ha
    Her: who would you go as?
    me: Would kick ass 007 License To Thrill just need the tuxedo,of course so modest and shy ha
    Her: I've noticed lol how old are u?X
    Me: Know my rule on interviews face to face
    Her: Thought could get one out of ya xx
    Me: Feel got connection going on fed up txtin I'll give u some details when we hang out night
    Her: Great night xx

    LIKE SAID IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO POST MESG CONVERSATION THEN I WILL IF MAY HELP OUT?) I'm always learning so hope this helps! cheers!

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: Text message flirting

    Man, that's too long a text convo, and you're still just on cats and clothes. I only ever exchange a number of texts with a girl if we're already talking about sex. Hehe.

    But hey, if you're getting the girl, then all is not lost.

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    TheRealDeal Guest

    Default Re: Text message flirting

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    Man, that's too long a text convo, and you're still just on cats and clothes. I only ever exchange a number of texts with a girl if we're already talking about sex. Hehe.

    But hey, if you're getting the girl, then all is not lost.
    Its two conversations so the first one ends below,,should have put it bit clearer

    Me:Could always make it interesting and get a budgie keep you on your toes!
    Her: Haha xx


    Second one starts here

    Me: If someone asked you to go to fancy dress party,who u go as?
    her: Depends what theme was,Somethin sexy xx


    believe its all about calibration with texts just as alot of game.As a reminder this HB8 girl is from a swinging website so a strong sexual vibe was established even before got here number.And continue with cocky funny and other stuff be unpredictable.

    And this is a snippet of some boring comfort texts not meant to be my game in its glory haa.Or my best comfort etc thought just throw it up to maybe help out.

    Comfort & trust isn't very exciting write about, but if dont build it,not gona happen!

    This girl is more straight forward type so just calibrate towards that.. getting the right repsonse's Yes sexual banter I use aswell it has its place but equally important is comfort & depends on other factors aswell. Phone/text just bridge to meet..and Fclosed on first meet with this girl so no worries.

    Like say all about calibration..if you have a girl who is eating up roleplaying and is more witty sense of humour then its much easier I believe with txt game if thats how you are.Which I prefer!

    Sexual Banter is good and needed but careful not to overdo it. Or she may scare herself out of meeting you "Calibration".

    All girls are differen...wouldnt it be boring if they where all the same hey ha

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    punkrockerguy_77 is offline Aspiring PUA
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    Default Re: Text message flirting

    i'm definately agreeing with bandit, it's fun to seduce women online; it definately gave me the confidence to get back out there. i've been working on meeting women online but keeping it sweet and short and quickly meeting up with them for hangouts and dates...theres nothing like closing in the passenger seat of your car lol

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    Bill Preston's Avatar
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    Default Re: Text message flirting

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealDeal View Post
    Yeah txting is great tool good post, been going on for while since like 22nd txting back forth HB shes one these whose shy to talk to on phone so stick to txting both busy over xmas but I've sorted meet coming friday.Most havent txted is 2days full last week which still interested thinking stopping 2days this week, we got good vibe going, would ya's agree that its ok idea to do 2days off?

    as I have built good comfort and attraction,trust etc and qualified her alot even do on txts.

    (these 1st two I use all time txtin goes very well)
    What sort of trouble are you causing?
    Hope yr not misbehaving trouble...if not why?

    And I found these long time ago! not sure where give credit for them!
    might give some ideas to make up your own do

    What are you doing, cutie? :-)
    Knock knock...
    How's my favorite little brat doing?
    I just made you open your phone for no reason...looks like I got you in check =]
    Hey goof, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
    I am luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer skittles or M&M's? me a favor and text me right back. Just hi or something. My friends dont believe retards can text. We'll show em lil buddy
    I know my math u+i equals 69
    Girls are gross...
    I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!
    Aliens are coming to abduct all the sexy people off the planet and force them to breed. You should be safe, I just wanted to text to say goodbye.
    Remember guys tomorrow is "Hug a retard" day...So don't freak out like you did last year, NO ONE IS TRYING TO HURT YOU!
    I just met your twin
    I like talking to you and I don't play games. I think we're really good together.
    Lets try it if not that's cool and I'm glad we met.
    Out of all the (first name) (last name)'s I know... I think your my favorite.
    You just popped into my head so please stay out of there
    Sweet dreams, sexy. :-) [name]
    Hey I hope you got home safe. [name]
    Let's fly to Las Vegas, get married, argue about our third kid's name, divorce, and grow old lonely and depressed
    I don't know who you're boyfriend is...but he's not spanking you enough!
    I don't think you're ready for this jelly
    Awww, you're so sweet. You're making me get diabetes.
    I just don't think we should do this anymore...Sometimes you make me feel like I am just a piece of meat.
    I was thinking of you...
    Something about u seems to always make me smile.

    "congratulations "
    "for what?" "what did i do?" "why?"
    "i was just thinking of u. congratulations =)

    if we don't hang out soon then I'm
    going to start cheating on you!
    REP +++++++

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    catharsis Guest

    Default Re: Text message flirting

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Preston View Post
    REP +++++++


    I had a similar text chat to this actually.

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    lovebullion Guest

    Default Re: Text message flirting

    thereare a lot of thing you can say to her, by the way, why wud u wanna text and not atleast date?

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    Blue Guest

    Default Re: Text message flirting

    Just have fun and be awesome, make it up as you go. Here are a few examples of my text conversations with girls:

    Her: "Hey what's your last name so I can put it into my phone?"
    Me: "Sexy, yours?"
    Her:"lol seriously though... and its *****"
    Me:"Don't act like it's not believable "
    Her: "Haha I didn't say it wasn't believable... fine, you're now saved as Jeff Sexy :P"

    Me: *Something cocky* (sorry it's lost lo)
    Her: Geez you sure are full of yourself eh?
    Me: You wish you were full of myself too
    Her: Hahaha you're so clever

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    Default Re: Text message flirting


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    English_slik Guest

    Default Re: Text message flirting

    Once i have an ioi and a little bit of flirting i use the out of 10 game.
    It goes as follows:
    Do you want to play a fun game?
    answer (usually): "ok"
    Latest response: "What game? X" (through whats app on iphone)
    if no you can say "sorry, i thought you were fun..."
    my response:" I pick a subject and you have to rate yourself out of 10. x"
    her response: "Is this game rude?haha x"
    Mine: "Depends on the subject. You want to play? x"
    hers: "Go then x"
    This is all what i got 3 days ago. I am now going to meet up tomorrow and i know what is going to happen..... you will see why!
    The main aspect of the questioning of the game is to ask questions that are at first quite subtle but breaking down barriers and getting them to imagine themsleves in certain situations so i guess is using elements of NLP (which i study although at novice level)
    Therefore you start at a very basic level (bear in mind there MUST be an ioi) i.e. "out of 10 how good would you rate youself at kissing?"
    This immediately gets the girl thinking about kissing... hopefully you.
    You can give 2 responses as they will generally rate themselves high or low.
    If low, you can say a few different things...... "i'm sure you are being modest", "yeah you look like you need a coach" (depends how confident you are... where you take this is up to you.
    If high... "yeah right, in my experience no one is that good" will match their ego and they may want to compete. "show me then" (different kiss close".
    You can then go on th further questions on the following subjects which ascend in risk but also reward..........
    Lying (i like this one as it adds to the mystery of the game)
    Telling jokes (girls are notoriously bad, if they rate themselves get them to tell you one! They are proving their worth to you!)
    Being cheeky.
    Dancing (right environment they can show you)
    Sexy dancing (see above.............)
    Blow jobs (need to time this right)
    "You can't pass once in the game sorry didn't I tell you?"
    Anyway, rather tahn describe a whole conversation, here is one on a chat with a girl from work who has shown me quite big ioi.
    04/01/2011 21:53:20: her: I will ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:49:29: me: Ok think about me fucking you from behind and pulling your hair in font of that mirror tonight when you are playing with yourself. ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:47:04: her: Wishful thinking x going for a shower not then bed,see u tomoro x
    04/01/2011 21:46:17: me: I will get u one and see if u change ur mind ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:45:31: her: No way! X
    04/01/2011 21:45:19: me: You wouldn't get caught they would think u are in the toilet. No one would know where u are except me! ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:44:41: her: What if my staff wonder where I am and can u imagine I got caught?? X
    04/01/2011 21:44:28: me: And you will be sticking to your rule..... ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:44:04: me: Why not no one will know it will make the night more fun! x
    04/01/2011 21:43:38: her: I'm not as naughty as that!lol x
    04/01/2011 21:42:36: me: I'm not kidding...... ;-) we will see how naughty you are then! ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:41:58: her: Hahahahaha x
    04/01/2011 21:39:07: me: Ok well I will get you an early birthday present for the 22nd.
    I will leave it on my room and you can take the key and go up and try it whilst I'm downstairs in the awards do then you can come down and tell me what you thought. x
    04/01/2011 21:37:27: her: 5th feb x
    04/01/2011 21:35:31: me: What date? x
    04/01/2011 21:28:41: her: Its my birthday in 4 weeks...x
    04/01/2011 21:28:17: me: Toys are fun I will get you a really little one as a surprise and you can try it..... x
    04/01/2011 21:27:41: me: Yum ! ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:27:34: her: Outside x
    04/01/2011 21:27:16: me: Inside or on the outside? x
    04/01/2011 21:27:03: her: Yes x
    04/01/2011 21:26:51: me: So u used your fingers? x
    04/01/2011 21:26:37: her: I've never used a toy x
    04/01/2011 21:26:10: me: Yeah that's right. Fucking is really raw and rough and hard. x
    04/01/2011 21:25:40: her: Is that when you start off really slow and gentle...then get really rough and start biting and scratching...? X
    04/01/2011 21:25:17: me: When you had an orgasm last night did you use your hand or a toy? x
    04/01/2011 21:24:26: me: I only make love and fuck..... Although you can do both in one session! x
    04/01/2011 21:23:54: me: Ha ha x
    04/01/2011 21:23:51: her: Haha x
    04/01/2011 21:23:42: her: Make love x
    04/01/2011 21:22:34: me: Really?Do you prefer to say have sex or fuck? x
    04/01/2011 21:21:44: her: I haven't had sex in this bed or since I put the mirror there but it would definitly come in handy x
    04/01/2011 21:20:35: me: Bet that comes in handy when you are getting fucked from behind..... ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:19:10: her: Good spot x
    04/01/2011 21:18:50: me: Ok..... Do u have a mirror in front of your bed? x
    04/01/2011 21:18:24: her: When I decide to let you x
    04/01/2011 21:17:53: me: So when do I get to play with those?? x
    04/01/2011 21:17:10: me: No you cheeky thing!!! You are so hot!!! x
    04/01/2011 21:15:54: her: f542aa377023b9c28bb8 5c5a8dbad122.jpg <attached>
    04/01/2011 21:15:50: her: Does this help...? X
    04/01/2011 21:15:04: me: You tell me..... I'm very frustrated at the moment! x
    04/01/2011 21:14:35: her: Oh is that a lie...? ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:14:08: me: October x
    04/01/2011 21:12:55: her: When was the last time u had sex? X
    04/01/2011 21:12:44: her: Next question...
    04/01/2011 21:12:23: me: I'd bite your neck and scratch your back. I wouldn't smack ur bum too hard. ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:10:48: her: I bet u would...dunno about the spanking but I love biting and scratching x
    04/01/2011 21:09:49: me: I bet you do! I'd love to pull your hair, but i wouldnt be able to not spank your bum! ;-) x
    04/01/2011 21:08:31: her: They are my favourite too!!I love having my hair pulled x
    04/01/2011 21:07:07: me: I have 2. Me behind and you on top. x
    04/01/2011 21:06:09: her: Erm...your asking questions again!what's your favourite position? X
    04/01/2011 21:04:38: me: What sort of sex? x
    04/01/2011 21:04:24: her: Sex? X
    04/01/2011 21:03:35: me: Oh 10 definitely! Especially if you tell me what you like..... x
    04/01/2011 21:02:55: her: At turning me on...x
    04/01/2011 21:02:18: me: At what? x
    04/01/2011 21:01:48: her: How good are you with your hands?that was your next question! X
    04/01/2011 21:01:09: me: I can't lie with my hands.... x
    04/01/2011 21:00:37: her: With your hands? X
    04/01/2011 21:00:25: her: That's quite good..x
    04/01/2011 21:00:10: me: 7 x
    04/01/2011 21:00:02: her: Good answer ;-) lying? X
    04/01/2011 20:59:34: me: 8 and 12 ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:59:19: her: Give an answer for both x
    04/01/2011 20:58:52: me: Which ones? ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:58:13: her: On the lips...x
    04/01/2011 20:57:57: me: Hang on kissing where? ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:57:46: me: Oh hang
    04/01/2011 20:57:16: her: Lying? X
    04/01/2011 20:56:41: me: 8 x
    04/01/2011 20:54:34: her: Kissing? X
    04/01/2011 20:54:15: me: Your are naughty! I love it! Your turn. x
    04/01/2011 20:53:48: her: ....Last night,that was your last question ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:52:27: me: He he naughty! Now answer the orgasm one...... Then u can ask me anything! x
    04/01/2011 20:51:56: her: That's 2 more questions...x
    04/01/2011 20:51:40: her: It wasn't planned,we met up for a drink x
    04/01/2011 20:51:02: me: Oh went back for a quickie? ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:50:42: her: it was my ex boyfriend x
    04/01/2011 20:50:03: me: So u had a boyfriend a few weeks ago? x
    04/01/2011 20:43:51: her: A few weeks ago x
    04/01/2011 20:42:18: me: Ok I'll change the question when did u last have sex? x
    04/01/2011 20:39:32: me: You know the rules!!! x
    04/01/2011 20:39:22: her: PASS! X
    04/01/2011 20:38:54: me: When did u last orgasm? x
    04/01/2011 20:38:39: her: Go then...x
    04/01/2011 20:38:28: me: One more question then your turn x
    04/01/2011 20:38:12: me: Ok always good when u know what u like and aren't afraid to say! x
    04/01/2011 20:37:35: her: That's a good question...the games changing a bit matt ;-) I just know what I like and what turns me on x
    04/01/2011 20:36:28: me: What makes you so good? x
    04/01/2011 20:36:13: her: Because I rate myself higher than that x
    04/01/2011 20:35:22: me: Why would you rate yourself 12? x
    04/01/2011 20:35:06: her: When is it my turn? X
    04/01/2011 20:34:57: her: Yep ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:34:16: me: Ha ha modest aren't you!!!! x
    04/01/2011 20:34:02: her: About 12 x
    04/01/2011 20:33:28: me: Sex? X
    04/01/2011 20:33:22: me: So let's keep playing the game. x
    04/01/2011 20:33:02: me: Really ok x
    04/01/2011 20:32:42: her: Erm not really...sorry!!this is probably the worst I'd do! X
    04/01/2011 20:31:44: me: So do you get up to anything with people who aren't your boyfriends? x
    04/01/2011 20:31:42: her: Thanks x
    04/01/2011 20:30:45: me: That's not stupid. x
    04/01/2011 20:29:57: her: No...without sounding stupid I would only do something like that with a boyfriend x
    04/01/2011 20:29:00: me: Why have you retired from blow jobs? ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:28:06: her: You will never know ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:27:39: me: He he ok. I wonder if I would rate you a 10, I have high expectations....... x
    04/01/2011 20:27:02: her: I've been told...I played this game before ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:26:34: me: Really? How do you know? ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:26:18: her: 10 x
    04/01/2011 20:25:37: me: You can't pass once in the game sorry didn't I tell you? x
    04/01/2011 20:25:07: her: Pass x
    04/01/2011 20:24:55: me: Blow jobs x
    04/01/2011 20:24:50: her: It is x
    04/01/2011 20:24:42: me: Yes it's fun!! x
    04/01/2011 20:24:31: her: Ok...idid u make this game up by yourself? X
    04/01/2011 20:24:01: me: Ok rude now. ready? x
    04/01/2011 20:23:41: HER: 4? X
    04/01/2011 20:23:36: HER: That's hard,I don't think I'm very sexy x
    04/01/2011 20:23:10: ME: Sexy dancing x
    04/01/2011 20:23:03: HER: 9 then x
    04/01/2011 20:22:46: ME: I'd say 9 from my point of view! X
    04/01/2011 20:22:23: HER: Being in how? X
    04/01/2011 20:22:22: ME: Oh ok x
    04/01/2011 20:22:12: HER: Change telling jokes to 5...I'm not that bad...and lying to 5 too,I'm not a great liar,I was messing with u x
    04/01/2011 20:21:25: ME: Being cheeky x
    04/01/2011 20:21:15: ME: Ok x
    04/01/2011 20:21:10: HER: 2 x
    04/01/2011 20:20:53: ME: Telling jokes x
    04/01/2011 20:20:34: ME: Really that's interesting....... x
    04/01/2011 20:20:17: HER: 10 x
    04/01/2011 20:20:10: ME: Lying x
    04/01/2011 20:20:08: HER: Next x
    04/01/2011 20:20:00: ME: I agree ;-) x
    04/01/2011 20:19:51: HER: Erm 9 x
    04/01/2011 20:19:35: ME: Kissing x
    04/01/2011 20:19:28: HER: Go then x
    04/01/2011 20:19:18: ME: Depends on the subject. You want to play? x
    04/01/2011 20:18:58: HER: Is this game rude?haha x
    04/01/2011 20:18:38: ME: I pick a subject and you have to rate yourself out of 10. x
    04/01/2011 20:18:07: HER: What game? x
    04/01/2011 20:17:53: ME: Let's play a game..... x

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