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    Default "Project Iceshield" Part 1: Inner Game

    Welcome to "Project Iceshield" a battle hardened philosophy of where strength and fear collide. Like I will say you don't need me to get laid, meet chicks, or get a GF. But you may need me to offer up a fresh perspective, help break through a plateau, break a dry season of no inspiration, get some advice for other things to try or things to challenge yourself, etc. So without further a do I present to you Project Iceshield that will be unraveled in 2 -3 parts. This is part 1.

    What is Inner Game?

    Inner Game is just you man. It's your openers, your closers, your confidence, how well you interact, dealing with aa, how often you approach, your follow up, etc. It has nothing to do with anything else. It is all what's inside. This is how you pass LMR, get numbers, pass sh!t tests, overcome rejection, overcome AA, etc. Completing these crucial tasks has nothing to do with outer game since that is a different subject entirely to be covered in part 2 of Project Iceshield. You may be wondering why I decided to write up Iceshield, well it was because I was tired of the Game and needed a new outlook, a new look, and a new feel. Well come to find out I was putting 90% of my attention to Inner Game but neglecting Outer Game caused my Inner Game to suffer that's why you need both which I will detail here the reasons why. But here and now we are focusing in part 1 solely on Inner Game so let's get started.

    Go to Work

    Let's go to work I will first cover the Environments or Venues of target rich locals of high amounts of HB's then switch on and onward once I get done with my lists to wrap it up with the conclusion and philosophy of it all.

    Environments (Target Rich Locals)

    1. Bars
    2. Clubs

    3. Water Parks
    4. Amusement Parks

    5. Hotel Pool Parties

    6. St. Paddy's Parade

    7. July 4th Local Park

    8. Beer Festivals

    9. Labor Day Weekend Holiday Event

    10. Memorial Day Weekend Holiday Event

    11. Independence Day Weekend Event

    12. Outdoor Malls

    13. EDM Concerts/ Rock Concerts/ Jazz Concerts

    Here is 8 tested openers and 5 new openers I'll be testing next year
    1. "Bring it" or "Bring it you look like a brat"

    Field tested on a HB8, HB9 and it worked wonders. It confused them which lead to amazing convo's and 2 successful N-closes. Oh man what an opener!

    2. "Test Me"
    Not field tested but inspired off of a Society shirt as the '"Bring it" opener was such a gosh darn smashing success I decided to roll out with this one next year among others.

    3. "Hey sexy elf" or for greater ping "Hey do you know who you look like?"
    Her "Who?" You "A Sexy elf"
    Not field tested but recently sent a Sexy Elf text to a girl and got a "Who the hell is this?" response from the "Bring it" girl I opened and realized it may have been better to transfer the same interaction to text and said "Bring it" instead.

    4. "How wasted are you?"
    Only works in a Bar or Club or a drinking place where she looks real fluttery. This was field tested on a HB9 in a club and she attempted to hook up with me later that night but I couldn't pick up on the signs and got her number instead.

    5. "Hey I didn't want to lose the chance to talk to you, Hey I thought you looked interesting so I wanted to come talk to you"
    Field tested on HB9 roaring success said I was her "hero" for the night and better than all the VIP guys. Wow.

    6. "Hey French kissing princess are you ready to throw down?"
    Not field tested.

    7. "What's Up?" or "How's it going?"
    Perfect openers for HB6's & HB7's but terrible for HB8+.

    8. "You look bored, sad, etc."
    Great situational openers as I got my last GF with the "You look bored" opener on a 40 yr old HB8, field tested.

    9. "I have a question." "Why are so many super hot girls so shallow?"
    I have always wondered the answer to this and think it would be great if I am feeling ornery, not field tested.

    10. "Come on I am not going to pass by a girl like you." Field tested as "Come on I am not going to let that pass me by."
    Worked wonders as a situational opener on a 4 set yes a freaking 4 set and will need some tuning possibly to make more situational, field tested as I was the attention of the whole show. You don't know what it is like to be outgunned till you open a 4 set man.

    11. "I just came all the way over here to talk to you." Field tested as "I just lost my place in line twice to come talk to you and not about to lose the opportunity now."
    It was a runner opener on a HB8. Remember many of these openers can be fine tuned or tweaked to make more situational or more appropriate. The more appropriate the better.

    12. "Are you leaving?"

    LOL a closing statement on the open? Believe it or not it worked! Like a freaking charm it worked ..perfect..timing. Two girls staring at me hard walking by with me walking by, smiling, saying hi to me, (strong IOI's), then looking back behind them smiling at me saying hi again. Opened with "Are you leaving?" HB8 avoids questions and asks if I am leaving! I say I am leaving if you are leaving and did my first bar pull that way. Just all went to pot after that. Remember these take calibration.

    13. "Showtime"

    Again these are endless there is like a never ending stream of openers you can come up with because the more you can confuse and infuse the longer you last thus all the questioning thus the farther and farther from rejection you are. Also these very confident openers work wonders. Not field tested but trust me the day will come.

    Those are my best openers and upcoming openers for next year so I won't be sitting there going "durr" what do I say? I will be armed and ready for battle in the Bronx. Also I recommend using an opener infrequently to allow for newly inspired openers. Using these openers will cause new ideas to surface of ways to tweak or other openers to use and try those to. Don't stick to one pattern per say. As you noticed I never go direct well except for the Sexy elf comment I never really have. Oh wait I went direct once on a HB10. Oh snap did I just say that? Yes the one and only time I went direct was on a 10! A flipping 10 man. 75 freaking sets all year and saw what I don't know 3 out of those 75 that were 10s! Like freaking rare man that's all I am saying is they are freaking rare. But yeah imagine that 10 that shot me down with the poorly executed "nice butt" opener and instead used the "sexy elf" opener. You could even just cut out the "sexy" and make it into purely a NEG by calling her an Elf. But if you think that's something, man! If I only used the elf thing on that freaking 10 like what a hay day that would have been. Like a salvage party for one man. I am canning this material for myself by printing out this essay and referring to it for my Pick Up journey. I can can it and re-use it because it will be like the "foundation" for me. When I use these openers over and over I will tweak them at times, this will cause me to try new stuff and give me more inspiration for other new openers. I came up with most of these on my own and I only gave you the ones that worked. Pick up lines don't work, canned material usually doesn't work but this stuff worked so I am going to keep using it till it stops working.

    Texting (Methods to text)

    Method # 1 Pick Up Lines

    Now we all know pick up lines don't work in set but have we ever stopped to consider how they would do over text? These are the perfect anecdotes to texting. Now remember Pick Up lines never work live in set! But over text? Hey imagine if she got a text that said....


    1. "My love for you burns like a Charizard's Tail".
    OMG I don't think I would be able to stop laughing if I sent a text that said that.

    2. "I'd ride you like a HORSEA".
    3. "Looking at your ass makes my bulba soar."

    Call of Duty
    1. All I have to do is press "X" to pick up a weapon. Does that work for picking you up as well?
    2. If you were a map pack, I'd download you.
    3. Sticky going out! Sorry, you're just that hot!

    Now again I am not recommending these pick up lines for actual live sets but only as texts. They would be cute as texts and may piss off chicks for you to ping them then flip them back to having fun, or confuse them and get them to ask questions leading to a possibly interesting sexually charged conversation of sexual tension. You can find many more of these pick up lines by Googling "Call of Duty Pick Up Lines" or "Pokemon Pick Up lines". The site is called pickuplinesgalore. Either when I get the chance I am going to be printing out the list for Pokemon ones, Call of Duty ones, and maybe others. I will have tons of reserve texts to send! Just imagine! I could throw one of these in there when the convo is dying, when I am getting flaked on, when I am being rejected for an Ex-BF, when I am being ignored, etc. So many situations it could apply to here. These haven't been field tested but like I said I will be testing out this method next year and likely eventually providing results. In that "pickuplinesgalo re" site I mentioned there is other things mentioned as well such as Lord of the Rings pick up lines, Hunger Games pick up lines, Gym Fitness pick up lines, etc. This is why I will be printing many of those pages out to have a plethora of texting ideas available to me. Not only that but you can tweak them to your style even if it suits you as well.

    Method # 2 Dating

    This method works like a charm. Chicks are crazy about getting Boyfriends and going on dates. Going on dates is part of the whole game and how to get laid over a gradual passing of time. SNL game is a topic for another time as every time I have tried it or tried F-closing I failed miserably. But when I tried saying

    1. "Hey we still on for that Independence Day Weekend Holiday Festival?"

    I got a date out of it and then a GF which I could have bagged over period of time until she bored me and thus causing me to dump her since she was not worth my time.

    2. "My friend is having this Birthday Dinner just wanted to know if you wanted to come."

    I left this over vm but she called me right back and we set up a date however I flaked on her and ended it. I ended it because she was playing too hard to get and it burnt me out. Could still translate this to text though.

    Either way the farthest I have gotten with women this year has always been through the prescribed dating method. I recommend it highly. However I got stuck in a rut with my ex to us only talking about our schedules, dates, and so forth this is where the Pick Up line method for texts comes in to play to possibly qualify her.

    Method # 3 Your Life

    Texting her things about your life would be advised too. Like You are busy that weekend, going out with friends, going to a show and want her to join, working late and can't talk, etc. Essentially anything suits you such as....

    1. "Hey real busy this weekend, just wishing you the best this weekend girlfriend! Hope you have a smashing good time I am just so busy right now."

    2. "Just heading out to the Club tonight, what are you up to?"

    3. "I got a new movie! You should come over and watch it with me."

    4. "Hey chica what's happening? Playing a video game right now." (Good response text)

    5. "Heading to a Super Bowl Party, want to come?"

    Day 2's

    Okay so like I mentioned SNL game is for advanced PUA's and something I may work towards after mastering the inner game and so forth but for now I am just going to do what works. Which is approaching, N-closing, then dating. I have gotten a successful Day 2 which resulted in a GF which I met in a Club. So the whole thinking Bar and Club chicks just want to hook up is outdated but more on that to come later maybe as right now I am just focusing on this Inner Game portion. Here is just a short list I made. Day 2's are crucial follow up step to adding into to your inner game. If you don't incorporate these Time Bridges into your sets likely you will be stumped with no replies up to weeks and months. But I have noticed with immediate follow through or short term follow through of asking chicks out continues to be increasingly successful as long as you are a man with a plan. You can come up with your own ideas but for instance here is some of the ones I will be using.


    1. Dinner & a Movie

    2. Funplex/Family Fun Center/Fun Activities

    3. Dinner Theatre for Plays

    4. Comedy Show (A lot around Valentine's Day)

    5. Concert

    6. Water Park

    7. Amusement Park

    8. Super Bowl Parties

    9. Company Events (Picnics)

    The World Thinks Differently
    Your inner game for the purpose of this essay includes environments to find HB's, openers to run on HB's, texting methods to HB's, and finally Day 2 ideas as this is where ultimately any interaction with a target should lead. I know you guys are all about the hookup, getting SNL game down, but frankly girls I talk to think differently, my co-workers think differently, etc.

    Essentially the world thinks differently. You may think well I need to bag this HB right away by inviting her over to my place that night or what not. Now while hookups do happen F-closes have always resulted in a massive fail for me so I may consider cutting them out entirely from my game if I keep having this much trouble. I just talk to some co-workers about a girl I saw at the Gym. They know I am a player (I don't mention I am a PUA) and know I can get girls as I just had a GF from Pick Up but I was just talking about a girl I saw at the Gym I might want to pick up. Just talking. I was like "I think I will invite her to the Company Picnic". They went bonkers on that. "That's not a good place for a first date." and blah blah blah. Meh do they even understand hot women? Dinner & a Movie is cliche and while I will use it that is a $70 date. So I will regardless possibly bring this HB there since that would not be cliche and we could play Volleyball and stuff plus I could show her off to the people I work with which would make me feel good having a hot chick to keep me company. It would be a perfect first date as I would be bored somewhat being by myself. The guys I work with, the girls online, the girls on FB, even the girls I meet think along the same lines "It's a Dating Game" not a "Hookup Game". Now when you transfer that over to why you guys may being rejected in set or over text think how the world thinks of meeting a girl, dating her, then getting in a relationship. For instance the butterfly HB10 girl from POF I was obsessed with months ago with oneitis got a new BF and they are still together 3 months later. I tried to hookup with her and she called her BF on me because she was playing us both but decided he would be the protector and I would be the bad guy. She was somewhat obsessed with me checking my messages minutes after I sent them at 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, etc. She read every message within 10 minutes and only missed like one at 5pm likely because she was driving.

    So with that said I don't go in thinking it is going to be a thrill ride hooking up with girls. It doesn't matter where I meet them whether Church, Clubs, Bars, Concerts, Outdoor Holiday Events, all girls think along this same path. That is they wanted to "date" and get in relationships. Girls never try to hookup with me and when I try that on them they call me out saying they ain't like that. F-closes have resulted in me looking like a sucker. So essentially the only way at least for me to get laid is get girls, go on dates, get in relationships, and after enough time is invested to eventually hookup. But ONS are uncommon for me and girls are impossible to F-close. They are easy to N-close harder to K-close but I will stick with what works which is N-closing, Dating, and Relationships.

    So with that said I am going to be now printing this up for my own reference and use in it in my PUA journey and watch me thrown down once I lift this 9 month seasonal break. I am turning chicks away at this point till I get ready so consider this a time of reflection and preparation. In the meantime I may still open girls who catch my attention or interest in places I am already at but I AM NOT specifically going out to meet chicks however next year it will be on more so that it was this year. Just balls to the wall atmosphere I hope. Anyway here it is just wanted to write it up and this project is about breaking down the female's iceshields. Where have I struggled? Well when I do a bad opener and the chick puts up an iceshield. But a good opener usually results in a good close. What about when I am just beating around the bush with texting and not asking her out? She is uninterested and ignoring me essentially her iceshield is up most of the time or goes up after a short while. But for some reason and it is the strangest thing when I ask them out that. And me knowing WHERE to find viable targets is important too that way I am not needy when I run into them or otherwise frustrated in trying to find them as I already know where to find them and this should cause me to be less well desperate. Part 2 Deadline 11/05 Call of Duty Day. For now though I am more focused on my video games and what is going inside my opponents head opposed to finding women and figuring out what is in their head I mostly know what they want. And that is what I'll be talking about next time...Outer Game and what that means. Time to print away.
    "It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." -Mewtwo

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    Default Re: "Project Iceshield" Part 1: Inner Game

    Just used "All I have to do is press "X" to pick up a weapon. Does that work for picking you up as well?".

    Got a positive reaction, she even took a screeenshot of it and put it as her status lol. But I already talked to the girl before though, haven't tried it yet on someone new, I'll go find a random girl on facebook to try it out on.

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    Default Re: "Project Iceshield" Part 1: Inner Game

    I enjoy the enthusiasm in the post. Did you say you're not going to do any gaming for 9 months?
    The Official Tinder Playbook--> m <--Stop swiping, start hooking up

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    Default Re: "Project Iceshield" Part 1: Inner Game

    Inner Game is just you man. It's your openers, your closers, your confidence, how well you interact, dealing with aa, how often you approach, your follow up, etc. It has nothing to do with anything else.
    not to be a critic, but inner game has nothing to do with your openers or closers. it has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and your self-value.

    another thing to mention, is that you would have to have ridiculously good inner game to pull off a lot of these cheesy lines you mention.

    however I do like the "test me" line, not as an opener, but rather as a challenge.

    for instance, lets say you meet an ice queen. you open with one of your cheesy lines,

    she say's "you're just another loser"

    so you reply "test me"

    so she then throws a shit test at you like "prove to me that you're not a loser"

    so then I would say,"i don't have to prove anything to you, if anything, how do I know you're not just another bimbo" (start to do a takeaway)

    she finally starts qualifying to me and i move forward or she calls my bluff and I move on to other girls at the club because i decided she wasn't cool enough for me.

    that's what the combination of inner game and outer game looks like. the more self assured you are the more success you will have.

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