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    Default Creating intrigue with a girl over text, stuck for a reply?

    So I decided to text this girl "Hey squeak, you'll never guess what just happened.." and an hour later she replied "What?", but now my mind has gone blank on what to say that's funny. I don't want to try and be funny, yet failing with it.

    Does anyone have any ideas of something simple to say that could spark a smile/laugh? I'm usually fine with this, but I literally can't think of anything now

    I was going to mention something random about leaving my window open on a cold and windy night last night and that now I'm walking like a 90 year old man with a walking stick.. then asking her for a solution to solve my "problem" in a playful way?

    But I feel that might be a stupid reply and she might not understand it if I say it the wrong way lol!

    What's a simple yet random thing I could reply back with? It doesn't have to be true, just random/humour/interesting

    EDIT - That seemed silly so I might go with "Well, I was racing on a horse alongside a giraffe, behind an elephant and in front of a raging lion.. Then I realised you actually had to pay to ride the carousel" just to seem more upbeat so it steers clear of the boring "how are you?" stuff

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    Default Re: Creating intrigue with a girl over text, stuck for a reply?

    Go with what you had, got a laugh out of me. Or...

    "well nothing now, its been an hour you slow poke"

    Next time, be prepared, have something to say after you grab her interest. However, I find this a hard set up to say anything funny. The first emotion you get from reading that is curiosity, which is only stricken funny by complete irony. Something that could be accomplished with an inside joke, but otherwise dang near impossible. Otherwise said, when your grabbing her curiosity and then following it with a joke, she is going to know you were trying to be funny, and people usually don't find things funny when someone is "trying" to be funny.

    I would see this as a way to dhv more than anything, but I'd stay away from this line altogether unless you have an inside joke to follow it with.

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