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    Brad Jackson Guest

    Default The qualities of a Renaissance Man?

    Hey Guys.

    I'm doing research for a book here and can use your help with could be a great learning experience.

    So you may have heard the term Renaissance Man. It's typical definition is "a man with extraordinarily broad and comprehensive knowledge."

    So lets relate this to being a Renaissance Man today.
    What are the skills/knowledge a man should possess that would qualify him?
    Certainly studying the art of attraction, social dynamics, communication etc qualifies.
    What about a guy who can dance, play an instrument, tune up a car, quote shakespear or Mark Twain. A guy who can cook, do magic tricks ;-) or an expert in wine. Maybe a guy who can walk up to a turn table and spin vinyl....even martial arts.

    There are a million skills out there that women find attractive for a man to possess. I've just listed a handful.

    What else can you offer?

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    Ricky Guest

    Default Re: The qualities of a Renaissance Man?

    A person who is skilled in multiple fields or multiple disciplines, and who has a broad base of knowledge. The term renaissance man is largely based on the various artists and scholars of the European Renaissance, (starting in about 1450 CE), who pursued multiple fields of studies.

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    Default Re: The qualities of a Renaissance Man?

    Well I like you Brad. In your description, I can check off everything but dancing. Well that and wine tasting, but anyone can fake that .

    One thing I think is important as skills for a Renaissance man is the way he carries himself. He must possess not only well rounded knowledge and skills, he must look like he possesses those skills and appear confident about them. He also must possesses the social intuition to not appear snobby or elite because of his knowledge and skill set.


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