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    Default Questions about eye contact before approaching: force IOI or not?

    Hey guys, I've been reading PUA literature for a while now and have only started to make more of an effort to approach women recently, and I have two questions regarding eye contact and approaching. I've read a few things that seem to contradict eachother, and was wondering if anyone here could share their opinions/experiences.

    Yesterday I read David Shade's eye contact experiment where he walks around in public places, and when he sees a woman walking towards him, he holds eye contact with them until the woman either breaks it, smiles/says hi, or they walk past eachother. He tries this out in several different situations and his conclusion seems to be that when a you make eye contact with a woman, hold it and do not smile or say hi until she is forced to either look away, smile, or say something, and if she smiles or says hi, then you should approach, and the same thing goes for in a bar. It's a really interesting post, but I can't paste the hyperlink on this forum because I haven't posted 150 times yet, but you can google it.

    I've also read a lot of Gambler's stuff from PUA Training, and when he makes eye contact with a girl in a bar or club, he forces an ioi by doing something such as pointing at them, raising his glass, sticking his tongue out, waving, or something like that. If she smiles/returns the gesture then he will approach.

    Do you think that both of these strategies work, or do you prefer one over the other? I know Gambler's strategy seems solely for night game, but David Shade uses his strategy for night game in addition to day game.

    Another question I have is that if you are dancing at a club or hanging out at a bar, just having a good time, and a woman positions herself nearby and/or looks over at you and you make eye contact, would you always do one of the strategies I mentioned above and then approach immediately? Sometimes I find myself in this situation and don't muster up the courage to approach the first time we make eye contact, and we end up making eye contact a few times. I feel like the longer I wait before approaching, the less confident I seem, and perhaps the girl loses interest. I know I should probably approach right away, but is it still possible to salvage things, or should I say screw it and approach another girl instead?

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    Default Re: Questions about eye contact before approaching: force IOI or not?

    Dude ... stop reading and start approaching. All you questions are answered in field. But here's how I look at it:

    If you can force the ioi, great. It's going to make opening a bit easier. If you can't, go in anyway and see what happens. There's nothing to lose by opening and everything to gain.

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