I once heard through the Grapevine of a PUA from another forum he head from an old Player forum from back in the day that "One Day girls won't do it for you anymore." Well that day has come time to unleash my outer game. You may think it is not important to focus on Outer Game and I agree Inner Game is the Holy Grail of Pick Up however there is something very profound I have been working on. It is called the Epic Crazy Weekend concept of Game. Where I go out literally Friday morning hit hard on day game, then hit it Friday Night, then up Saturday morning to hit it all the way to Sunday. I have never attempted anything this extravegant due to financial constraints but since I am planning I will one day make this happen. This is why I will be printing this up for my own reference guide so I don't have to keep writing things down and keep trying so dang hard to remember.

Here's the list of my plan of Epic Crazy Weekends of Blow Out Game

Epic Weekends June-September
Water Park 11:30am-5:00pm (3-4 Sets)
Outdoor Mall 5:00pm-7:45pm (3-4 Sets)
Hotel Check In
Bars 10:45pm-1:00am (5-10 Sets)

Amusement Park 11:30am-5:00pm (3-4 Sets)
Day 2's & Texts
Club 10:00pm-12:30am (5-10 Sets)
Bars 12:30am-1:30am (5-10 Sets)

Hotel Check out
Pool Party 12:00pm-5:00pm (3-4 Sets)
Hang Out/Day 2's

Did 75 Sets going out six months strait pretty much every weekend on pretty much Friday or Saturday only and did anywhere from 3-10 sets a night but in this plan I could potentially approach 45 Sets, that's astounding! Some nights were a bust with no viable targets so no approaches were made and left. If I can hit it hard since I had 20 missed Sets this year alone I could easily have approached a lot more if I was not such an AFC. This is to push myself and as you can see in a couple of epic crazy weekends I can just approach crazy but quality over quantity is what I am aiming for here. As you can see I was getting burnt out doing the same thing every weekend. But this new method will give me plenty of material to dhv, Timebridge, Pivot, Set up Day 2's at my Hotel Room, and all around give me more to talk about. Not to mention the next day I won't have to "act" busy I will generally be busy and this will give me a higher value overall. Not only that but I spent $1,200 going to the Bars, Clubs, and stuff and this new idea while run me about $1,400 seeing how now I will be paying for Cabs, Hotels, Water Park Season Pass, Amusement Park Season Pass and so forth. The reason I planned it like this was because I live about an hour from the Big City (50 miles) and can't really drive back. It was by choice that I moved back in with my Mom to get away from my controlling ex-roommate who said I "Couldn't Have GF's" like what the fark but anyway. So now I was afraid to escalate at that time living with him but now I will have no fear for I can always take them back to my Hotel and let them know I live an hour away and don't want to drink and drive.

So now that I see clearly that the light has shined and my eyes are open I know this would hit with a greater impact. Imagine for a second spending morning, noon, and night approaching girls in different venues then pivoting them sometimes to the next venue the following day or something. Would be a great way to DHV new targets and then switch on them and then really pull the trigger on the Hot & Cold mechanism. I will have to hit it hard but like you know but be graceful at the same time. Either way I am seeing it will seem like I am going out less and devoting less time but reaching actually a larger number of targets. With this method I could easily approach 30-50 targets a weekend and be so in state able to approach wherever I am at whether a restaurant, hotel, gas station, mall, etc. It should raise my state and give me better inner game by having a hardcore outer game. But this is just Phase 1.

Phase 1 "My Body" The Vision
Basically the Movie Don Jon nails down the whole Outer Game concept. Julien at RSD explains Outer Game in one of his videos as Masculinity which is just more Inner Game. Some youtubers understand Outer Game is your "dress" which is true yes but this is just a piece of the puzzle. This is a thought I have been grappling with for a while. Basically let me tell you a story. When I got in The Game I was externally focused on Inner Game, sure I bought 8 new Society T-shirts this year for going out but mainly I was focused on my Inner Game so much to the point when the weekend came on average I spent 5-10 hours Friday-Sunday playing my Video Games. That is abysmal! Friday got home checked POF or PUAFORUMS then went to bed as I work nights. Got up Friday afternoon as I work nights. Then got up got something to eat and played for a few hours before my ex-roommate got home. Usually I would start playing around 4 or 5 pm and get in a few hours before starting to drink at like 6 and then wait for my ex-roommate because he always wanted to eat together and frankly do everything together. Then I would go out Friday night after drinking from 6 till 10 usually a 6 pack. Then hit the bars Friday night and get home and go to bed. Rinse and repeat, got up the next day started playing around 4 or 5 pm after eating lunch and so forth and then having to run around the world for my ex-roommate. Then go out Saturday night. Wake up Sunday and knock out some more hours. But usually when I was supposed to be playing at night I was dorking around online on POF, Youtube, or PUAFORUMS. Basically I was so focused on girls I couldn't focus on my games. There was no balance.

When I first started it was nerve wracking. I remember listening to Mystery Method for hours before finally building up the courage to make my first "real" approach as a PUA (not Natural Game no longer). I felt my heart crawling up into my throat as I approached the Club. It was terrifying. I am going to approach I am going to approach I told myself. It was a smashing success the first night I was closing girl's numbers and doing Kino. I sucked at kino at that point and totally creeped them out and got some really weird looks. A lot of times I was needy and said stupid things but I was just working out my Inner Game. Eventually my openers got instant pings, then instant kino from girls then I finally learned how to kino properly by as I am approaching a girl give her a light rub in her lower back when I am approaching from behind which felt awesome. Sometimes I have no chance to kino but I try every time it seems right. So then my roommate got jealous and I got out.

So I came up with 3 Phases of Outer Game much like Marvel's 3 Phases of the Avengers. Basically Phase 1 is My Body, Phase 2 is My Ride, and Phase 3 is My Pad. This method is inspired off of Avengers and Don Jon movies and my own thoughts. So as you can see this is dynamite. You can focus on Inner Game, Inner Game, Inner Game but if like me you have bad Outer Game it will hurt your Inner Game and you will stop focusing on other things. So the vision basically was coming to me over a gradual period of time but after hearing about the new "Don Jon" movie and going to see it a lot of my ideas culminated into something more cut and dry and definitive. As many players on youtube think "Outer Game" strictly consists of your dress and the way you dress. I watched one youtube video on Outer Game and was talking about strictly dressing to get female attention. While this is not a bad analysis it is a bit of a half-baked understanding. The movie Don Jon nails down this understanding "My Body, My Ride, My Pad" as the Outer Game portion rather than just focusing on how you dress that is pretty short lived when you really think about it. I mean just think you need a ride for impressing the ladies, need good dress and be in shape for getting the ladies, and lastly have a pad to take the ladies. This is why I love looking at it like this. But seeing how there is a lot of ground to cover only going over "My Body" in this essay on Outer Game for the purpose of conserving space. But let's just talk about that for a second.

Inner Game Vs Outer Game
I used to go out for the sole purpose of getting my Inner Game down. While I was doing it, I wasn't focused on My Body. My Ride, or My Pad. Just my Inner Game. Then came the day I met a broad who said "You need to go to the Gym" and "You are so dang skinny it is gross." She said I could never take her out due to that and lost her. In the end I joined a Gym and while my Inner Game didn't really change as I could get numbers and open either way I still felt better about myself and felt more confident in their presence. I used to be constantly jealous of buff guys and felt insecure if I was competing with a buff guy like no chance in Hell. So I joined up and started working out. Now I made working out and improving my body apart of my lifestyle. Working out, getting in shape, and staying in shape will be something I keep around for life. I wanted to just pick it up and drop it like a bad habit but it is around to stick around. So I thought it was just Inner Game till my body started hurting my confidence which lead to many unopened girls and so forth. Now I know where I want my Game to go because focusing only on Inner Game got pretty boring but focusing on my Inner Game plus My Body, My Ride, and My Pad is like the best thing ever. Almost like a new outlook on life. My Ride is apart of Phase 2 so I just wanted to mention like the Marvel movies I am doing only one Phase at a time. I was told it takes years sometimes to get in shape and that's true since I am 7 months in, and gained 18 lbs of muscle but still kinda small and don't have abs yet but a pretty flat stomach. Then I wanted to mention that "My Body" is like this not just your body as a whole as in working out but as a whole what I do with my body. As in what I wear. This proves true as dressing nice has increased my confidence and buying new clothes has motivated me to approach as I felt good.

"My Body, My Ride, My Pad" Part 2
So I wanted to cover where I am at in this game. Basically did all the Inner Game a man can have now I am stuck asking myself, what next? So now that I got that out of the way as I mentioned in the Inner Game portion I am now going to be focusing solely on my Outer Game. This is essentially for me to have as a reference as I will be printing out this information to have a copy of my Epic Crazy Weekends, My Vision for my Body, etc. So with that said I am focusing solely on my Outer Game for now. In this I am going to be building up my stash of Video Games, Movies, Clothes, and paying off Debts so I can move onward and upward. Now just like in the movie Don Jon it takes Outer Game to have a place to take chicks back to, it takes a nice ride to be happy in yourself to want to go out with chicks, and it takes a good Body and things for the Body to be happy in your Inner Game. Bought 8 Society shirts this year but went out 30 plus times to meet girls so I feel I wore them the fark out. I am not even close to scratching the surface on where I can go with my Outer Game. I am just forgoing the Inner Game for now due to the rising costs of meeting women as I see the Dating aspect plays a huge part now I can prepare myself and plan accordingly.

Phase 1
Now first off let me tell you why I am laying this out. It is mainly because I feel everything is happening at once and needed a better way to strategize how to fit Game into my life. It is a new twist I made to approaching the Game. I built a plan for myself of Phase 1 of Outer Game. This comprises of getting all the Video Games I want, Clothes I want, Movies I want, and getting a small stash built up. The reason for this is because it costs money to take chicks out and I don't need to be stuck thinking if I should buy a Video Game or take a chick out. Sadly I have had to make many of these decisions lately due to getting so far with girls yet being strapped due to massive Video Game releases happening at once.

Games 2013-2016
In my Phase 1 plan like I said 14 games I want coming out in the next 6-9 months so I am really strapped there. Now because we are at the end of the current gen I think that us being bombarded with all these awesome games at once has a lot to do with it not only to mention my tastes have changed and I like more different genres now. Essentially I should have all the games in this plan by 2015. Also due to high development cycles the next gen probably won't start releasing a lot of really awesome games 6-7 years in which would be around 2019-2020. I say that because we are 7th year into this life cycle and have a lot of awesome games coming out next year our 8th year in. Once my game plan is complete I will likely have a good 6-7 years worth of game time so I won't really have to upgrade for quite a while till around 2019-2020. So around 2016 I should have a lot of the games I want without being bombarded and can focus again more on dating and so forth. Too many games to even count are coming out like I said for instance I plan on getting Assassin's Creed IV, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Dark Souls II, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Pokemon X, Destiny, and many more and many of them Limited Editions which is double the price.

Movies 2013-2016
A lot of awesome movies are coming out in the next 3 years. Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Avatar 2, Avengers 2, Transformers 4, Hobbit Part 2 & 3 , Hunger Games 2-4, Thor 2, Cap 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman vs Superman, Star Wars VII, etc the list just goes on. Essentially I have never seen this many extremely interesting movies and games releasing around the same time seems uncanny. This leads me to focus on my Outer Game more to better my Inner Game. Because once I have all the games and movies I want mentioned and outlined in this plan I will have less restrictions while dating. So many games were coming out soon had to write them all down and literally had to take a list to Gamestop for all the Pre-orders because I couldn't remember them all it was that bad. In the end I should have around 45 games and 30 movies when I am ready to hit the yard again. This will help me in many ways one of which is not having to decide between a game and a girl and the other of which is not having any movies to bring over to a chick's house to watch. My games are up to 20 and Movies at 10 so my collection is so small I am not ready to go out and spend $1,400 going out next year if it may tie up my gaming or movie fund. Like I said this is an unusual turn of events since I wanted to start again from ground zero and sold my life away to build something rather unique. Many times I bought things I hated or had impulse buys with the wrong games and hated my life. But now I see clearly I am more and more able to decide what games I want that will actually make me happy and not just an impulse buy because my money is burning a hole in my pocket. Oh plus working out at the Gym that is a big part of this plan of getting my life back on track.

Phase 2 "My Ride & My Pad"
By this time I should have the ride I want, the clothes I want, the games I want, the movies I want, and thus the Outer Game I want to hit the yard hard. The reason I came up with this plan for myself was due to being burnt out but taking a 5 year break after a 3 year surge sounds nice. Now that I know the process for women I can go out less frequently since I mostly hit it hard to get the hang of it. Now that's outta the way all I have to do is focusing on getting out of debt and getting this stuff and I am set and ready to make my way with the Epic Crazy Weekends. Keep in mind I plan on buying my new dream car cash down since I will be saving this entire time not going out primarily and not having to pay rent. By that time I should be ready to move to the big city with my car paid for and have about a $500 a month going out budget which would all sucked up if I was paying rent on top of a car payment. So less restrictions means more provisions. Right now I am focusing on more provisions primarily because I could easily spend $1500 going out next year and every year there after gaming women but I decided my life is just not in order and I need order.

Now with that said I pretty much am set on only going out to ow cost events and free events to meet women for the time being. For instance I will hit up the Holiday Events since they are free, Annual Beer Festival which is cheap, a Annual Music Event which is free, Outdoor Mall which is free, and maybe buy a season pass to an Amusement Park or Water Park which would barely run me anything. But what I am saying is in Phase 1 I am focusing more solely on my Outer Game then when Phase 2 hits in 2018 I will be going all out with Pool Parties, Clubs, Bars, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, St Paddy's Parade, Beer Festivals, Outdoor Malls, etc. That will run me about $1500 a year so I would rather have my ride that is going to the be ride I want since I am getting so far with these chicks and know it will help my game. Not to mention I will have my own place by then and with all the nice clothes, games, movies, and car I will have I won't have to be out constantly shopping my stuff should last another good 5 years after 2018 so likely in my monthly budget I will be buying less games, less clothes, and less movies because I will have a good collection already built and able to fully exert myself back into The Game the way I foresee. So with that I bid you a do and wanted to share my story cuz Outer Game killed my Inner Game and caused me to lose Girlfriend's, not ask chicks out, and be afraid to escalate. So with that I will focus on my Outer Game and likely when I am finally ready at around 35 or 36 years old I will knocking it back with a heart attack. So I will stay active in The Game like I said just very infrequent and very casual as I know these girls want to get involved up in dating and all this mess so it's better to keep my numbers low while I am getting my confidence up high.

For reference "Project Iceshield" Part 1: Inner Game