here i'm going to give you a series of steps to make you better with woman

1. get out and make approaches, I know it sounds simple, but most of you probably don't talk to very many woman a day (if you talked to tons of woman you wouldn't be reading this) if you don't make the effort to approach, then don't expect any results. the goal of making these approaches is simple, build up the courage to walk up and talk to any woman.

btw if you have one-it is for a girl you haven't even talked to, you're definitely not making enough approaches

2. numb yourself to rejection, you will find that with every blowout, you become less effected by them. blowouts happen to the best of us, by not allowing rejection to affect your self esteem, you will become a stronger person. at first every rejection will sting a bit, but with every rejection they hurt less and less. mere exposure to hundreds of rejections will help to build that winning personality that master pua's have. mastering rejection is all about learning to be indifferent about it and moving on to the next girl.

note: it may take a lot of blowouts just to get to one girl who gives you 10 minutes of her time (this is especially true if you live in a big city where the woman get approached all the time) it is just like telemarketing, the average telemarketer gets one sale for every 50 calls.
3. stay motivated, at times it can be hard to motivate yourself to make approaches (especially at first when you aren't as toughened toward rejection) reward yourself for putting the effort in. just like anything else it takes time to see progress and it can be demotivating to get rejected by nearly every girl you approach.

4. track your progress and make goals. I want you to get 2 things, a journal, and a calendar book. the journal is to make a record of any set that lasted more than 2 minutes or any progress you see in yourself. write down your experiences so that later you can look back and see your progress. the calendar book is to record how many approaches you make per day and to set weekly and monthly numerical approach goals. set a goal of at least 20-40 approaches per week and 100- 200 approaches per month. the goal should be to get 1000 approaches in the least amount of days as is possible
(this should be achievable in approximately 4 months)

note, it is important to write your journal reports as soon as you can after interactions with woman. also be sure to look at this record of previous success anytime you're feeling unmotivated.

5.don't be critical of others, try to be as open minded as possible, that's not to say that you can't express your opinions, just be accepting of the opinions of others and be willing to listen to them even if they conflict with your views. no-one will like you if you are overly judgmental. the goal should be to be non-reactive and non-judgmental when people are being friendly to you.

note, being critical of others is the fastest way to make them hate your guts.

6. learn to be a good listener, oftentimes people will let you know what they are passionate about and will tell you stories and anecdotes about their lives. listen carefully so you can relate their experiences to your own experiences and dhv stories. also, listen for pauses in their communication witch are chances for you to talk. relate to connect, the more commonalities you can find the better.

note, don't relate on every point, but the more you can relate to the other person the stronger the connection you will have.

7. have 2 way conversation, if you're convo's seem one sided, they probably are, don't fall into the trap of doing all the talking. give her room to talk and relate to you. on the other side, don't be afraid to take your turn telling your stories. a good set needs a balanced convo where individuals talk back and forth. if it feels like you are just entertaining her, try to get her to entertain you a little, if she asks you to tell a joke, get her to tell you one as well.

note, that some shy girls will take some effort to get a good 2 way conversation started, but once they start opening up, you will find that they are easy to talk to.

8. always reward and appreciate girls for making effort, if she is working to earn your attention reward her by giving her some attention. if she cooks a meal for you, tell her you appreciate it weather its any good or not. let her know that you like it when she touches you. keep her wanting to please you, by rewarding her for it.

note, every girl wants to feel genuinely appreciated, if you appreciate her efforts then she will be more inclined to keep making those efforts.

9. try to be as genuinely honest as possible, never lie to attract woman (that will just blow up in your face) let them see who you really are, and don't be afraid to let them know that you're not perfect. by being honest you can get through any congruency test with no problem. learn to confidently express yourself to others, don't be afraid to let others know how you feel and don't be afraid to tell others what you want.

10. create the lifestyle you want, isn't this what pua is about anyways? if you don't have the life you want, create a plan to get it, i'm not just talking about getting girls, i'm talking about your career and your passions and your friends.(there is a lot more to life than just getting woman) if you lack dhv's create them. life experience has to be earned. it may take a lot of time to get the life you want, but it can be done. also, if you don't have the life you want at least come up with a rough idea of what you want and don't be afraid to talk about the future that you want to have (having future ambitions is very attractive)

conclusion, it takes time and experience to get good at anything. you will talk to a multitude of woman before you will see very much success. don't let it demotivate you, set goals and move forward. don't get too hung up on any one girl. be open minded as well as genuine. build your lifestyle until you have everything you want.
no one is perfect, accept people for who they are and they will accept you.

most importantly, have fun growing as a pua and as a person. the process can be quite enjoyable