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Thread: Picking up a sexy bartender

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    Default Picking up a sexy bartender

    Ok, so I've realised a few week earlier, that there is a new hot sexy bartender working in my favourite bar. She is realy cute and at least a straight HB9, with a lovely smile. On the first night I noticed her, I was in a good mood (I just picked up and #-closed a girl that night in that bar) - so I started a conversation while ordering drink. She told me that she is attending the college I attended, studying the same thing there. We had a great brief conversation, I tried to be funny while putting some dhv in the conversation - I told her that I am working in the area we both studied, as a reporter in the biggest television broadcast in my country - of course I told her that in a funny story, not bragging. I actually remembered leaning back to my buddy whispering 'So I must have done something wrong because now she should ask something from me' - and she had just asked me about my job lol.

    So next time I was at this bar, I greeted her refering that we both studying and attending the same college. She remembered me, smiled at me, but as I remember we talked only a few sentence beside ordering my drink.

    I juat got back from the bar, I guess it was the third time I met her there. First, I just ordered my beer, not asking anything - I was just talking to my friend while waiting to order. But when we ordered the next eound, I asked her about the school, how she likes it etc. She responded with smile (I guess she rememberd me), and she said that the college is good, but it's hard to work while studying. She told a few thing about how many days she works and how many shifts she has, and I asked her if a lot of guys tried to pick her up while working here. She said yes, a lot of guys - and she continued serving drinks to others. I also added that one of my exes worked here, and she said that guys tried to pick her up all the time - and then I went back to my place and she continued working.

    We went to the bar one last time with my friend - and actually had a great conversation with her. She started explain how tired she is and how boring this work could be - and complained about rude costumers who couldn't even say 'Hi' or 'Please'. We talked about that a bit, and I told her that she is cure, so I guess guys are nicer to her than others - she just got a bit shy hearing that and said 'thank you' - OMG, she was very sweet! Finally, I asked her name, so I could greet her by name next time - and she told me her name.

    My question is, how I could escalate things with her? I don't even know how to pick up a Hired Gun like her, and I'm not sure if she even like me a bit - I'm still learning how to pick up 'casual girls'. So can you give me some advice what to tell or what to do next time? How could I get further from here? Is tehere even any chance picking her up?

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    Default Re: Picking up a sexy bartender

    First off I don't believe in hitting on Hired Guns. Don't it so much and I just don't like the games they play, they play dirty. But if you are ready for a challenge then by all means. My method is simple.

    1st Step Become a Regular
    Become a regular. This is the biggest advantage I had over one stop shoppers. I would come every week or frequently and show up early to talk to may favorite hot bartenders and cocktail waitresses. I would intentionally walk up and say hi and make conversation BEFORE getting a drink. Then get all my drinks from my favorite ones.

    2nd Step Build Social Proof
    Some hot bartenders you can n-close after a few nights and some takes months to build rapport. So I built rapport and got to know the one bartender by name I liked. Then a new one joined and n-closed her the 2nd time I saw her because I had social proof from knowing all the bartenders and a high state to open her right away and knocked the opener out of the park with the flirting going on right away. Wasn't that easy starting out with the 1st one had to take that one slow and got her on FB eventually months later.

    3rd Step dhv
    I can't tell you how many times I mini-bounced in front of the bartenders or had chicks flirting with me and grabbing me in front of the bartenders to DHV. I did this to create a Jealousy Plotline and the bartender only called me baby when I was running a DHV on her. I planned it like that so she would see me macking and it went over very well.

    Start there as those are my best tactics but like I said they play dirty so go in guns blazing on a Hired Gun cuz their guns are the big bad ones. Such as lying about BF's, giving their number out to guys while their BF may steal their phone and harass you when you call them, etc. Also they try to hookup with you then when things go south they say they have a BF if you screw up so now you know to play your cards right and don't screw up.
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    Default Re: Picking up a sexy bartender

    I wouldn't even worry about picking her up at work. Dude, you guys go to the same school! She's an actual person there and not a Hired Gun! Sounds like you've established a solid foundation, so bump into her on campus and ask her out... if nothing else, get her number.
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