Right now I am a junior transfer student at Depaul University in Chicago. For those who donít know, we have two campuses. One in Lincoln Park, itís pretty much a run of the mill college environment and a campus downtown in the loop. This one is more like an office building. I was learning direct daygame just before I transferred and was starting to apply it at community college, where I almost never saw the same girl twice. I approached a few times and the girls seemed flattered.
I was recently turned on to conquer your campus, which has a social circle gaming theme. I understand this concept and why I would not want to use Direct Game on every hot girl on campus. Now In Lincoln Park I see the same people occasionally, but not as much in the loop. I still want to go direct, but Iím not sure if itís a good idea. If it is how should I go about it on either campus and with what frequency?