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    Default list of your memorable sh*t tests and how you responded

    I myself have not had too many blatant sh1t tests as of yet but the few I have had have made me realize that when you respond properly it really boosts your confidence and gets a good reaction from the HB. That being said, what are some of the craziest, funniest or even most common you have experienced and what are the best ways to respond?

    My most obvious Sh1t Test was when immediately after opening a 2 set they asked me to go get them change and the 1 HB tried handing me 10$. I said something along the lines of if you give that to me u won't get it back, do u always hand strangers money?

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    Default Re: list of your memorable sh*t tests and how you responded

    Believe it or not girls try to kiss me and if I don't pull the trigger they walk away all sad pandas. So now when they feed me the eyes, lean in, grab my neck we be necking. Believe it or not girls sh!t test me by trying to hookup or hang out with me which is not what I am expecting and when I fail they magically have a BF out of thin air.

    Then there is Hayden HB8 who was in a 4 set and I forgot her name so she gave me crap all night then turned me down when I tried to k-close. Her sh!t test was the classic "what's my name!?" like we about to get jiggy or something and I forgot so I ate dirt. Then she said I was a wuss who needs to work harder. But come on it was a friggin 4 set.

    Or Dana HB8 who sh!t tested me by telling me she was a lesbo, she wouldn't give me her number l, then I threw her a sad panda face and had a melodramatic moment and she came running left the set and grabs me leaning in for kiss like I said and walked away bored cuz like I said I failed.

    Or Mandy who told me to fark off all night and I played around with it then she started praising me, tried to hookup with me and failed for not driving her home.

    Then there is Austin who rejected me 4 times and finally came around. On the 4th open and 4th rejection she said "I'm with a guy". She wasn't she was by herself all night and isolated at the moment and the compliance was there cuz she let me have it. That was my turn to tell her no she was with me cuz she is just playing hard to get. That's what I should have said. But I looked to the nerdy guy standing next to her and jumped to conclusions but he was letting me have her. Because I was acting Beta I moved over next to him and they start getting it on cuz I had it but like I said I choked since that was a pretty raw sh!t test and couldn't think quick enough.

    Then there is Erika who sh!t tested me for putting my try hard hat on cuz she wouldn't talk to me, kept ignoring me for a bad opener that failed to engage her. In fact I couldn't engage her all night cuz of that bad open man I ate dirt on that one and all I said was wassup but it felt AFC at the time and her reactions proved that cuz she wouldn't talk and said I ask too many questions.

    Then there is Amber who sh!t tested me on the corner without saying a friggin word. I just did a bar pull on a slamming opener that was a closer and feeling on top of the world. Said to the girl I was crossing the street she said she was going to the other side but came with me anyway. She stood dazed and confused at the corner waiting for me to take charge and take with me to the place I was talking bout but I choked and she lost interest and wandered off.

    Then there was two classy broads on the corner of the bar waiting for sumtin so I said sumtin. Got jiving on music for some strange reason and I said some stupid 90's crap cuz they were sh!t testing and I was sweating bullets so I reverted to my teenage mind cuz I don't like that crap no more and knew it was stupid and they said we can't kick cuz we don't like the same things and I suck.

    Then there is Samantha the Hired Gun smoking in isolation. So I opened that bangin girl and pre-frame pretty tense yet strait. I was like "Aww fark!" Right didn't even pre-think my opener just moved in like a cobra ready to strike. Struck up a convo she loved the Kino getting freaky. Starts calling me "love" Asking if she will see me next weekend "love?". Then I goes blank cuz she friggin sh!t tests me for not closing and knows I am not closing so she closes me. Asks me what I am doing later wanting some D I was like snap I am too poon for this and backed out cuz I had no balls to hop up on that and close the darn girl.

    My most epic fails evah. Now time to go get some more. Oh yeah but I still got game cuz I can close and open and out of 75 sets got sh!t tested 15 times. I get rejected but that's different. Now My success rate with women is about 50% of them liking me and 50% them not liking me.
    101 Sets, 30 #'s, 4 K-closes, 1 Date, 1 Bar Pull. My next adventure starts Summer 2014 at the Brewfest, Water Park, Bars, Clubs, etc. Getting Hotels now to prevent driving drunk so really only 2-3 times a month doing Night Game June-Oct. Lots of Day Game.

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