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Yes granted this is a free country however I still side with the law on this one because the arrest would be for sexual harassment, harassment, not keeping the peace, orderly conduct or some crap. Granted Malls don't allow any literature to be handed out about God and I got kicked out of the Mall one time for holding up a Religious sign I still think the Mall regardless is not the place to voice your opinions on certain topics that even being women.

The reason is two sided like a catch 22. The first side is yes we live in a free country with the freedom of speech and the other side is you are out disrupting the peace, order and so forth of society. Twitter is the best place to voice your opinions as even on my Facebook page I get too much heat for my views.

Now onto the topic. First off you should have never gotten to this point. The reason being is because you should be a practical PUA not just an irrational one. This behavior you demonstrated was well rather irrational. I have been in the same boat and creeped the fark out of girls in the Mall by stalking, obsessing, etc. Now that those days are gone my method for Mall chicks is mostly on the Hired Guns that work there. Let's take for instance Aubrey who I just met at The Buckle. Didn't close her on purpose because I know it would have been creepy and not only that but based on my past experiences I would have been blown out due to having no value and no social proof yet.

So my tactics is to well game her over a longer period of several months before closing because then when I do close it will be like we are close friends just getting to know each other better and the initiation to do that will be more well received. I know the Bartender good and clean now for 9 months and though I know she still has a BF I have the confidence and the comfort to close her any time I want. But starting out? I was scared as fark to close Sarah the HB9 Bartender. I mean literally scared senseless. But now it would be a walk in the park because I have shown so much value to her and shared so many memories I feel we are in comfort now. It is just my oneitis for her broke and it is just now I no longer have feelings for her. So that is how I am gaming Aubrey the same way I did with Sarah. To just basically get to know the female then get in comfort to feel confident enough to close. This is why I am not afraid of losing her because rejection and failure is worse then not knowing and just experimenting.

Basically what I am saying is you just don't want to lower your value by looking like a douche who doesn't know what he is doing. Like I said catch 22, yes you can talk to girls in the Mall but be smart about it. You lowered your value by acting like this but as you can see for example I left Aubrey wanting more and did nothing to raise attention or get me in trouble because I played it cool. You got to play it cool going forward especially by building the interaction over several months on Hired Guns and not close them instantly or you'll get treated like this again possibly. Also stalking is a crime in CALI so you better keep your wits about you since you could easily be arrested and charged for not being a decent civilian.
or you can be a pua and not give a fuck if your creepin people out and have the balls to do what no other newbie could not do. Fuck the naysayers. That shit is ballsy as fuck and if your willing to experiment in game then your going to get good fast.

I say fuck society, cuz its widely based on social conditioning and idiots that can't think for themselves.