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Thread: I can open, but I can't get anywhere

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    Default I can open, but I can't get anywhere

    Hey guys,

    So I started reading about the Game about a year ago, but I only started going out and trying things for myself in the past few months. I've been trying both daygame and nightgame (I take whatever opportunities I get) and I do better at night (though I'm not good at either).

    I can now open pretty consistently and rarely get rejected right away. I have one or two routines to follow up each opener that I use, I tease whenever I see the opportunity, and I can usually talk to a girl/group for a good ten minutes without issue, but then I just run out of things to say. At this point, I usually go into interview mode, which I can tell always bores the girl/group. Their body language changes, they lose interest fast, and I usually just eject.

    Sometimes, I can keep the interaction going a little longer. For example, sometimes I'll ask an interview question and the girl will have an interesting answer, so I can take the conversation off in that direction. Sometimes she'll ask me something and I can tell a story based on that. I also Peacock any time I go out (sometimes just something minor, other times things that really stand out) and sometimes I'll get asked about something I'm wearing, so I can tell a story about whatever they asked about.

    The problem with these things is that 1. They're completely dependent on her, so there's no consistency and it's based purely on luck, and 2. Even if she does, then, after we get done talking about that, I'm back to having nothing else to say.

    If I do manage to keep the conversation going, then I try to Isolate, but every time I've tried up to this point I've been rejected.

    To give you guys a bit of background, I'm 21 and I've been a loner for most of my life. As a result, I've never really developed the skill of just talking to people (not just girls, but anyone). My material is always planned out in advance, and when I'm done using it, I almost always run out of things to say. It's not that I'm nervous, it's just that I honestly have no idea how to keep the conversation going.

    I'm not nervous, I just don't know what to do. Building attraction and escalating is a big issue for me. I really need work on my conversation skills and escalating the conversation.

    Any feedback or recommendations is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: I can open, but I can't get anywhere

    Do you pay attention to pop culture? Movies, music, songs, artists, comedians, or sports? Some simple topics are "What kind of music do you like?". "Have you seen the new movie with Blah Blah in it?"


    "Where did you get that top, bracelet, earrings, they look really good on you, like that top was custom made for you, it looks amazing on you".

    Talk about whatever. As a matter of fact one of the ioi is to stop talking and see if the girl starts up the conversation. Most of the time girls do more of the talking anyways. Just get them started.

    Are you funny? Tell a quick joke, no racist or homophobic, something light.

    Look dude, your out there doing it, a lot of guys don't even do that. Just keep at it, and in 3 months you'll look back at the progress you made.

    Also, you are allowed to start conversations with anyone, old, young, male, female, gay, straight. Just practice on any one around you.

    Bus stop, grocery store, coffee shops are gold mines to start to BS with people.

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    Default Re: I can open, but I can't get anywhere

    It's good that you know where the problem lies. Your conversation skills won't improve unless you keep practicing, which you're doing already.
    What you need to do as well is learn. From each interaction learn where you went wrong and try to deal with it later and come up with fixes. Read more, evaluate your progress and fix your mistakes one at a time.
    Your goal must be to have a banter that flows like the wind. You see a girl? Study her from head to toe, there's tons of comments you can make about that, tons of negs you can throw, there's a lot of people around you which means lots of fun games you can play with her... do your research.

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