There is nothing wrong in going after a certain type of woman especially if said type is receptive to your charms and strategies. There is also nothing wrong in really going for the type you’re attracted to because it certainly doesn’t make sense trying to win a girl over when you’re not really into her in the first place. However, your game doesn’t improve this way. Sure, your batting average may be high but sooner or later, the universal game will change and you’d be left with no one to play ball with. Plus, if a girl you really like doesn’t fit your usual type, you’d surely be at a loss on how to win her over.

So if you’re single and looking, don’t be afraid to shake it up a little. You don’t have to join speed dating services (although that can be quite cool and fun to do with friends), you just have to step away a little from your comfort zones.

So if you usually get it on with girls you meet in bars, try the beach or the grocery next time. If you’re used to waiting till the girl gets a drink, join her on the dance floor instead. If you’re used to flirting away from prying ears, charm her in front of her friends instead. If you go to the movies every first date, take her to a book reading or cooking class instead. Heck, maybe you can also record yourself asking her out in sign language (hopefully, she’d be laughing while figuring it out and thinking you’re cool). If you’re always this overeager, smiling-faced guy, try a more pensive stare instead (this, you may have to practice first lest you look creepy).

Sure, you probably increase the chances of rejections but if you’re bright, you’d also learn a thing or two along the way. And as you improve, getting a girl may just come easier.

Have you guys any other tips? How do you shake things up without having to make a production of it?