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Thread: Attractive Guy?

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    Her Fantasy Guest

    Default Attractive Guy?

    If looks(physical appearance) plays a small part in attraction,how does that change if the guy is an attractive guy.

    Because woman will already jugde him as full of himself like guys do when they see an attractive girl!

    So do you then have to be way more funny and outgoing to not seem stuck up???

    Or will she see your looks as a S & R factor???and will that create intrest??

    I'm a bit confused...!!

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Attractive Guy?

    If the girl is insecure, she might wonder why an attractive guy is charming her. But if the girl is confident and bright enough, she'd take it at face value and see where it goes.

    Cute guys don't exactly have to be funnier. I think average guys have to be. But beautiful guys have to be interesting and interested. And then there's the fact that a girl may just think the competition for a cute guy's attention may not be worth it. Men don't throw themselves at women, after all, but women do.

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: Attractive Guy?

    Her_Fantasy... are you very attractive then?

    Anyway, good looks is always a plus but you always have to have something more going for you. Nice clothes, nice smell, nice laugh. A sense of humor helps. A good brain impresses. Money or an interesting career or hobby goes a long way. And it's true, there is always that initial concern whether the guy is just looking for more admiration thrown his way and we can easily tell in the first few minutes if he's worth engaging or not.

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    Default Re: Attractive Guy?

    Women and men are a little different in this respect. If a really hot women comes on to an average guy, he isn't going to say, "No" or wonder what's going on (well he might, but only in passing). If a hot guy comes on to a woman, who isn't constantly inundated with hot guys, the women will often times be uncomfortable with his advances because she doesn't feel "worthy". So in that respect, a guy who is well above average in looks, is going to have to be more socially aware when he games women. He may have to down sell himself, or raise the value of the woman significantly, early on. An average guy knows that he always needs to upsell himself, and if necessary neg the woman a little.

    Several pick-up artists have noticed what they call the +2 rule. The rule basically states, that if you have good game, you can almost always expect to pick up women who are +2 more beautiful than you. So I rate myself a 6, so with good game I should almost always be able to easily get 8's. Now that doesn't mean I can't get 10's it means that there is a lower likelihood unless there are other factors such as the woman's attitude, my social presence, luck, fashion, and my game. I don't know if I subscribe to this belief or not, but I have seen it thrown around.

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: Attractive Guy?

    Good looks plus brain is a big advantage.. Don't be too dorky or nerd(as if you seemed to know everything). Just be fun,creative, and sensual in a sense that she will enjoy your company. Some guys are not that attractive but they pick up girls easily because they have good tactics and skills.


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