Time to map it out. Now that I am 30 that is and no longer facing a mid-life crisis , or going through unemployment, or going through a spiritual identity crisis, or trying to figure out women anymore. Basically now all the pieces fit now that I can see it. It kinda sucks because I lost a close connection to a DJ due to screwed up drama and for turning my ear to Heaven. He used to call me his homie, he used to get me into shows, he used to get me backstage, he used to give me drinks, and give me looks but now? He won't give me a simple acceptance to my PSN friend request, FB messages are ignored and now blocked, and now my texts fall on deaf ears. It used to be all about him but now it's all about me time to map out the road to improvement. And no I won't give out his DJ name as John loves his secrets.

Step 1 Hello world the universe is yours
A journey into time and space at first a glance and then a race and now a sprint breaking into a run. You think it's free you think about how to keep shaking the feeling of aa, Oneitis, and beta male behavior but it just won't happen maybe you were chasing shadows instead of facing this feeling? So I thought about it, what are the things most important in life? My ride, my pad, my body, my Church, my family, my girls, my games. I don't watch too many movies but I know for sure you my friend are in one. Call it God's creation if you will but the eyes of The Lord are upon the Earth and he will call every thought, word , action into account on Judgment Day you think that's not a movie? Like the most scariest thing you ever heard of? Well minion meet Father Time the Creator of the Universe. Now that means these EDM concerts got to go if John won't listen I know The Lord will. So giving up EDM Shows as apart of my new year's res starting now and for good. I left the last two super early I think cuz I am getting older and keep ditching the concerts to hit up the Bar or go home so I'll just do that. Giving up illegal substances and sticking over the counter stuff such as Tobacco, Alcohol, and Energy Pills. However I think I am only going to smoke during the Summer months as that is when the accelerated approaches will be going down.

Step 2 Not waiting in the dark
Downtime will hit up Club now and then during cold months and St Paddy's Parade. Then moving on and up start opening back up in The Bars during Summer, onto the Clubs still opening those girls up, then moving to the streets to hit up the Holiday events and so forth as it will be wrapping up with Pool Parties. Random one-offs here and there oh and season passes to Water Parks and so forth. Do you know what this means? Outdoor Malls not excluded this means day game/Night Game split which means I will be Eevee during the Day and an Umbreon by night as the pick up lines I use over text will state. This basically means next year I mean business. 3 years in ready to amp it up strong style. I can't believe I passed all those sets at the Parade, The Outdoor Malls, The Water Park man I suck! But not anymore likely next year will be a 200 approach year with a couple F-closes maybe and of course a cougar GF at least for now. At first I was dumbfounded by the light and baffled by the darkness inside but then like a ton of bricks it hit me. I don't need John no more. I mean I'll see him around at the Club but I don't have to go to his shows I can live my own life I can break into my own I don't need his permission to live why should I? So back into the mix goodbye EDM shows hello Church. On that note the hardest time ever in Church hollering at females. Going to talk to the boys since we cool at least and don't mention those broads around them and we'll be good. With that might hit up some females at this Thursday Church shindig will probably slowly very slowly work my magic there and other places and hopefully have plenty of GF's in no time. But either way onto the road of self-improvement as I map out this path I will keep you updated of I want to add a 2nd Part to this.

Noctis is short for like nocturnal or some derivative like that. Consider this year a test and next year time for the big game more to come on this subject hopefully soon. Much to work on!