Here are some notes on walking and starting interactions with women...

Moving in:As you spot the target you got short time to engage its best here to have a simple opener that can get you in sort of.Here avoid long lines unless you are sure the reaction you will get.

'Hey am..(pull out your hand and shake her)'

'Had to say hello, just saw you'(this should work well if you took advantage of a short window)

The point is it should be something short but obviously charged

Transtioning:Include a story, or statement that would drift in a brief interaction.

Convo:Some girls av realized need a bit input into the interaction before it takes off.Fitting content as minimal as possible helps.unless logistics allow you dont want to go for a long engagement

Day time:tell her why you came up.its may be a bit off to come towards a stranger and interact but they expect it.when featured it makes things a lot simple.

'you seem to have an amazing energy, came to say hi'

'you look amazing, am .. '

Night game:here a compliment sometimes work if not all the time or simply letting out your hand and introducing yourself.Transition

Social game:This could be a party or wedding or an could be night or day.the best thing is to warmly introduce yourself.and then going ahead from sure to know where to would want to take things next.

Infact always struct something down.if you are not adequately prepared you may function beyond a point

Work,class:.if you are going to be seeing her often don't give it all at once.but then dont hesitate to Number Close when you percieve a shot.
Upon contact just say hi.hardcore game may come off a bit, unless you do not work there, or coming from a diffrent branch or department, even then tread cautiously...

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