Granted I am not a huge fan of Rooster on here for being strictly SNL game since I am a little more old fashioned I still admire his determination, level of confidence, and methods. Essentially Rooster has a game plan and he is sticking to it. I am actually just now getting to this point in my game just a little rough around the edges and I only started seriously approaching last year but been in the Game about 3 years through natural game and some rejections which lead to my PUA journey. I used to rely solely on work and Church to find targets through my natural game and it wasn't until getting served up and royally slammed dunked on by the Church girls and through a Hired Gun at the Buckle that I realized something was terribly wrong. I was a AFC. I am very blessed in the looks department and if God was handing out looks I would be towards the top of most male model looks if I get in shape and start going tanning (which I am planning on).

So anyway long story short I was a worthless AFC who came on too strong all the time and continually got Oneitis. I never knew what my problem was mostly just clueless to women until I got into the Game that is then everything changed, I changed. But that was just the beginning. At this point let's focus on work.

Work & Game = No Game
Like I said work is probably the worst place and the best place to meet a broad. The worst place because it will get around, if break happens very awkward, too much time together could be bad/boring, etc. The best place because it is free practice, no time investment going out, no money investment going out, just free game. Granted a lot of crazy stories happened here still my most memorable partners were from the real world as the work place is not a place that is very challenging mostly. There is a female eyeing me at work who is new but I am just ignoring her cuz I don 't feel like work is a challenge/good for learning game. I can so easily go sit down at their break table and hit them up then close them but this just doesn't sound like fun anymore. Let's take my last target for example HB7 solid rack, super cute face, but has a kid and usually has live in BF's this seemed like a challenge at first. Saw her eyeing me added her on FB but never once hit her up or tried to talk to her in our work chat because I was so bored with her. Well she hooked up with some average looking dude there. But here's the kicker the dude is a retard. Well not literally of course I just mean a loser. Nerdy glasses, has tattoos, a total a-hole, anti-social, a know-it-all, only talks about fantasy football,etc. Yeah the guy hates me. I am charismatic, personable, social, get a lot of attention, etc. I come in one day and he's like "dude do you ever go home?" Cuz I was doing OT but I am not the only one that does it yet the only one everybody gives crap for it because again I get a lot of attention and random peoples never talk to love to barge into my life. I offered a polite "yes" referring to his very blunt and rude comment which he could think was a joke but you just don't joke with me if you are not my friend and only going to talk to me once to be a complete a-hole. Yeah that guy! He hooked up with a hot chick! We'll now they are living together and probably together forever end of story. But it just goes to show work is a place for dudes with no game as I could have had this chick but never even thought of trying to pick her up because she wasn't hot enough and rather bland. But I find myself in that situation a lot. The hot chicks at work flirt with me, give me attention for a small amount of time before writing me off for some douche bag in the dept who is either a loser, AFC or likewise. But somehow I am like their first point of interest before heading elsewhere. This is why I say work is too easy for game. The approaches involve opening the target by sitting down with or her during break or lunch or opening her at the break computers. This is like taking candy from a baby. THEY have to be nice they are always nice at work. But in the real world? Man I have faced some of the coldest shut downs ever! Man now that I think about it that's kinda what is so thrilling and chilling at the same time. Will it be serendipitous or will it be an ice cold shut down? Another thing work is plagued with 7's and the last time I check the next time I am settling down for anyone it won't be anything less than a 9 or 10.

Church & Game = Frustration
Now nothing against Church, I love the crap out of it and going to be a lifer but still being in the Church my whole life I'm not going to mince words here. I gave up on the Church as a viable target rich local and have placed much more hope in Clubs and Bars. I'm getting to my point here in a second. My last GF was the hottest I ever dated an HB8.0 and natural game only scored me 7's. My last GF was from a club but she attend Church. This is what I was after! I was putting so much pressure to meet girls in Church but they showed the most resistance and held the golden torch in my face while blasting any confidence I had into oblivion. This is why I gave up on it and for good reason. Massive drama was breaking out at my Church between all my friends and all my targets for me simply being girl crazy and confident enough to do kino in my natural game at the time that it creeped them out and big time! My friend at Church approached me and said "ALL the girls don't want you talking to them, approaching them, or touching them." Can you imagine? It was earth shattering! So pissed off at the moment I wanted to walk out on the whole bit but I was raised in this stuff so I had to continue. Long story short it was the most traumatizing thing ever for a guy trying to meet a girl which lead me to the conclusion that it might be easier to find girls in the real world aka Bars, Clubs, Events, and day game. Boy was I on the money on that one. Not only did I find a GF shortly after but I also cracked the texting and dating code and now getting so good with girls it is startling. So just wanted to say I am coming up with my game plan for next year and should have more details about what it is called or what it is about soon. As soon as I know I'll post it in here as well as any updates from work or Church but again I am just viewing these places as free game not times to really learn much of anything or putting any hopes I hooking up.