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Thread: Conversations at parties

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    Default Conversations at parties

    I am part of a frat so every weekend we throw some kind of party and there are always a few new girls and I always try to at least say hi. But I have a problem sometimes when trying to start up a conversation with a girl or group to what to talk about. I don't want to be that guys that just keeps asking question after question and I hate saying any of the overused questions ever (what's your major? are you in a house?). I was wondering if any of you have any tips on things I can do or say to get them talking more and open up.

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    Default Re: Conversations at parties

    You don't need to have too much convo at a party you should be having more fun.Number Close, may make out or go for safe!!

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    Default Re: Conversations at parties

    Well, you're right on not being the guy who asks a lot of questions. Nothing's more boring than an interview.

    Conversation is a difficult art, but there are 2 advices that will help you a lot.

    1 - Statements.

    This is a famous one, and you might think everybody knows it by know, but it's really powerful. Don't ask a girl "What's your major?", make a statement out of it. "What's your major? Oh wait, let me guess. You are in... biology." It makes you in control, more interesting, and it's a good start for a conversation. She will either say "yes, how did you guess, ohmygod" or "no, why did you think that?" You can also guess ridiculous stuff if you want: "I think you are... a Pokemon trainer."

    2 - Don't kill a thread unless necessary.

    The one mistake a lot of people do is that they switch to something different immediately. For example:

    "What's your major?"
    "Biology, I want to be a veterinarian like my mom, but I need to study something else first."
    "Ok. Where do you live?"
    "Hm? Oh, near that bar on Main St. where they have the ridiculous rodeo thing"
    "Ok. What music do you listen to?"

    She gives a lot of info, and they're dumped immediately, that's sad. So after asking (or even better, making a statement), look for the interesting info she just gave you, and ask another question based on it (or even better, make a statement)

    "So, what's your major? Oh wait, I know, you're... in Drama!"
    "hahaha, no, why would you think that? I'm in Biology, I want to be a veterinarian like my mom, but I need to study something else first."
    (you have so many threads to pursue! you can talk about why you thought she was in Drama, talk about biology, talk about animals, talk about her mom... let's bounce on veterinarian)
    "Oh, so you like animals eh? You had rabbits in middle school and all that?"
    "No! I had a dog, we were born the same day, he was like my brother "
    "Oh, what was his name?"
    (a question from time to time is fine, don't be predictable. Also note that you guessed wrong every time, and it's totally fine)

    It works in reverse too. If she asks what you study or something, tell her to guess. Again, you're in control, different from every other dude, and unpredictable.

    So that's it, start using these two, and you should see progress really fast. It might not work immediately, but keep at it and practice and you will become better and better. And considering you're having a party every weekend with new people every time, this is the perfect situation to have amazing and fast growth

    Good luck!
    Seduction is a martial art. Reading books and talking to experts is important, and helpful. But you won't progress unless you go out there and fight.

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