The times since past have come and gone and as I once warned my oneitis Star Princess if she didn't hookup with with me I would wage war on the Sun. Well she went for the other and now my game is getting REALLY good. For instance like I said I was working on my Outer Game like I said of "My Body" sporting the new LUGZ, and the new body that is surfacing seeing how I gained now 20 lbs of muscle working out. I tested it out a couple of weekends ago and the HB7 up in the Club couldn't take her eyes off of me, saw at least 4-5 times her checking me out just with sparkles in her eyes. I got a little ahead of myself and too much validation too soon went to my head but I wasn't down to throw down that night and it was a bust BUT we all have our off days right?

Waging War on the Sun "My New Gameplan"
The colder months are here, the bikini's gone, the mini-skirts no more and somehow the HB's are frequenting my top spots less and less. So back to working on my Outer Game since there is no game to be had here. Almost time to suit up. Working on my next pair of LUGZ, many new jeans, and Society shirts to rock this one out. Keeping on with working on my body will be at one year next year. My Goal next year is to get an F-close since I think I am finally ready. But I am talking real game here. I could game the HB7 at work, or the HB8 at the Mall, or could have gamed the HB8.5 at the Gym who disappeared but I decided I am going for the gold. Going to try and bag a HB9 or 10 next year. Once I do that on some 20 yr old it will be time to get my next 30-40 yr old GF since they are so hot and I am so not.

Warning it's about to get heavy up in here next year with some massive multi-day weekend reports of like 30 approaches, 20 #'s piling up and just all out mass attack on these broads. I tried to warn Nicole this would happen I would go into overdrive with my heart left out in the open but she just wouldn't listen.

Let's Examine the Target Rich Locals for next year
Random One-Offs
Holiday Events (St. Paddy's Day, July 4th, Labor Day Events)
Hotel Pool Parties
Beer Festival

Top Spots I'll Frequent
Bars & Clubs
Water Park & Amusement Park
Outdoor Malls

All in all about 200 sets I'll throw up next year and will be running cray cray on the fray. In hindsight I did like 85 sets this year in pretty much Bars & Clubs alone so we are looking at an overhaul. Just when I thought I sucked at this game now I FEEL I HAVE to qualify do the Push-Pull to get the most I want out of an interaction. I am doing this to remind myself of the gameplan and when I get my new GF likely from one of those spots I will be back in action with my heart out in the open. It's all Nicole's fault she broke my Oneitis for every female I feel like a Ox going to put this game in my little box of a phone it's so easy.

aa is a b!tch going to get my d!ck handed to me many times I know but there comes a time where you know you get in the zone and you go gold. No I am not talking about SNL game or hooking up with tons of hot chicks maybe 2-3 on the year at most and mostly just looking for the validation. I decided I am not going to get married till I get my dream car which means I have to get of debt. Getting out of debt will be a 3 year project and getting my dream car will be another 3-4 year project since I will be trying to buy cash down. Just saying I will be making many methods next year and hopefully more to come when the time comes! Time to wage war on the Sun which means I will conquer my AA and approach these sets like the RPG Hero that I am.

These girls ain't going to tie me down till I am 40 so I figured it's time to explore, it's time to date, it's time to love. Take the challenge with me next year. Go all out if you and work on your Outer Game till Summer comes when I will launch back to Earth and focus on the goal of reaching my Star Princess. Going to print this baby up so I know what the heck I am doing and will Field Test some more openers when the time comes and come back to report on it.