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Thread: Gorgeous Green eyed gal in my Arts Class

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    Default Gorgeous Green eyed gal in my Arts Class

    I have this beautiful girl in one of my classes and I have my eyes set on her. Seems I have a little one itis on my hands. I have her for a creative arts class and I'm going to approach her tomorrow but needed a little advice. My approach is going to be after class " Hey I'm curious how you got into work with human trafficking ?" this is a cause she does work with. She seems like a good christian girl (my college is religious) but she knows she is hot and beautiful. After she tells me why I'll tell her about my experience with it as I witnessed in when I lived in another country for a year and so on. Then I'll transition to a little game where I tell her to close her eyes and think of a number from one to 4 then guess it then again from one to 10 and guess it right again. My question is where would I take it from there how would I elevate the attraction ?? I know there is some attraction because we have met eyes before during class about 4 times and I did no look away till she did, maintained eye contact, then when I saw her at her job on campus at a little food mart she said "Heey how are you Ect" Bottom line i think she noticed me and tried to engaged in conversation a little. So Any and all advice is welcomed wanna throw in a neg or something but dont know what to do. Another concern is if I say "Hey Sarah ..." what if all her friends who are also in the class surround her and dont go away making it awkward how would I go from there?? Last thing She is white and I'm half hispanic half german, but look more hispanic and my name totally mexican will this have any negative affect ? I'm really excited gonna count to three and go for it. Any advice is welcomed

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    Default Re: Gorgeous Green eyed gal in my Arts Class

    Yeah dude the whole "ethnic" thing not really an issue. Girl.HB10.AT&TStore instant oneitis for her wrote my number down for her and acted really weird after. Yelled like a poser wanna be player "Yeah we'll talk" as I was leaving which totally came out wrong cuz I put my Try Hard Hat on and felt sickely to my stomach. Anyways I knew this was an epic fail and never got a call.

    My friend is Gay and so he asked her what she thought of me (without me knowing and I didn't believe it till I saw her in the Mall and talked with her) She told my friend she has a BF and I didn't believe him but then when I ran into I found out she did and felt kinda stupid. She also told him here's the kicker "she would have called me if I hadn't acted like that at the end". I finally believed him. Now she's engaged to a Black Guy and she is a super hot white girl little tex mix in her though. But she almost called!

    So no forgot talking logic to her about courses or whatever other fancy jazz. Just tease her, flirt, build comfort, and eventually close. No need to be blunt just act aloof like oh so uninterested/indifferent by being self-absorbed then when she is up on your chopping block just make light hearted convo to create a good vibe. Takes time but the best way to first communicate with broads is flirting, having fun, and just being yourself then save the deep stuff inside for later.
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