Phase 1 Attraction: Gambits

Watched Mystery again last night and as always just in awe. So I never understood it starting out just bits and pieces but now I think I understand it and wanted to further extrapolate on Mystery's Methods in my own words and experience to expand on it and give it my own twist. I just wanted to describe a list of gambits I will be running next year for my Summer Game. I am planning on full swing come Summer and just focusing on my Outer Game.

Disclaimer: This is mostly for sarging at large gatherings at venues like Bars, Clubs, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Holiday Events, Outdoor Malls. Other one-off scenarios are better for your Natural Game or other routines.

A1: Attraction Step 1- Open the Set
As I previously mentioned in Project Iceshield a bunch of my openers now I have hardlined my openers more into actual stereotypes instead of canned specific lines. I think this will work great in field as I have a "concept" of what my opener is and usually the targets respond very well to creativity and me conducting creative ways of hitting on them. So essentially instead of throwing out 10 or so openers out there to can the material instead I will just solidify the material since I have to still open the set but this time with a method instead of per say a "tested" opener. The reason I say this is because I tried some of my own "canned" openers from Project Iceshield I thought up and they all fell flat and I feel this happened because there was no new creativity going into the set which is where I experienced my previous successes. I will still use about 4-7 of my best openers when warming up or running out of material but for the most part try to open on the fly with the specified openers as follows.

1. "Heartless Direct" Openers This is a compliment laced with jerky confidence/cocky attitude which could be the way you say it or what you actually say in your words after throwing out the compliment opener. Compliment openers work great but they generally take you a very small distance this is why throwing in a NEG at the end of the compliment can really up your chances to engage the target in dialog. To only be used on HB10's or maybe really solid HB9's "The Greens" or Green Light chicks as Mystery would call them.

PUA: Hey do you know why you would be boring?
HB9-HB10 Target: What, why?
PUA: Because you look like you would give me a hard time even though you are drop dead gorgeous.
Target: Blah blah
PUA: I don't know prove me wrong.
Best on HB9-HB10's and generally not best to practice them on any other targets

2. "Situational Indirect" Openers I think we all know this one pretty well.

Hey I just lost my place in line to come talk to you, Hey I didn't want to lose the chance to talk to you, hey I thought you were cute so I would be kicking myself if I didn't come talk to you, etc.
Best on HB8's-HB10's but practice them on HB6-7's

3. "Hopeless Romantic" Openers Self-Explanatory but I think we all know what this means. Just a little sparkle of attitude goes a long way.

"The stars must be aligned tonight because I have been searching after all night for someone just like you"

Best on HB9's-HB10's but practice these on HB6-7's

4. "NEGS & Flirty NEG" Openers I love these. Basically go up all out but by practicing your indifference (the best character trait to have for rejections, ice shields, objections, etc).

Hey you look bored, hey you look sad, hey you look like you are having a good time (sarcastic), hey you look entertaining maybe a guy like me could make your day/night?

These are great and got my last GF this way. NEGS are so well good at creating serendipitous moments when done right. Love them but takes calibration as I have been blown out hard and faced a iceshield due to a poorly placed compliment "Hey you are the prettiest girl I seen all night and you got a killer butt."

5. "Ping Test" Openers just for fun these are like warm ups for the day or night

Hey I didn't see you there, I'll talk to you later, what's up, how's it going, etc.

Only to be used as warm ups on HB6 or 7

A2 Attraction Step 2 Engage the Set- Mid-Game
Mid-Game is an important part of minimizing your failure rate for your closing conversion rate and getting better transitions for potential Day 2's.

1. Kino- Self-Explanatory read up on it. Basically you want to kino the target on the open, mid-set, but normally should be more reserved if facing a large set since you can't go all Gung Ho if you are facing them weird or do kino if it would feel awkward.

HB10 ran kino on her lower mid back with a light rub as I opened her from her left side. Though she hated my opener she entertained me for roughly half an hour. Another kino move is a shoulder rub on the open, a side hug, etc.

2. "Eject & Reopen" One of my favorite moves for when I get rejected get an IOD, etc. Basically I eject and reopen the target with a new witty opener (usually a comeback or something for the last objection) for the target showing resistance.

Opened Austin at the Bar who showed no signs of interest and totally walked away after a dead convo. Opened her again at the balcony rail got rejected and walked away, opened her again and got a little farther. All in all 4 opens on her total before getting blown out for my Beta Behavior but on some I have barreled through it.

3. Insta-date/Mini Bounce
A simple piece to compliance test the target or salvage from going stale. Helps secure isolation if the set is going south with a potential cockblock.

Hey want to go outside with me, get something to eat with me, sit down with me, go get a drink with me, etc.

4. DHV
These are classic ammunition to be used especially on Hired Guns as they play a bit of hardball. Making out with chicks, hitting up chicks, etc in front of a Hired Gun will up your social value immensely and help you close out the Bartender at the end of the night.

Threw a sad face at Dana on the dancefloor after she rejected me for her number, told me she was a lesbo, and her friends said she liked someone else. Dana comes over to make a move on me in front of the Bartender. Dana goes for the K-close but I bailed out and therefor did a DLV in front of the Bartender instead of a DHV.

5. Push Pull
These are for iceshields only. Let's say you open the target. The target is showing a fair amount of resistance and putting up a fight. Pull the trigger on her and kick her down on some game.

Target: I don't want to talk to you!
PUA: Silent Smile hestitating
PUA: Hey there crankypants (NEG is the big push) why is a hot girl like you so ice cold?
PUA: Cheer up will ya? (waiting for her to come back aka the Pull) If no pull in within 5 seconds eject.
Target: That's a lot of questions.
PUA: My mind is obsessed (the pull) with absorbing every bit of information about you (sarcastically)
PUA: That's not even the half of it the real question is when are we going to get along? Are you going to give me a hard time (the push away) all night princess?
Target: Saying I have a nice butt is not going to work!
PUA: But saying you look like a mean girl (the push) will? I'm just kidding you are so hot I think it was love (the pull) at first sight (sarcastically).

6. Hot & Cold
There will be some targets you open who won't speak or say a word but just check yout out so to speak for your body language. Literally not joking I opened a girl and didn't say a word to my opener just looked me up and down like a weirdo and turned her back. One girl immediately picked up her phone after my open. Literally within 5 seconds these things happened. I call these sets Flame Dragons because there is no way to handle the total put out the fire from these looks of death and kisses of death unless.....

PUA: Gosh you are so good looking girl! I said this to a HB9 target and barely got her attention before she gave me the look of death and turned me away by turning her back to me.
PUA: Hey I am just saying I wanted to talk to you before going down in a fist full of glory.
PUA: Did you take some good pictures earlier? I said this to an HB7 who immediately got on her phone to get rid of me by giving me the kiss of death and walked away but you could say...
PUA: Your life must be picture perfect because I can picture our future together.

Basically flame dragon sets are like iceshields and are far more rare than Iceshields in fact running into a Flame Dragon Flaming Glory Set is much like finding an HB10 roughly 1 in 50 hot chicks where as Iceshields are more like 1 in 10 hot chicks but these are very rough numbers and nothing too strongly to go by but just an estimate but know that they do exist at least for me. An iceshield is when a girl throws up resistance for something you said, starts challenging you, and puts up a fight while keeping you around and entertaining your thoughts. Iceshields while they suck can have the script flipped on them and turn them around to loving you again. However I have flipped an iceshield and broken a few down in my days I have (for lack of a better term) never put out a Flame Dragon Flaming Glory Set. These are basically the Holy Grail of Game. A Flame Dragon instead of entertaining you or hearing you out totally shuts you out by walking away, giving you the silent treatment, getting on a phone because they are giving you the kiss of death. It is a defense mechanism like a iceshield but instead it is to essentially "burn you down without a fight" where as an iceshield is just ice cold females going off but the Flame Dragon Defenses try to totally shut you out and I have never recovered from it since it is so confidence shattering! I already addressed the Iceshields in Push Pull now for the Flame Dragons...

PUA: Gosh you are such are good looking girl! Now that I can see the fire in your eyes how lightning quick are you?
PUA: Do you have the time? Because I think it's time for us to get it on.
PUA: Can I get a female opinion on something? What is your opinion of me?

As you can see the bit of satire here and lack of seriousness to best ping sets.

7. Social Proof
Having social proof by getting to know the Bartenders, Dj's, Servers, Point People, etc on a name by name basis will not only get you free drinks, free entry into Clubs and Bars but also give you Social Proof edge to be socially saavy to use in your sets to say things that will help disarm chicks from thinking you are just out sarging for targets.

PUA: I know all the Bartenders who work here so I know you are new, blah blah blah
PUA: I'm heading out to the Bar later but when will I see you again?
PUA: I'll be here all Summer but I might not get to talk to you! I'm a mess blah blah blah

8. Set Merging/Forward Merge
Just like Mystery very quickly said let me expand. Basically you don't typically go out looking to forward merge say when you see another good set when you are in set. But say there comes a time where your game is on the ball and you got to go close a girl you have been working on and another target is showing sudden unexpected IOI's and your hands are tied in set it's time to forward merge. Yes this has happened to me while I was approaching the Bartender to close her a previous set was waiting by the door for me.

On my way to the Bartender and a set I previously had a hard time is waiting by the door, time to forward merge. Two birds in one stone rather.

PUA: Hey I'm almost ready to leave but I have to say bye to my favorite bartender real quick and I don't want to lose you so come with me real quick and then we can leave.
PUA: To Bartender this is HB9 blah blah blah.
I previously lost a set due to lack of a forward merge because I didn't know how to juggle sets but thanks to Mystery now I do!

9. Calibration
You usually calibrate after the fact for instance...

Target: Uninterested, IOD, Rejection, Iceshield, Flame Dragon, etc
PUA: Push Pull, Hot & Cold, Isolate, DHV, etc

10. Handling Logistics
Sometimes the Bars wil close, the set will move, the targets will be ready to leave, this is not the best time to close you should be ready to handle the logistics to help secure a better close since my best closers always get blown out when logistics pop up and I fail to handle them.

Target: What are you doing later?
PUA: Going to the Bar blah blah blah but want to hang out later?
Targets: We're leaving
PUA: Must it end this way? Okay how about we meet tomorrow at...
Target: I just want to go home
PUA: Okay you must need a nap mind if I come with you? Did you want me to leave with you?

11. Isolate
Probably the most crucial aspect to a PUA's game. Failure to isolate at the right time will result in failure to close.

How do you handle a Cockblock, Obstacle, or Interrupt?
PUA runs Opener for Interrupt and attempts to isolate to the dancefloor or other "target" safe local
PUA: Hey I am going to borrow your friend for a sec so we can dance
PUA: HB9 you ready?
PUA runs Cocky Funny for Cockblock
PUA: I can see your friend is so impressed by me, since I have her approval come with me real quick so we can share an intimate moment.
PUA runs isolation technique for obstacle
PUA: You seem like your hands are tied care to join me at the Bar/wherever for a quick chat?

A3 Attraction Step 3 Close the Set- Closers
1. N-close, K-close
We all know these ones

2. Timebridge
Basically where you let the target know in advance of a incoming Day 2

PUA: Hey I'm heading to a Holiday Event tomorrow/next week (after getting #) care to join me?

3. Qualify
Basically you don't close the set unless the target shows an IOI or target is about vacate the venue. Also if the target blows me out I never close them or if they make it super hard and after 4 or 5 opens I still can't get them to warm up to me I chalk it up to my loses as them failing my qualification.

4. Compliance Tests
Sometimes you will encounter really big groups, or very awkward sitations and rather than running from it to wait for the perfect moment (which still works) you could run a simple compliance test to gauge interest of the group not the target. Basically you Open, Open, Open the target then hop on the next target if another HB10 pops in and open, open, open that viable target to see how the other target responds. This is to compliance test the target by creating a new target which tends to confuse them and may cause them to chase you more.

Best to run opener on HB10, PUA then switches to second HB10 or HB9 that enters the set, encounters the set, or is a moving set passing the current set. To pull this off they need to be no less than an HB9 if gaming a HB10 to not DLV yourself. You then run your best game on the second target (new) and try to see if you can successfully create a Jealousy Plotline.
PUA: "The stars must be aligned tonight because I have been searching after all night for someone just like you"
Target: IOD, Uninterested
PUA- Mid-Game
Target: Still giving IOD and Uninterested
PUA: (Second Target) "You know you look drop dead gorgeous but you might give me a hard time so what do you say we share a bit of dialog first?"
Target: What are you doing talking to my friend, blah blah blah.
PUA- Gaming them both now

5. Bounce
Lastly for my final gambit I want to touch on doing bounces/pulls.

PUA: Are you leaving?
PUA: When are you leaving so I can see you out?
PUA: What are you doing later?
These are the gambits for openers, mid-game, and closers Mystery talks about but expanded upon. Time to print away as this is such an awesome comprehensive guide that will come in handy next year when I go back out. It is worth it to say the Hot & Cold is more handling their Hot & Cold. Most of these routines are hardwired into my head that I did but going to be trying this out more and more next year.