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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Question How to be funny in a text game?

    I've tried texting the girl I like today and using bill's suggested opener, I got a huge reaction from her! It was amazing. I've even managed to seal another meeting with her and a friend as her farewell party (she's leaving my country).

    But the text quickly died and it's cause I didn't know where to proceed with the discussion after and it became more of a "try hard" discussion rather than a light and funny one.

    Any advice on how to dynamically create funny/crazy text messages to keep the conversation going?

    When should I stop a text convo?

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    Default Re: How to be funny in a text game?

    If she does respond for a while, just stop texting her. Then later send her another strange or random text that has nothing to do with the previous conversation. While you are texting her, change the topic every little bit, so you don't tire the current conversation out. Otherwise, she is not going to know what to text back, then she just won't send anything, and you end up with a dead text...

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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Re: How to be funny in a text game?

    If you already know what she's like, a little, then maybe you can send her one of those forwarded quotes. If she's witty
    enough, she's likely to respond to intriguing trivia or jokes. If you've already established that you are into each other,
    maybe even a risque joke can get her texting back and forth. But like what Guns said, quit while you're ahead. Don't run her
    down to sleep texting. Close with something like, "time for your beauty rest, milady, so I shall let you be. I want you
    fully rested when next we meet" or "I'm sure you must want to put your pretty fingers to other use. So, good night and see you soon."

    That's not one of the cooler ones I've used but it still works.

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: How to be funny in a text game?

    Keep things light and conversational. Don't be scared to use puns, witty euphemisms, and make a play with famous quotes, lyrics and phrases.

    "I sure want a slice of cake while eating you..."
    "wet dreams are made of you"

    I can't think of any other samples right now because am plumb tired but I hope you get my drift.

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    Default Re: How to be funny in a text game?

    Had interesting luck recently w/texting. This random girl I met for 2 secs & got her number we started texting. Started out with "(my name)'s number " to her so she knew who I was when I called or texted. Over a year(every month or two randomly) we probably had 700 texts(& NEVER met yet except initially) but it was always mostly slyly sexual with the occasional random "howcome you're not out tonight" or "you still work at the same place" & other "normal things" but at LEAST something mildly sexual every few minutes. She was begging me to hang out after we traded pics & proceeded as follows.

    Always started with "hey" or something simple. Don't need more than 1 sentence, rather 2 closely spaced text messages than 2 sentences assuming she responds quickly too. Hell, you can have 2 or 3 separate "threads" or different conversations at once if you both text(and think) fast.

    Changing the subject totally randomly keeps things going. Do it when you get the slightest hint of running out of things to say. It doesn't matter what it is, you can drop that subject again in 3 or 4 messages anyway so who cares.

    And once in a while make her wait a couple minutes. We were mostly texting roughly every one minute or less but a well placed pause can work wonders while you go take a piss or something. Then come back with 'hold on' then 'random question' again then sexual stuff & keep yourselves bouncing around

    And when you sense she's drifting much, end gracefully first. "Sweet dreams sex kitten" or whatever the F*** u feel like
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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: How to be funny in a text game?

    Are you funny and witty in the first place? Because using text messaging as a way to land a girl means limited words with some cell provider lag sometimes (which can be a b!tch if you're exchanging sexually-charged texts). Am sure it wouldn't hurt reading some of the lines/openers in the other threads and Googling for more. And except for some really lucky circumstance, you have to take things slow.

    Lucky circumstance is when a girl actually initiates and provides you with openings.

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