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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Start all over again

    I've been a busy guy for several weeks. I didn't have time to go to the bars and meet girls. And now, I find difficulty in going to the bar and pick up girls that I like. It seems that my social skills are gone. What should I do?

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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Re: Start all over again

    It should be just like riding a bike. Sure, you'd feel a little clumsy and awkward after being on hiatus, but there is no reason you shouldn't be able to get your groove back. That is assumming you had game in the first place. Trends and tricks may change but pick up has always been the ability to connect to a person.

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    royalflash Guest

    Default Re: Start all over again

    The skills that you had in picking up women is always there in you. It just went to "sleep" mode because you didn't practice it that often. Also, maybe what's bugging you know that you seem to find difficulty in socializing is because of stress. Go out and unwind and do the stuff you did before.

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: Start all over again

    Desensitize yourself to the anxiety by approaching all sorts of people, in different shapes and sizes and situations, both
    men and women. If you must, start small again, like by asking directions even if you know your way, or asking for opinions on certain products or preferences. The more you're able to conquer your fear and learn from your mistakes, the easier it would be to approach a girl that's making you all hot and bothered even if you were out of the scene for a while.

    Oh and while you're at it, you can also practice your powers of observation, quick thinking and flattering skills. Find
    things to notice and verbalize. Practice telling a girl that she smells nice or something. You don't have to engage every
    stranger in a two-hour discussion about the weather anyway.

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: Start all over again

    Try to relax after a day's work. Hang out with your friends the way you used too. Don't get bugged by the pressure and Tension in your work. Remember, when you always work and never make time to relax and give yourself a break, will definitely make you dumb.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Start all over again

    Baby steps, dear. First, just go out with your friends again. Check out what's happening, have a great time. Once you feel good about being out again, then start chatting girls up. Then maybe next time you could try actually picking up a girl and getting dates. Then, if it's part of your usual agenda, when you're picking up girls more than 50% of the time, maybe you can try hooking up with girls for quickies and ONS.

    Good luck!!!

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