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Thread: Facebook Closes

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    Default Facebook Closes

    So facebook is becoming a huge part of everyone's life whether they want it to or not. I know it has def. brought my game up quite a bit, and not only that but has got me to meet a TON of new women within new york state which is awesome. SO i figured id share with you some tips and my opinion on how to talk to women over facebook. First off, i believe that facebook does have a lot to do with looks, because obviously thats the first thing you see when you look at someones profile. no one can tell anything about their personalities and what not just from a picture, although you can be very judgmental and think a girl is a slut and what not. But anyways, here is what i do, and it works out for me so well, maybe its because im not a bad looking kid, not to be cocky, but most women seem to respond to me. here is what i do. If i see a cute girl on facebook, you can do one of two things.
    1) you could facebook IM her and say a casual hey, and do some sort of opener. for example
    " you have a quick second, i need your opinion/help on/with something." At that point she is most likely going to IM you back with something along the lines of "sure" or "okay, whats up" then you can easily just go into any routine that you want, and whats nice is that you have all the time to think of what you want to say, and say it perfectly. and you can then get the conversation from there. Also at this point you can flirt with her causally and tease her about what she thinks, whatever.
    2) You can message the person (which is what i do now) and you can say something like what i use... "Hey, so i was browsing through my friends and you happened to catch my attention, you kindaaaaaa cuteeee, although im not quite sure what it is about you =]~" (i drag it out (the kinda cute) so the girl doesn't get too hot headed, or if she thinks she is the hottest thing in the world it gives her a little reality check like, oh he isn't like every other random guy on here trying to hit on me and what not) but at this point, almost all the time the girl will AT LEAST respond to you saying thanks, or she will respond back something like "oh well thank you very much =] what is it about me? and your not to bad yourself ;]" <-- that is what i normally get, and at this point you can tease her a little and just be creative with a response. remember YOU CANT BE LIKE EVERY RANDOM GUY THAT IS HITTING ON HER, in fact i advise you to not hit on her and just neg her in a flirty way, cause women have fun with that, because they always do it right back.
    ** these are some key point though when you are talking online, 1) always give her something to respond too, because then, she might not respond and if you try and start a new conversation it could get boring and she could lose interest. 2) be funny, you need to show her you have a good sense of personality, especially so she doesn't base EVERYTHING off of your pictures. 3) if you are messaging the girl. TAKE YOUR TIME. let her wait for you. when you respond within seconds its no fun for the girl, you want her to constantly be thinking about you like oh what could he be possibly doing right now not responding to me. (trust me it helps) and then she will be responding to you even faster. Unless she literally leaves the computer lol but dont wait for her, the fun thing about facebook is you can talk to multiple women all at the same time. =]
    but that is my little opener for facebook that works for me almost 95% of the time. and getting numbers from there is so simple. just say either "facebook messaging is getting old, is there any other way we can talk?" or "well im leaving now, but i hope there is another way we can talk so i dont have to wait until we are both on facebook again!" it always works, normally once you have a good conversation with someone on facebook they willingly give you their number, and if you want to have some fun, dont ask for their numbers, let them suggest it to you but kind of give them the idea. like the first one i said -->"facebook messaging is getting old, is there any other way we can talk?"then they will be like oh ill give you my number and you can TXT her, dont call, txt her a couple of times before you call and build up the relationship. Also you can just say hey give me your number and we can go out sometime, you and i would have a lot of fun together. that always seems to work, because then it gives you the chance to hangout with her. Try it out, and if you want to find me on facebook, e-mail me your links at - onelasthope510@yahoo .com
    thanks guys enjoy =] and feel free to comment

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    Default Re: Facebook Closes

    well i like your ideas but its difficult when i don't have a cell to text with... other than that your ideas and approaches, openers are clever and they work! not being a d*ck rider

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