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Thread: Am I Too Short?

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    ^^ Very cool post, thanks Carlos. I'm 5'8, in Germany that is very short, and I have no issues at all. (actually, they have the issue, I prefer the shorter women, lol)

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    I prefer taller guys myself. I like being able to look up at them, especially since am fond of wearing heels. It sounds superficial but height commands a degree of attention and/or respect, at least, initially.

    But like what the others have said, there are many short men out there who get the girl they want. I think a great deal of it has something to do with the fact that they have come to terms with their limitations and decided that it doesn't really matter.

    I'm guessing, no matter how well you're engaging women, you still come off as insecure about your height. After all, these are different girls we're talking about and they all say the same thing (according to you). So unless you embrace the fact that you are short, then you may never recognize the girls who can appreciate you despite your height (or big nose, or super hairy arms or whatever) and still keep going for girls that you have to 'convince' that you're ok despite your height.

    Alpha males don't say that doing this and that makes them alpha males. They just are. And the proof is they get the girl, no excuses.

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    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Exactly - anyone who has seen me or knows me knows that I am bald. Of course I was better looking with hair, but I do not let this 'physical' aspect that I can not control change my frame.

    And anyone who knows me knows I am very good at attracting women... but I made a conscious decision that my lack of hair just doesn't matter.


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    Dandy Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    5'8" here aswell, and in Norway thats below average height, but the height has never been an issue and shouldnt, as previous mentioned.. Its never an issue before you yourself make it an issue. Dont let it ruin your frame ! Walk up to the girl as if youre 6'2", with guns blazing and she wont care what height you are.

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Indeed. Height matters to most women. But I realized why should I be disappointed. Instead of going out with taller girls, I should go for shorter ones or the same height as mine.Petite girls are also pretty and gorgeous.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    What they said, but also:

    Wear a hot, preferable brimmed or tall.

    wear heels, cowboy style or clogs.. sketchers has some for men (drastic, but, not doing it may be limiting you,)'

    Big hair, curly or stood up, even if messy, if it's got that "I did this" style or some hair gel.

    Bulk up. all guys have the capacity to put some muscle on, may take work but, worth it?

    Stand further back initially, from men and women. they won't be looking down at you, and if interested may cause a women to come closer, or lean in.

    when you can work it, pick sitting chicks, or a place to sit where you can 'troll' from.

    shoulder pads (cheesy? prolly not, make sure they're natural with your shirt/ jacket) or a broad-shoulder cut shirt, flannel, or cowboy... a lot of cowboy boots have heels too so, this may work together.

    If an option, pick shorter chicks. Not saying you've got to turn down tall ones, but if it's a target rich environment, your time invested may be better used with shawtys.

    Just a few advise, I don't think height is a severely limiting handicap, remember, physical anything is near the last on the lsit except for how you take care of yourself/ effort shown. If you're dressed nice, ooze confidence and say the right things, it'd take a pretty shallow beast to dis you based on height. Think "Danny Divito"

    Good comeback to anychick who disses your height would be "I was just thinking you're a little too amazon for me anyway...that and I like skinny chicks." (or some softer put variation of that

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    We don't have to lose our hope in getting the girl we like just because we are not tall enough for them. I agree that girls are more attracted to taller guys. But what matters most is how you handle your relationships with girls and how far you can go with them.

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Sorry to be blunt but are you even sure you're actually the man of the hour, not some court jester your friends use to reel chicks in? What if prowling with your friends keep backfiring and instead, you're providing all these girls with some guy to compare you to? Look at yourself in the mirror, man, and be honest. If you're boyish or soft-looking, maybe the night scene shouldn't also be your playing field. You may do better in libraries or groceries. Or you may talk too much or too soft which can draw attention to your height. My lawyer friend is ugly as hell and is shorter than you but he gets laid all the time. Heck, even pros do him for free. So really, you're doing something wrong and blaming it on your height. Quit it and read articles on confidence and inner game instead.

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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    I guess what matters most here is your personality. I will exceed your physical features. Although, first impressions are seen primarily on the physically aspects, there are impressions though that are from personality and the impact during the first meeting.

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Open a set by bringing a girl along with you, drag her by the belt buckle, and then when you are introducing her ask her "fuck, what is your name?!" . I don't care if your 3 '3 , you will be the tallest guy in the set.


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