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Thread: Am I Too Short?

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Quote Originally Posted by Instinct View Post
    Open a set by bringing a girl along with you, drag her by the belt buckle, and then when you are introducing her ask her "fark, what is your name?!" . I don't care if your 3 '3 , you will be the tallest guy in the set.

    All you need is confidence man... and a whole bunch of guts. It doesn't matter if you are the tallest and the shortest guy in the crowd. Be smart and suave in every action you make. Women find it sexier than just height alone.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Could also be that you're making them ladies far too dang comfortable that they see you as a buddy instead, one they can be honest with and knowing they won't be called a biatch for it. You may be getting across as someone they can't see themselves romatically or sexually with.

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    Biazza Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    I'm not short, but I understand when you "think" you have a flaw. When I was younger, I thought I was picking up women, because I was handsome. Now that I'm older, fatter, and bald, I know its how I carry myself!! I pick up more women now then I did when I was buff and 'better' looking!!!

    Remember this guys, the purpose of evolution is to weed out poor genes, flaws. If height was that important, guys would be universally taller than women by a great margin. Put a another way, how many people are born with three legs... a very, very, small percentage (so rare you've never seen someone with three many short guys have you seen thousands...the world has millions), because having only two legs is important!!!

    Women for the most part are insecure, so they're attracted to men who aren't insecure, alphas. The more "flaws" you have but don't outwardly affect your personalilty or confidence the more attractive you just walk around like your the sh*t and women pick up on that!!!


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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    That's a good point you raised there Biazza. Humans are continually evolving (our features are now finer) and yet, there are really a lot of short people still so there must still be use for the short height.

    Anyway, hope thread starter has decided to focus more on things he CAN do something about.

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    I guess what matters most in picking up women is how you handle your game. Although, physical aspects matters a lot, but what if you don't have enough to boost your attraction to women. Take for example your height. It doesn't mean the game is over. And I think, if we are deprived of something, we should learn to accept it and work on the aspects that we have to make it work.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Even short guys get the girl, dude. Keep saying that to yourself and just go improve your game! I think a seminar is coming up, maybe you can join that!

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Humans in nature are sophisticated. If there are flaws in our abilities or with our physique, our actions evolve in order to compensate with our flaws. I believe even short guys can get the girl they want, picking up is not just all about looks but also the skills for successfully pick up the girl that you want.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Oh I happened to mention this topic in passing to a girl friend (she's cool) and she raised an eyebrow at me and asked... "Well, are his fingers at least long? Is he endowed? Has he a tongue?"

    Hahaha. Proof that there are more important things to life than height, am telling you.

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    Loner Guest

    Lightbulb Re: Am I Too Short?

    ITS all about your FRAME OF MIND!

    I know a guy who was around 5'4 and we would play sports together and when we would play, he looked more like a 7'4 because

    1 he could jump REAL HIGH (tennis, soccer, basketball, any game with jumping involved he was pro)

    2 he knew how to stand properly (go into an anatomy class / chiropractor class and learn more about this) and he knew (or maybe it was learn alpha behavior) how to stand in anatomical position.

    3 and the most important in my point of view is work on keeping your head up (high and dont sink your head) and that way you will begin to notice (an immediate difference of how you look) and work your back and chest out so you give the illusion of a bigger and taller frame

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    Default Re: Am I Too Short?

    Im 5'6" and i have no problem at all. Its not the height its the attitude. If you frame yourself right and hold to that frame you can be 4'5" and make it work.


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