Okay okay I know stupid title but wait listen to my story. Just today I heard a hot chick say she wouldn't hang out with a guy without money. An HB10 on FB won't stop going off about guys buying her dinner and if you don't have enough money to do that you don't deserve to date. I was just wondering because of course back in the day it was never about money. It was always they wanted guys who were buff, buff, buff. The "high maintenance" chicks you know. Still hearing a lot about guys getting buff but more so now about getting money. I mean it's probably my rotten luck because the minute I start getting buff chicks add another thing to their laundry list of demands. I mean all we ask is that a chick have a place, a car, and be attractive right? But women expect so much of us men now to get buff, get tatts, and of course get money.

Getting Buff
I was sick and tired of hearing about guys getting buff so I joined the Gym and got addicted after a French girl who I was gaming pushed me over the edge by saying she would "never date a skinny guy" then the HB10 said "You have to pick up her up without so much as a grunt or it just won't work." But the most common one I hear a lot online is "I like big muscles" and just yesterday the HB10 said online "I'll never chase but a b!tch will power-walk if a guy has big muscles and tatts just saying." I guess it is not totally unfair for women to ask men to look like men. Skinny is definitely unattractive. Not as bad as fat and you can get way more chicks being skinny than being fat but still. You can still get chicks being skinny since I started the game without hitting the Gym like I said and I got numbers like wildfire and almost made out with a 42 yr old but you begin to wonder with all these "Gym comments" I kept hearing you wonder "I wonder if things would be different". So I joined the Gym just for chicks, yes just for chicks. People think that's shallow but a lot people are just stupid and don't work out at all and just think I am shallow for taking care of myself which is dumb of them and not me. I only go out to meet women so it only makes since I only go to the Gym to make my meeting women easier. Forget what you heard getting jacked takes time. There is no 40 day track to success, I gained 10lbs in 1 month but that was because I never worked out a day in my life. I am at 175lbs now and was 155lbs last year. You can no longer see my ribs, my shoulders have broadened, 14" biceps when I used to have 12", my shirts are really tight on me, All in all I feel great and going to take roughly 2-3 years to get really jacked but only looking to get to 200lbs lifetime for 6'3 and not be like some meat head power lifter. Just going to be a lifer and stay healthy by always going to the Gym.

Getting Tatts
Okay I never understood this one since the pretty girls online keep saying they love guys with tatts. These chicks don't have tatts themselves but they say they love them on guys. I don't get it because if they loved tatts why not get them for themselves instead of imposing them on us guys? I will be getting some shoulder tatts and maybe a stomach tatt but not really going to go too crazy here. Also going to be going tanning as well since I am whiter than all white.

Getting Money
Okay I get being buff, I get getting tatts, but getting money really? I mean last time I checked they can get their own money. I mean does anybody work anymore for goodness sakes? Why are women so obsessed that they must live vicariously through men? Why is it always about money? This is retarded now women are saying we can't hang unless we got the bills, got the muscles, and got the tatts. But back in the day, back in the day it was just about the muscles then once you get that oh silly we actually wanted you to get money too sorry. So I have surmised a pretty surmountable conclusion. Yes I will work out at the Gym for the rest of my days and stay healthy and stay fit but to stay happy and not necessarily worried about getting super jacked with abs popping out and 20" inch arms just focused more on looking good, feeling good, and not being so dang skinny. I am more comfortable in my skin now and will work on my goal of 200lbs. So getting buff is a good idea. I get more attention now which ups my value so I very much enjoy the unsolicited attention. Secondly as far as getting tatts in a couple years I will get tatts just to shut them up and getting a fire & ice tribal shoulder tatts with probably a wind element word tatt with some type of message. So I decided to say screw it and just go for it as I was going to wait till I relocated to the Big City due to not being close enough and to save money due to all these money comments I keep hearing but I realized hey I just want to get laid right now so money doesn't really matter. I am sure there is plenty of women out there for me who live like me, in the moment and ready for anything. I really don't think money matters unless a relationship gets serious and therefore marriage is on the horizon then yeah let's talk money but before we even start dating? That's cruel. So I make my own rules and no girl is going to bring down my reasoning. It was like my kryptonite (not having money) but I decided hey this is my world and I play by my own rules and any girl who wants to rule on the throne of my life has got another thing coming.

I just don't think it matters. Attraction is not a choice and money never even comes up but when I overhear something on FB, something at work, something in the real world but never with a woman because they know better to ask such things and are more focused on the emotions in the moment. In their head apart from the interaction sure they say "a guy who has money" but when you are in set? A guy who has confidence! Why is there such a massive chasm here? It's because of the elements of disaster and how women can cause havok to your confidence if you let them. I let them convince me for a couple of days and thought I couldn't approach women each Summer without money but then I realized that this is my life and you only live once so I will be darned if some girl is going to make all my choices for me.

Burning Flames
So what does this all amount to? Well if I stuck to just Inner Game I would be one sick puppy. I mean I already did that and so therefore decided to include Outer Game of getting buff and getting stuff which help light an old flame that was running dim. Then I decided to stick to Summer for approaching women which is still on for next year. I don't think it was too much to ask for me to get buff and will stick with it along with getting tan each Summer. Upon doing that I will keep up to date on my wardrobe and have noticed very beautiful women are attracted to me so my initial thought of only marrying a "hot wife" to be completely legit. People think that is shallow for me to want what I want as in a "hot wife" but I think it is perfectly fine since my sister gives me a hard time saying that is shallow while she made out with another man who was a "hot guy" and says she never loved her husband who is "just okay" they are still married but as you can see my reasoning is completely valid. People who say looks don't matter are full of it. I won't approach anything less than a 6 and I won't be GF's with anyone less than an 8 but I am trying to up my standards as far as only dating 9's and 10's. Don't let being average looking detour you as average looking guys get approached all the time by hot women in clubs while gorgeous men like me have to work for everything. The Hot Bartender asked out an average looking guy because he was in the right place in the right time but she played me and gave me the shaft and was all turned on by me but it meant nothing to her.

Just today I was sitting there at work next a HB7 "Hot Gorilla" is my nickname for her since I would never date her and even ignored her completely when she added me on FB. I never asked her out or asked for her number but just like her attention. I walked into her flirting with some guy and she kept looking at me and talking about how she "would never date someone without money". She sat there flirting with some guy and talking about seeing some guy for 2 days plus how some guy was cool "they weren't together." WTH? Not sure what the heck is going on cuz I know she has a live-in BF but as you can see I only got bits and pieces of the convo and I feel confused by this. It sounded like she was acting single and maybe she figures I don't actually know of her BF but I do and maybe she is just playing some weird validation game. Either way I wanted to talk to her but didn't in hindsight it was better that I didn't for the reasons being. 7's blow me out all the time. She was sitting there and seemed in a good mood but I think she was messing with me. She kept staring and I felt a blow out incoming so I decided to keep quiet, for good reason.

The Way the Wind Blows
No one knows which way the wind blows. Basically after making this discovery today it sent off a lightblub in my head. "Oh that's what that is." As they say hot girls get approached a lot and pick up on guys similar patterns and find easy ways of being b!tches to get rid of guys they don't want to talk to. They pick up on "patterns". Well I think I am starting to pick up on some "patterns" myself like with what happened at work. This was not the first time. Girl is looking at me, staring, smiling, etc or just basically flirting with other guys I often think to get at me which is often true since they welcome my approach with open arms after the other dude gets done and me not letting it affect me. But there is a new monkey wrench in the mix. Girls put on a huge show when it comes to "having fun" they are doing all this flirting, laughing, and just having a good old time which makes the approach easier I think. But then when I approach? They turn stern, coldhearted, and give me the cold shoulder and I am left in the dust going WTF? I thought she was smiling, laughing, and looking at me? I thought she wanted me? But like I said today I felt she would have blown me out even though she was showing all the signs of wanting interaction. But I realized it was just for show. She just wanted attention I figured. So now I am armed to the teeth I know never to assume anything with women because just because they are having, me the fun guy wants to join in and while they are flirting with average looking guys I am totally thrown under the bus and treated like a tool. I felt she would have totally given me the cold shoulder today so I said nothing and reaped the benefit of wisdom. That is just the way the wind blows, you can't predict women but you can prepare yourself knowing "Okay she is laughing, smiling, and looking at me but this ain't over yet I bet she is going to fight tooth and nail so time to hit her hard." and when you roll up like that guaranteed, guaranteed you will get farther every time because you are not paying attention to the ever changing whims of women while they flirt with some guys who have no chance you who they count as potential will write you off the minute you think the cat is in the bag mate.

All in all I decided never to date someone I work with or go to Church with since it is just too complicated and too much work. The locals I will Pick Up chicks at will be restricted to Bars, Clubs, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Holiday Events, Concerts, Beer Festivals, Pool Parties, Outdoor Malls (Summer), Indoor Malls, and the Gym. I added the Indoor Malls & Gym as I have actually missed a lot of good Sets there which restored my faith in these locals. That is more than enough talent to go around for one guy. I am sure I will have my hands full each Summer. I will focus on the other months on my Outer Game and preparing to get everything ready for action each and every Summer till after the Superman Porject is complete with my Outer Game in 2018 and I will kick it in overdrive and include Spring. But having time off is a great time to reflect and rethink my methods. As approaching 24/7 would be expensive and daunting and I just don't want to go there. Also I have never gotten a chick's number from online dating so I am beginning to think it is a dead avenue but maybe one day I will have my life together and probably have more luck as they are all about Prince Charming, Mr. Right and Knight in Shining Armor online but in the real world are all about Mr. Right Now, Mr. Incredible, and Mr. Personality.