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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    Quote Originally Posted by Smash View Post
    Instinct I run into the same problem quite often. I think what's going on there is that maybe the 6's and 7's feel like you are making fun of them because they can't understand why such a charming and charismatic man would be so interested in them. Maybe they aren't ready for what you are throwing at them. I actually ran into this last weekend in an obstacle. She (6tops) completely turned cold on me and my target (HB9)was still throwing it at me. Weird

    I think that's it 100%. I am not sure if the idea is to make her feel like an 8-9 and then run game, or to just alter your game altogether. One point that might be important for this, is that I very much use cocky funny game, and that involves lots of teasing, I wonder if you have to be softer on them, since when you are gaming an HB 9, she has been telling her self on an outward level"I'm the best" (inside level is the opposite, lol) and you are bringing her down to "I'm just normal", but with an hb-6 shes been telling herself "I am normal or less" and you might be bringing her down to "I am shit"....I guess I'm just a little trigger happy with the negs....

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    Hmmm. How does that saying go? "An average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because an average man can see better than he can think."

    Well, anyway, if you ARE a hot guy (by general standards) and you go after a 6 or 7, chances are, she's had to rely much on her brains and skills and resourcefulness to get anything or anywhere, unlike really hot babes. So the likelihood that she has enough brains to be wary of being played or used as a filler is there, and she's only human enough to feel offended.

    Hot babes will just automatically assume they're wanted, which is why one of the better strategies in getting them is to treat them like sh!t.

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    royalflash Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    There are HB8-9s who are very hard to get. Even if I am a hot guy(a lot of women say so), I can't seem to get them successfully. I think, they know how to play the game because they know that We, guys, will do anything just to get them.

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    ^^ I wont do anything just to get her, I will only do a few things, and if shes lucky, maybe one more. In fact, I probably don't even want her.

    As for HB 6-7's needing their brains more than body, it depends on where you live, if the girl is in a big town, an HB6-7 is like an hb-11 in a small town. Perhaps in Hillbilly Town Hb-7 has 5 teeth instead of 6, I could see that getting in her way.

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    Nick Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    There's cool 7's-8's as well as cool 9's & 10's; and there's crazy girls of all levels of attractiveness as well.

    I say go for cool girls of any number that you click with and get along with, and fuck the crazy girls of any number.

    As you build some confidence and healthy social skills with women you're less intimidated by, the exact same things will 'work' with the more gorgeous women who are also cool and not crazy as well.

    For me, lowering my standards would be to hook up with a crazy bitch, regardless of her number, rather than a girl I was attracted to who I have chemistry with, whether she be a "7" or a "10".

    For the record, the reason that the number system sucks for your long term game is that it puts the focus of her value solely on her looks. It's been a community maxim for years that, "looks don't matter as much as a great outlook on life, etc."

    Fuck the scale, it's just there to please your ego which you should be working to let go of. Go for girls that you're personally attracted to who you have chemistry with. If you go after the things that don't really matter, you'll never find fulfillment in your dating life.

    For the record, there's 1,000,000 awesome girls who are also gorgeous, who you'll never have a chance with if you're putting all the focus on their looks.

    Also for the record and another reason why the rating scale is bullshit, is that it's all subjective. I really don't like the "pornstar hot" HB10's that the LA guys drool over. There're usually plastic surger-ied out, insecure as hell, and dumb as a bag of rocks. This is why negs and routines work so well on them. Give me a "model hot" NYC girl who's also smart and can keep pace with my personality any day of the week.

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    Loup Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    hm, depends on what is your style and what do you really like. To me, it's hard to communicate with 7s. It's because I'm cocky by nature and those girls do not respond to negs as 9s or 10s. I also prefer 8/9s, most 8s I met were great persons. If you manage to connect with a girl that is aware of her beauty (even if you think that she is no more than 7), neg her all the time, that will heat her up.
    Higher the overal looks of the girl, more negs. That's it...

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    Sometimes, keeping your standards lower in picking up women can be fun and worthwhile than chasing HB8-9s. Success in picking up girls can vary greatly from the types of women. Good techniques and strategies will definitely work regardless of what standards you are aiming at.

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    Some add-ons to my previous post:

    We all know that we guys really aim for the hotter girls and more appealing. Who would not do that right? I came to realize that it's okay to take one step at a time. Go pick up average girls. And if you're successful on them go for the hotter ones. I assume that the hotter ones are hard to get.

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    Default Re: Do You Ever Lower Your Standards?

    I don't really know, the HB9 I was talking to, was like what the hell are you doing flirting with that ugly girl. After seeing me talking to about a 7tops. Then told me you'll need a paper bag (ouch). Don't know yet but I may have screwed it up with the HB9. Sure hope not. I text her late night saying next time I get drunk an flirt with ugly women, remind me I'll b sobber in the morning, She text back, They'll remind you when they're at your house lol. I think it temp lowers your value in their eyes at least I hope it's temp.
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