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Thread: Girl works a couple of stores down to mine: need advice pls

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    Default Girl works a couple of stores down to mine: need advice pls

    So here's the deal gents: there's this girl that works a couple of down to the store I work at. I go there from time to time now to get foodnduring lunch breaks and to have talks with her as well.

    So far, the last couple of times I've talked to her, its been good. Convoy's ongoing;no awkwardness whatsoever, and for all those times I've kept it almost platonic about my approach to her. So just I don't creep her out and ruin the moment.

    I remember the last time I talked to her the Convo basically went from small talk to more "getting to know" kind of convo ie: what school she goes to, how she likes working there, even her name! (Neverreally officially got her name) and so I gave mine as well.

    On top of that, I remember asking her what she did that day. She watched a movie with her friends. And I remember her saying "there's a lot of movies" she wants to see. I just nodded and said something stupid I think...

    And also our convo went to her schooling. She happens to go to college where my friend goes to. And I told her that I sometimes come there and get lunch with that friend. She said she loves the rest there close by (spaghetti factory). And I just nodded again and most likely replied with something stupid again....

    But the thing that got me thinking is that as I was leaving she said that maybe she'll come by and visit me at my store lawyer the week. But she didn't, and that's fine.

    Also told this to my friends and they said I should've ended up getting her number then....but I didn't....

    So moving forward, just need some sort of advice from you gents about how to go from here. It will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Girl works a couple of stores down to mine: need advice pls

    The next time you visit her, you need to generate attraction. Having a nice decent non-awkward conversation doesn't equal a phone number.

    For example, 6 months ago I met an HB7 at her workplace. I was a bit tired and my social energy was low. Our conversation was decent, but there was no edge. When she asked me if I wanted to get a seat, I simply said "sure" (mr. nice guy AFC response worried about her feet being sure). There was alot of Q&As (which you want to avoid falling into the interview trap). At the end, when I tried to Number Close, she told me "I don't want to give my number out just yet. I just want to keep things professional for a while until we build up a relationship."

    The next time I came back, I was ready. I had a plan. I calibrated against the ideal lady's man. Confidence was primed. Our conversation that followed had edge. I made her laugh, kept her on her toes with wit, playful teases, did some push-pull. For example:
    When she asked me how my day was, I replied "Not good. Hell, I had to deal with the cops." She was appalled and asked why. "I said, oh I don't know, something about there was an APB out for a guy was handsome, charming, witty, intelligent." And I beckoned her to come close and whispered in her ear. "So where are you going to hide me?" Naturally she started playing along.

    When she asked me if I wanted to get a seat, I said "Nope. I'm gonna make you stand. You've been a bad girl because of XXX" This got her riled up. Later on, I offered and asked her if she wanted to get a seat. She retorted playfully, "Oh now you want to sit down." To which I replied "You earned it." She jokingly pushes me down into the seat "Sit! I'm a bad girl."

    At the end of the whole exchange, I asked for her number. "I'm heading off. You should give me your number." Her response. "I agree. Take it down."

    She flipped 180. So much for keeping things professional.

    So that is how you do it. Don't be afraid to be brash, playful, silly. You want to bring the girl out of her or what is referred to "Bringing her back to the playground." Also, don't hesitate on complementing her on something other than her looks. Also, confident eye contact that speaks desire and body language that shows that you are comfortable. That is how attraction starts from some of the greatest seducers.

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