Backstory of Disaster and Dire Straits
So my plan for next year will kick off with a bang and keep on slamming into the night. At first I thought "I'm not good enough". 30 yrs old and living home with Mom, with a car I hate, and hardly any money to my name. Granted I lived the crazy life and had a hard road. I took care of myself and ran away from home when I was 16. Had a lot of bad luck with cars which got me into this debt not all due to frivolous spending. Blew the engine on my first car which I would be financially set right now had that not happened. Caused me to be desperate and get into a huge car loan on a new car upside down. Then things were going good and totaled it in bad weather. Unemployment further ruined me and when I called on my family in a time of need (Aunt & Uncle) they screwed me over even more. Kicked me out at the worst possible time (when I had two car payments). One car payment was theirs and the other from my totaled car. They didn't care and thought my decision to buy a new 09 Corolla was a bad decision and said get out.

That was the breaking point when I stopped paying on my CC's which caused me to default and be where I am today. Being garnished for 15 grand. But 3 grand is already paid off. At this high amount it will be paid off by 2015 and making two car payments 2015 to have my car paid off as well. Then buying a new car in 2016 and hopefully make two payments a month to pay it off in 2.5 years. Upon doing all that I will be right around 35. I thought about waiting till I was 35 but now I am going to focus on becoming the King of Summer. To do this I thought about waiting till I was 37 or 38 to go out again because then "I will have it together" and no girl "will accept me living with Mom". But then I looked back and realized hot women have accepted me in the past when I was broke, homeless, and on drugs so this deal with no rent is pretty sweet. I thought no girl would accept me but think about it I am not on drugs, no homeless, not unemployed, and my situation while undesirable is far better than it has been in the past sleeping on people's couches while paying rent which sucks. So now I can move forward regardless of what women think since I am getting better and my recovery moves ever closer.

Becoming the King of Summer
I am just going to focus on becoming the King of Summer. No attachment, no neediness, just pure live in the moment. I planned my life out and in my 30's I will attend Bars & Clubs heavily while in my 40's likely travel more in an LTR situation. But for now I am going to be all about the thrills and chills and the roller coaster rides. Essentially I am not going to wait till I am old and rich but live while I am young and free. This is the best thing for me that I can be. Hang out, hook up, and have fun. No better place to be. I got a roof over my head that is drama free. No need to be scared anymore. Time to be the King of Summer. I thought about the fire of rejection and the heartache it brings. Won't a girl kill me on the inside when she finds out "I am a loser" living at home with Mom with no money? But then I realized that's shallow and how shallow people can be wanting you to have everything when some people are fortunate and never have car wrecks and get a bunch of lucky breaks to get finanically ahead and then there is people like me who get hard knock after hard knock.

So I sat there thinking "wait, wait, wait" till you got your car, till you got your place. But I thought it was stupid just think now it's about not having money and not being good enough but if I waited it will be about being older so there is really no way to win. I heard people on Coach Corey Wayne who were 40 yrs old all self-concious about their age and thinking they were too old to mack on younger girls and how it was holding them back. Now that money is holding me back even if I waited my age will be holding me back in the future when macking younger girls even I get the money. So simply put, I need to go out have fun and forget what this thing is. I could live on my own sleeping on my friend's couch but that's stupid to pay rent for that. I am going to save for my future and live for the moment.

Heart of Gold
That's a lot of junk I have been through but remember had I never blown my engine I would have been financially set. So it was just the spiraling effect that happened. Like I attracted the disaster. I don't mind it so much since it could be worse and has been worse as I used to be homeless, unemployed, on drugs, and carless. Now I have my own room, can go out, stay at a girl's house (which I couldn't do with my gay roommate who was too jealous), no rent, not sleeping on the couch but my own bed. I would just never bring a girl back to my place that is the only draw back. But still that's pretty good since my Gay roommate would try to babysit me and find out who I was dating or who I went home with. It sounds like a lot of trash but I count those stones of heartache as gold since I would never be a PUA if not for the terrible things that happened that caused some good things to happen. So I just consider it that life has a huge learning curve and if you make a mistake it bites your head off with one hard knock after another coming from that one simple mistake. I like my life now, no rent, make 36K, have a decent car, plenty of video games, a good job, etc. My only focus is to get out of debt and I am good to go. But I am not going to hold back. This is why I think random and stories will rule the day with me. Girls make up stuff all the time to test me and get rid of me. So I will do the same thing. If my living situation comes up I have a very good excuse. "I live with my brother and I sleep on the couch so I don't want you coming over but I have plenty of stuff though." That way it will never become an issue. It would only become an issue in LTR territory but again right now I am all about flings and Summer Bunnies so not going to traverse the LTR territory till in my 40's when I will be travelling so I will have someone to take on my adventures. But now it's about getting girls fast and quick and about instant attraction and playing the dating game. My situation just doesn't matter.