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Thread: fack another failed kiss close

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    You've seen her often enough already right?

    Aside from practicing with other girls... why not just kiss her outright next time you see her? The minute you walk up to her, frame her face a little and just kiss her. Am sure she'd be a little surprised but you'd sense how lingering you can get with her if she starts responding. And then break and just say casually, "Always wanted to do that." and go do the thing that you guys were meant to be doing that time.

    After that, you shouldn't have problems kissing her wherever, whenever.

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    Hey Mystery.... were you able to take advantage of New Year good cheer and kiss closed this girl already?

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    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    Surprisingly women don't freak out about kisses most of the time. Unless you are a total stranger, or they don't like you, they tend to be flattered by an attempt to kiss them, even if they don't want you to kiss them. The worst thing that will happen is she will turn away or pull back a little. In that case there will be a small, awkward moment, in which you should pretend like nothing happened and go on with your conversation. She won't hate you. You will probably get extra points because you showed her that you can be suave and save her from embarrassment in a clutch.

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    BadKarma Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    Ah! The kiss! Sweetest of sweet... How I waited many years for my first... and got it an hour before I lost my virginity. What a let-down.

    I'm with everyone else and think you should just jump in. I'm sure she's given enough IOIs for you to pick up on, and that tingle down your spine... That's a good thing. That's anticipation, a prelude to a kiss.

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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    A kiss is a significant sign of submission. When you try to kiss a girl and she kisses you back, it means she is open to you and your plan is working. Although, some girls are very easy in giving a kiss, you'll definitely know if it is real(intimate) or not.

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    grex Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    in addition to what everyone else has been saying

    Her pulling away is the only thing that can go wrong when you try and kiss her (this may be a test), if she does that just hang in there for another ten minutes, show her that it doesn't affect you, build up more attraction, make her laugh then maybe say stop looking at me like you want to kiss me then give her a smooch!

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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    Yeah, pulling away just might be reflex, especially if she hasn't decided yet if she's kissing you or not. But just don't let go of whatever connection you have established already.

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    Hey guys, back to report quickly. What I'm about to say would sound pretty disappointing but I'll explain below what happened and why.

    Did you kiss close?

    Did you call her up to attempt for kiss close?

    1) I felt a bit AFCish lately

    2) I thought about this carefully and she was way too serious for my type (she wasn't really fun to be with when I thought about it carefully).

    3) I had lots of dead moments with her compared to other girls.

    I know that instinct having read this would be first to reply with "hah! You're just another p*ssy"

    Maybe, for this one. But I thought some more and decided she wasn't really worth the time and our attraction really wasn't that strong so the kiss close would've been very awkward. FFS I haven't even placed my arm around her like I did with girl A, kiss close is like a leap.

    I have no one to blame but myself, I've set myself up for the friends zone. Thank you all that helped and gave comments. I will use these ideas when I've built another opportunity, but for now, back to working on my inner game.

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    Matrix Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    just go for it
    forget about the outcome and tell yourself that your building a skillset.

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: fack another failed kiss close

    Lolz, next time, don't spend so much energy on a girl you're not really having fun with And I guess not kissing her is good, 'coz if she liked it and you really didn't, then she might expect more or something and you'll be in deeper trouble.

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